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100 Ways to Start Something with Sharpie

We all know there are millions of ways to express yourself using Sharpie, right!? Especially with the WIDE variety of products,colors and tips, the options are endless for what you can start with Sharpie. Well, to get the ideas flowing we teamed up with Us Weekly to come up with 100 different ways to Uncap What’s Inside!

Us Weekly then chose three of these ideas and made them into unique ads that are running in this week’s edition, so be sure to grab a copy, on stands now, to see these one-of-a-kind magazine ads or if you can’t wait that long, just scroll on…

  1. Create a personalized design on your t-shirt
  2. Design your jeans with a special emblem
  3. Fill that autograph book- get your favorite stars’ signatures
  4. Make your Nook case your own with Stained by Sharpie fabric markers
  5. Design a skateboard with your own personal image
  6. Keep your drinks cool in your customized  koozies
  7. Show off your Sharpie markers to friends
  8. Collect Sharpie markers
  9. Label your stuff so nothing gets lost
  10. “MARRY ME!!” Design a poster board for your favorite concert with Sharpie markers
  11. Design your TOMS shoes with Sharpie Markers
  12. Use your Sharpie marker to mark on difficult surfaces
  13. Decorate a tie for Dad using Stained by Sharpie fabric markers
  14. Sketch a picture with our Sharpie fine markers
  15. Design a clutch purse (we’ve already shown you how!)
  16. Pour your heart out! Write your song lyrics for when you get your big break
  17. Label CDs so everyone knows how awesome your taste in music is
  18. Make Christmas ornaments using Sharpie paint markers
  19. Sign you name with a Sharpie marker-  (people will TOTALLY think you’re famous)
  20. Give yourself a promotion! Create a cool name plate for your desk
  21. Color Easter eggs with Sharpie markers
  22. Create a masterpiece that your friends won’t believe you did with a Sharpie marker
  23. Make it permanent! There is no erasing Sharpie permanent markers
  24. Touch up  those scuffs on your black shoes with the original Sharpie black marker
  25. Customize your cap… and then Uncap What’s Inside ( I couldn’t resist!)
  26. Design your backpack so it says something about you
  27. Doodle on a coffee cup using Sharpie Pen
  28. Decorate a picture frame
  29. Get your Sharpie spook-on and put a face on a pumpkin
  30. Give your favorite fish a fancy house by adding an underwater scene to its bowl
  31. Declare your love! Add your name in a heart on trees with your boyfriend or girlfriend
  32. Be EXTRA daring. Do the crossword in Sharpie Ultra fine.
  33. Design a window
  34. Add a Sharpie marker doodle before shipping out a box
  35. Give your heart away with a Sharpie designed Valentine
  36. Spice up an old purse with fun Sharpie designs
  37. Customize a guitar with your musical expressions
  38. Add some diva designs to your pillow for the next sleepover
  39. Make your own fun wrapping paper to give mom a gift
  40. Celebrate with customized Sharpie markers
  41. Get sassy with Sharpie and post-it notes
  42. Make a calendar using poster boards and colored Sharpie markers
  43. DIY sunglasses with Sharpie markers to ensure yours are unique
  44. Repurpose old furniture with Sharpie paint
  45. Make blank canvas shoes say something about you
  46. Decorate stockings for your holiday hearth
  47. Create a gift tag with Sharpie extra fine markers
  48. Sharpie your motorcycle (be sure you own it first!)
  49. Create a friendship bracelet with Sharpie retractable markers
  50. Customize your head band with your name in Sharpie markers
  51. Sharpie your hub caps (make sure you own those too!)
  52. Add some Sharpie swag to your photos
  53. Make robots out of dominoes
  54. Design your own soccer ball to distract the other team by its beauty
  55. Make your mark!
  56. Make a mural using all the different kinds of Sharpie markers
  57. Travel with your Sharpie marker and show IT the world!
  58. Hug your Sharpie marker and tell it it’s safe
  59. Bring your Sharpie marker on vacation and let the next visitor know “Sharpie has been here” 
  60. Trade Sharpie markers with your friends
  61. Create a Christmas tree with green Sharpie markers
  62. Doodle in your notebook with Sharpie Pens
  63. Customize a scrapbook with Sharpie ultra fine markers
  64. Use Sharpie markers to make your Dradle something special for the holiday
  65. Make a tote something more with drawings and designs in Sharpie markers
  66. Use the Sharpie Stencil technique
  67. Spruce up your Sharpie with a duct tape flower 
  68. Give a Sharpie marker to a friend and make their day
  69. Label your underwear with a Sharpie marker,  maybe the dryer won’t eat it
  70. Have a Sharpie marker doodle party
  71. Design your Halloween costume
  72. Support a great cause and raise money for breast cancer research by commiting to Ink It Pink
  73. Customize your iPhone case with Sharpie markers
  74. Gear up for game day and cheer with posters made with Sharpie paint marker
  75. Re-vamp an old encyclopedia into something retro chic with colorful Sharpie markers
  76. Make your yoga mat stand out while you zen out
  77. Highlight without smearing with new Sharpie Gel Highlighter
  78. Write, erase and repeat with Sharpie Liquid Pencil
  79. Carry your Sharpie in your pocket with Sharpie Minis
  80. Stain  that plain white summer dress into something more with  Stained by Sharpie  fabric markers
  81. Be BOLD or slighlty subtle with Sharpie Twin Tips
  82. Write your school notes with Sharpie Pens
  83. Customize the back of your lap top
  84. Label your cup so it stays germ-free 
  85. Do a window design with Sharpie water-based paint markers
  86. Spice up your gym shoes with special designs
  87. Create custom Sharpie markers for a gift or special occasion
  88. Hang your Sharpie markers from a Christmas tree instead of ornaments
  89. Make a Sharpie marker collage by blending colors together
  90. Customize book covers so you can just grab em’ and go on your way to class
  91. Share you Sharpie marker creations at
  92. Use MySharpie for customized, fun party favors
  93. Decorate your golf balls so they don’t get mixed up on the course
  94. Edit school yearbooks so its like that ex-boyfriend never even happened
  95. Write letters from your secret admirers using Sharpie pens
  96. Feel famous signing your autograph on sports equipment
  97. Bring back the banana clip (yellow) with 80′s glam markers
  98. Spruce up invitations with Sharpie marker designs on the envelope
  99. Draw over old Polaroids with Sharpie markers and give them new life
  100. Start something with Sharpie and help takeover YouTube on August 27


34 thoughts on “100 Ways to Start Something with Sharpie

  1. I’m working on large surface sharpie art. I’ve been doing this for 2 years but I’m finally at the point where I believe that I will be starting a home business from it. :) SUPER EXCITED!

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  3. i once used sharpie to turn a wite t-shirt into a beautiful muilty colered heart one

  4. I been making lots of pictures with sharpies,I made a duck tape flower and put on a sharpie, I made a duck tape pouch to put all my sharpies in !! also I draw on my notebooks and doodle everywhere and even on my hand at times ! haha (: I love sharpies !!

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  6. I’m going to draw something on a t shirt as a x-mass present for a friend, would regular sharpies work? or would they bleed or get washed out in the laundry?

  7. omg i love sharpie soo fricken much. i got the stained by sharpie fro xmas and a plain white sweat coat that ive completly coverd with sharpie. theres is nothing in my house thats just plain white it all has awesome sharpie designs doodled all over.

  8. I havde problems with sharpie on my hands lol, my walls are sharpied and I always carry a sharpie in my pocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    =-D XD

  9. I once bought a plain white party dress and colored the ENTIRE dress with multi-colored sharpies for my Winter Formal… (I had a few friends help to) x.x

  10. i didn’t do any of this…i just looked at it for fun bc i was bored….its cool though?

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  12. I’m entering a sharpie contest and was wondering if anyone had any good ideas of what I could draw!?

  13. I got a pair of white shoes from target or walmart and i colored them with sharpie, they actually turned out pretty cool! i looked up pictures of cool designs on the internet to help me out.

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  15. does stained by sharpie stay on toms shoes even if it rains??? i want to desing a pair of white toms with them but there to expensive to risk it not working…

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  17. I have done sharpie art on a matte finish white phone case. Do you have any suggestions on how to seal that so that the sharpie doesn’t rub off? I tried a clear spray sealer and after about a week it started to peel off. The design is still there, but it kind of looks like a blue print.

  18. Kristen West, All you have to do is buy a can of clear coat spray paint and spray on a couple coats and you’re good to go!

  19. I used sharpies to decorate a baseball. I love it and it looks amazing and I’m not even artistic! :)

  20. Just used A Sharpie to cover some chips on my favourite butter dish and the other half’s coffee mug….perfect
    Great pens for all sorts of projects

  21. I love sharpies, who doesn’t?! I have some stained by sharpie markers and i colored my convorse with them.. they look amazing! they never fade or wear off either!

  22. I just bought my first pack of Sharpie’s. I bought 4 fine liners in black, red, green and blue. I decorated a purple top with the purple minion logo out of despicable me 2 for Halloween 2013

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