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NEW! Sharpie Highlighter Gels with Students

…No, not the kind of gel you see on the Jersey Shore. We’re talking the bright and colorful fluorescent gel that’s perfect for highlighting notes, text and more!

Now this is a back-to-school product worth highlighting. The Sharpie Gel Highlighter promises to last long, resist smearing, and never dry out, even if left uncapped (eliminates the oops factor). It’s perfect for use on all paper surfaces, including glossy and thin papers.  It also resists smearing on pen, marker and ink-jet printouts — and is equally as fun to write, doodle and draw with.  Give it a swipe!  Your highlighting life will never be the same ; )

Uncap and give the highlighter a twist to advance the gel stick and you’re set.  It even highlights glossy magazines…wait… magazines??? I’ve never highlighted a magazine before. Excuse me while I test this out…

[tick tock...tick tock...]

I’m back! IT WORKS! Take a look at what I did to the horoscope section of the Feb issue of Teen Vogue!

The Sharpie Gel Highlighter is available wherever office products are sold in orange, yellow, pink, blue and green.  Now the only problem is deciding which color to use, when, on what surface because I’m a color-coded kinda kid!! 

 So what do you think?!

43 thoughts on “NEW! Sharpie Highlighter Gels with Students

  1. Owner office supply store and our main suppliers are SPRichards and United Stationers.
    Do you have the product numbers of the new Gel High Lighters so I can see if they are stocking them yet.
    Thank you.


  2. It WOULD be great if a REBATE was offered for trying the Gel Sharpie out. I, for one, would definitely buy it!!!! Great idea, guys!

  3. Although I’ve used other Sharpies and highly recommend them, I have yet to see one of these new gel highlighters………..they look like a great thing! Are you planning to send out samples any time soon? I’d love one if you do! :-)

  4. Is the cap attached? Or is it a clicker-mechanism like the new Sharpie markers?

  5. This looks good! The smudge factor over the years has caused me to develop the habit of highlighting FIRST, then writing in what I want to highlight. (not a perfect method!)

  6. Have been using one for several weeks. The gel goes on very smoothly but, and this is a big BUT, because of the way the gel stick is shaped I have a hard time getting the line exactly where I want it, even though I’m moving the stick over a specific word. The gel appears above or below where I want it. Not easy to highlight only one word but fun to use.

  7. I would really like to have a coupon to buy and try these new Sharpies out. I am also highlighting things I find interesting in books and magazines.

  8. Sharpie is my all-time favorite brand for pens, markers, etc.
    These gel highlighters have my attention for sure! (promotional coupons anyone?)
    ; D

  9. like the new pens, feel free to send a starving student a set

  10. This is a simply brilliant idea, as soon as it comes out, I’m going to buy one so I can use it on duty. Sharpie is my personal favorite marker to use as a Security Guard, since we can only use black ink, and highlight using yellow. This might be the best sharpie product since the smear-guard.

  11. I agree with Eric.
    It’s always nice to get a sample of the product to test it before giving an opinion!

    It’s also a great business decision to give small samplesl

  12. I love new products, especially when they are brighter and write smooth. I am Crayola crazy and would like to see more prducts from a company with high standards such as Sharpie. I would like to try a sample. Being around, using, and allured to any knid of Scool, work supplies I neve have seen a white sharpie. You may have it but nevre ssen one. Why the need for such a product, to write on black rubber, or black poster board, ther are may way and ideas i have for future products.I dont have the time or means to develope myself, but you are also welcome to ask me about my other ideas.keep up the QUALITY PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!

  13. Kiefer- It’s out!! Keep checking back at your local office supply stores and let us know what you think!

  14. Hey Dawn- Thanks for the feedback! We love to hearing from our fans! If you are looking for a white Sharpie product for use on poster board or other surfaces, be sure to check out Sharpie Paint Markers. Water based would be great for scrapbooking, decorating windows (it washes right off with water!) or for making signs and posters. Oil based markers would work great on all other surfaces that you want to keep decorated- as it is abrasive and water resistent, works on almost anything including, wood, glass, pottery and more! You can find both types at most art supply stores.

  15. Inamarac- A little hint: the more you use the highlighters the more they will mold to your writing style, think of them as the chapstick of the highlighter world, so keep swiping! :)

  16. Max- There is a cap, but remember you can leave it uncapped and it won’t dry out or bleed like a tradtional highlighter, and if it starts to get low just turn the bottom of the highlighter (like a chapstick) and VOILA!

  17. this product is on my back to school list, but I do womder about inamarac’s statement, it does look like it is hard to “aim”. i will still give it a try.

  18. These are the best new highlighters EVER. Takes a minute to get used to the wide tip, but the more you use it, it molds like “chapstick”. I just wish there were access to the blue and green. I cant find those colors anywhere, which is a bummer because I have my classes color coded and I’m only missing blue and green. I do agree that purple would be good as well. If anyone knows where I can find the blue and green, let a fan know

  19. My kids all love Sharpie!! I know they will all try to hog it if I buy just one…may need a couple in different colors. What’s the going price and will there be coupons available?

  20. Hey Judi! LOVE hearing about your Sharpie love! We are currently not offering any manufacturer’s coupons at this time, but I would recommend to keep checking with your local retailers and office supply stores as they run promotions frequently and may have specials running on some of our products. Good luck and I hope this helps!

  21. Hey Rick- the product numbers for the new Gel highlighters are SAN1780473 for the Fluorescent Yellow 2 pack and SAN1780475 for the Assorted colors (Yellow, Orange and Pink) 3 pack!

  22. sharpie es lo mejor cada vez tiene mejores cosas me fasina y nunca lo voy a cambiar *-*

  23. I have a simple question that I hope a Sharpie representative can answer for me. Is the gel nontoxic to little children/babies or to pets who all tend to find things and put them in their mouths. The gel can be bitten of and swallowed kind of like a crayon, so I am hoping the gel is nontoxic in case that should happen.

  24. Hi Linda- Thank you for reaching out. I wanted to let you know all of our Sharpie products are certified as non-toxic by ACMI as non-toxic for both children and adults and are tested by a the Toxicologist who bases his evaluation on the use and misuse (such as ingesting a material) of the product by a small child. Of course this not a substitute for medical advice, if there are concerns about a child’s interaction with a product, you should seek appropriate medical assistance. I hope that helps!

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  26. The sharpie gel reminds me of the highlighter I usually have when I was in secondary school. It is nice that sharpie won’t smear and won’t bleed in the paper. And I wish that it will be available internationally too.


  27. Wow! Me and my cousin think that thtis gel highlighter is really awesome! Everyone who reads this should get one for themselves. It lets you color-code your stuff without it bleeding through a paper!!! That’s so cool.

  28. Hi Lola!

    The Gel Highlighters work like a lipstick or a chapstick, as the highlighter is used, just twist the bottom to push the highlighter up. Eventually it will run out just like a chapstick. I hope that helps!

  29. Hi! Just saw a friend who has moved to the US rave about this product, so i checked out my local paper shops, amazon and ebay but couldn’t find them. Do you have any idea when they will be available in central europe? If i ordered internationally the postage would cost a lot more than the markers themselves, so that is out of the question.

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