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Uniting the World: One Doodle at a Time.

Guest blogger, Stephanie!

It’s time again! Check out our latest Sharpie Featured Artist, Warren Beinart, and hear what he has to say to guest blogger this week, Stephanie Markadonatos, a fellow employee and Sharpie fanatic.

With a passion for all things Sharpie and the great city of Chicago, Stephanie is a Northern Illinois University graduate with a degree in Corporate Communications. Working as one of our fabulous Production Artists for the Office Products Group, Stephanie took a little time off from her busy day to pen a few words for the Sharpie blog.

I’m sure we’ve all done a little doodle-ing at some point in our lives and thought nothing more of it; Warren Beinart, the creator of “The Doodle Daily” blog, is the exception.

The doodle Doctor, himself.

He has taken this creative pastime to a new level; it has become his passion, “I started my Daily Doodle Blog as a challenge to myself to see if I could create something new every day for at least a year using social networking as the only means to spread the word.

Since the start of Warren’s challenge 2 years ago he has posted a new doodle every day for the past 750+ days.

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Warren now resides in the Washington, DC area working as a Business Analyst by day (with numerous meetings giving him plenty of time to doodle.) Warren chose Sharpie products as his primary implement, “because I loved the diversity of the products, the fine point and “no-bleed through” features of the Sharpie pen, and the markers are perfect for the think lines and preciseness of my work. I have never looked back. As you say, ‘It starts with Sharpie.’”

Warren’s dream is to encourage the doodlers of the world by challenging them to a “World Doodle Challenge.” He hopes to receive 1,000,000 doodles from around the world and connect with other passionate sketch artists and doodlers, therefore “uniting the world 1 doodle at a time.”

Sharpie is proud to be Warren’s product of choice, “[Sharpie] products have been invaluable to me…I cannot tell you how many Sharpie Pens and Permanent markers I have been through during this journey.”

Accept Warren’s challenge and submit your own doodle or scribble to his blog, scroll through some of his master doodle pieces, and check in with his progress by following him on Twitter and Facebook.

17 thoughts on “Uniting the World: One Doodle at a Time.

  1. You are so talented, been following you for a while, everyone should follow your website THE DOODLE DAILY

  2. It is beyond impressive as to what Warren has accomplished over the last 2 years… who would thought but he has proved to be quite talented!! Love seeing the “daily doodle!” :)

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  5. Warren is my son and Nicette his mother and I are so very proud of his great work and wish him every success in his doodling and his future.

  6. So pleased to see that the doodle is getting the recognition it deserves. Kudos to Warren for uncapping his creativity and showing us that those that can, do-oodle!

  7. I just found his blog just last week! I am teaching art to a class of third graders and we have been doodling. I think I will ask if they want to help Warren hit his goal. I am sure they will. We use sharpies all the time – love them!

  8. Would LOVE to see these doodles done on GOOD cotton fabric and incorporated into a quilt – squares would have to be washable without fading, wow – would be so beautiful!

  9. I have been waiting for an opportunity to show someone my art. I have so many drawings/doodles that I want to share and possibly sell-when you see them, you will agree they are worthy to share and lighten up someones day-the ultra fine tip sharpie is my tool of choice-I am excited in anticipation of more colors-please share my art and thoughts far and wide!! Sandy in Atlanta

  10. I like this site. I am a caricature artist, and I have been using Sharpie markers exclusively at events for over 40 years. Keep up the good work. Gordie

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