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Fade to Black with Sharpie on Black Friday!

Sharpie is starting Black Friday off right. No lines, no crowds, nothing but pure Black Sharpie magic. An epic celebration of all the amazing black and white creations brought to us by our fans! 

Scroll on and prepare to blown away by all the amazing black and white Sharpie creations!

Hunter Cramer, our Facebook fan, is piece of Sharpie work!

Polly Allen- a little Sharpie love


I just LOVE a good mustache pun


Sharpie for your table


Straight hood


Stephanie Stewart's contribution


Sharpie-wood forest

 Reaper in Sicily started with Sharpie for their music video, “Worlds End” using black Sharpie markers! 


Oh Hedwig. via


via gaksdesigns


via imaginationartshop


Facebook fan, Kelli Suchorski, started with Sharpie


Sharpie Headgear


Sharpie fan, Kayla Basham's art





Sharpie Facebook fan, Joshua Aldrich



Sharpie Facebook fan, Jeff Anema.via


Facebook fan, Ashley Elizabeth Murad


Facebook fan, Alexandra Lowman has a Sharpie Standoff


Those are just fantASHtic, don’t ya think? (ps this little guy is via raspberrymilk)

Want more!?! Of COURSE you do and we got it! Check out our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels for more black Sharpie marker madness! And be sure to share what you started with Sharpie, too!

And for those Black Friday shoppers still looking for a deal, Sharpie will be giving away special Black Friday sets of Sharpie products FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS to 100 lucky winners on our Facebook page. Hurry! No lines!

See it PAYS to read all the way to the end… Happy Sharpie “shopping”!

2 thoughts on “Fade to Black with Sharpie on Black Friday!

  1. this kills me..been working with ink markers for 40 years and have all this recognition from so many website galleries, yet still i cant get sharpie’s attention. maybe i should have to doodle or signed my name on a blank peice of paper to get thier attention. oh well their lost, i”ll succeed elsewhere,,,you would think a business manager would have caught it.

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