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NEW Stainless Steel Pen is Your New Favorite Stocking Stuffer

In 2009, Sharpie® debuted our Stainless Steel Marker, the grand daddy of the Sharpie marker world. Sleek and stylish, the Sharpie Stainless Steel marker is a thing of beauty, encased in brushed stainless steel and finished with an etched Sharpie logo on the barrel. 

Well, we have done it again for the 2011 holiday season, and are proud to introduce the Sharpie Stainless Steel PEN!! A deluxe pen version designed specifically for everyday writing and perfect for the Sharpie lover on your list (especially the eco-friendly one given its refillable cartridge).  Its ultra-fine point tip and no-bleed ink make it perfect for taking notes, journaling, and adding a personal touch to holiday cards, gift tags and more. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving!  

The new Sharpie Stainless Steel Pen lays out the same bold, smooth, high-quality writing experience you have come to expect from Sharpie.  It’s also fade-, water- and smear-resistant when dry.   

Be a good Santa and drop one of these under your tree, into a stocking — or smuggle one away for yourself. ‘Tis the season to shine!

35 thoughts on “NEW Stainless Steel Pen is Your New Favorite Stocking Stuffer

  1. Really looking forward to this, and the medium-point Sharpie pens. Any chance you’ll make refills for this in a medium point?

  2. I LOVE this! I love all sharpies, can’t wait to find this one. I’ll be checking Staples tomorrow. I teach English as a Second Language and I also quilt, i use sharpies all the time for both.

  3. You’ve won me over with the ultra fine tip and no bleed ink – two of my requirements in the perfect pen!

  4. i hope i get a free stocking stuffer from the new sharpie steel pen refillable from newell rubbermaid

  5. I am an addict for Sharpie Markers I have a collection going that would make you proud lol….. I want this one really bad when where how can I get it…. I need it I need it I gotta Gotta have it……Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee help

  6. Glad to see that Sanford/Newell are finally getting it together! For those of us 30 and older, you may remember the instrument that was discontinued – Expresso. Appears that was enough negative criticism that the product is being reborn. Hopefully, it, too, will be made in USA. Jeez, what took so long?

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  8. Looks great but how do you use it/ I unscrew the cartridgge but have no clue on how to expose the nib short of hacksawing. And that isn’t an option. Please explain as it is not obvious how one gets this to work.
    Confused and perplexed.


  9. Okay I solved it. A really good tug on the cartridge finally pulled it out of the cap. But it sure would have helped if a few simple instructions had been provided.


  10. Morris- They are available at most local office supply shops and they are suggested to retail at $6.79 and $4.07 for the refill cartridge! For information check out,!

  11. Refill?? Why does Sharpie make it impossible to find a refill? What a SCAM you pay a marked up price for a refillable pen you can’t get refills for.
    Like the pen hate being SCAMMED by a company that is supposed to be reputable.
    Been using Sharpie for years, But I thought this mat be a solution to the Sharpie pens that LEAK, It’s not they figure that no one would go through the trouble of trying to get the refills. Great research on their part given we like in a disposable society.
    They lost my trust and me as a customer.
    i will post this on every site I visit.

  12. This pen is a SCAM. If not make the refills available at the retailers, instead of sending us to your web site where refills are nowhere to be found.. Just another marketing ploy…BOYCOTT SHARPIEPRODUCTS..I Will be starting a blog..

  13. Hi-
    Thank you for commenting and letting us know the trouble you are having finding refills for the new Stainless Steel pen! We are so sorry and are working as quickly as possible to ensure the refills are available; I see that was recently out of stock and has since re-stocked the product. Other retailers will also be making it the refills available online over the next couple of weeks, including Sometimes it takes a few weeks for the retailers to receive new products and get them stocked and on shelves. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience, and please email me separately at so we can get some refills in your hands quickly.

  14. Can not find this pen anywhere and reps at company don’t have answer to bad another customer unsatisfied thank you catilan

  15. This pen rocks!! I have a new favorite pen. I do hope Sanford makes colored refills available. They see to only have black ones for the stainless steel marker.
    Great product… Feels solid, weighty, and coolin hand. Writes like a dream. Thanks, sharpie designers!

  16. I love the new stainless steel pen, is there any word on when other colored refills will be available (or is it possible to retrofit this pen with the disposable Sharpie pen)?


  17. I think it’s wonderful that the Sharpie Stainless Steel pen is refillable…The main question I have is: Where Do I Get The Refill Cartridges?
    I am a resident of Chico California USA…
    Sid Ganzler

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