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Ideas are what make the world go round.  They’re the foundation of the future.  They’re what inspire us to dream big dreams and climb big mountains and solve big problems.

At Sharpie, ideas come from our fans.  And they’re an inspired  bunch.  Have you seen what they’ve created?  Have you seen the ideas and inspirations and possibilities they’ve put out into the world using Sharpie as the conduit to creativity?  Maybe you’re even one of them.  Maybe your idea is one worth sharing.

Every once in awhile an idea comes along and somebody notices.  The TED award for “Ads Worth Spreading” recognizes great ideas in advertising, and today Sharpie was named one of 10 recipients of the 2012 award.

TED is a nonprofit group devoted to ideas. Since it started in 1984, it has become a driving force in advancing open dialogue, creativity and innovation in the areas of Technology, Entertainment and Design.  Through its annual conferences, TED brings together thought leaders from around the world to collaborate, learn, listen and engage toward a better tomorrow.

TED selected Sharpie’s webisode featuring pen cup artist Cheeming Boey to receive the award. It showcases Boey as he takes us on his artistic journey and the role Sharpie played along the way.

Boey was featured in Sharpie's print campaign, too!

The TED “Ads Worth Spreading” award is given to ads that become part of our cultural story, that amplify passion instead of ambushing viewers, that elevate the craft of storytelling while beautifully blending traditional and digital media.

But you be the judge.  Watch and weigh in with your thoughts.

8 thoughts on “SHARPIE GETS TED

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  5. I smiled really big when I saw your video. I am sure you are out of my area, Southern Ca., but I would like to send you a tank of gas for your journey.
    Let me know how I can help.
    Happy Trails to you,


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  8. you are awesome , seriously..i was in a mood of giving up my dreams , but after i saw your video . I wanna make my dreams reality :D
    you are amazing really ,Thank you

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