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Mustang Sally

Sally may have had her moment in the sun in 1965, but it’s Sharpie’s turn to ride shotgun in this beautiful custom Ford Mustang designed completely with Sharpie markers!

Chris Dunlop, the man behind the machine, is a well-regarded “pinstripe artist” famous for his incredibly detailed designs on cars — and this 1999 “Sharpie Mustang” is his latest masterpiece.

Image via

Image via


Wilson Pickett was right– all I want to do is ride around in this guy; and I am pretty sure you do too, so check out the full article on this amazing ride and the man behind it, here!

Seen other modes of transportation that have upped the street cred with Sharpie? Comment and let us know!

7 thoughts on “Mustang Sally

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for the post about my artwork! Doing sharpie art is my absolute favorite thing to do and the 7 cars I’ve done is proof of that. Thanks again, and I’m looking forward to lots more sharpie art in the near future!

  2. Thank you guys for posting pictures up of my car!! Chris is an amazing artist and he deserves all the kudos, I just provided the canvas. Now I have a truly one of a kind mustang thanks to Chris Dunlop and Sharpie markers.

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