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Call of the Wild

Your phone case is boring.

There I said it. I feel better, how about you? No?

Don’t worry–you may be committing social cellular suicide every time you whip that puppy out now, but I am here to help– and so is Denise Herida from, Unexpected Expectations!

Denise recently whipped out her wild side with this tribal design inspired iPhone case.

Image via Unexpected Expectations


Image via Unexpected Expectations

Well, doesn’t she just look super stylish and trendy!?

Want to be as cool as Denise and spice up your own cellular carry-all? Just pop on over to Unexpected Expectations for the full 411 ( may have taken this a little far, but sometimes you just gotta commit ;)

Happy DIY-ing, pretty people!

6 thoughts on “Call of the Wild

  1. You are amazing! I am a newly divorced 52 year old woman who stared painting with oils when I was 5! later when I saw my daughter had my talentPLUS to the tenth power, I stopped and let her shine, now after my ex walked out when I was sick after 30 years, I have been trying to draw or paint,but thought I lost my MOJO!! I see this artwork and a fire is lit up in me! Thank you, you are all so creative! I thought I would never draw again, but I started on glass picture frame and well, I need more Sharpies! thanks for making me feel alive again! forever grateful, Didi Alogna

  2. Hi guys, i was wondering who ever made this can you like make one for me exactly the same and i’ll pay you like around $20.00 or $30.00 because these case are AMAZING and I don’t have the skill and courage to make one of these so, if you can you can email me at

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