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Coasting into Spring

Getting antsy for Spring to come? UGH we are, too (can you tell?)! For those of you that already skipping through town in your perfect spring getup, I would like to introduce you to the Sharpie green-eyed monster. Hello.

So, to brighten up this cloudy weather, we thought of the perfect way to add a little color in our lives…SHARPIE COASTERS! These artsy, one-of-a-kind additions to your coffee table will make any appreciative guest marvel at your OBVIOUS skilled craftsmanship as you chuckle to yourself and shove your Sharpie markers out of sight.

In just a few easy steps, you can create these beautiful tiles quickly and for less than 10 bucks! hollaaa! What you’ll need:

You may also want to purchase felt and glue for the bottom of the coasters and a shiny varnish to seal it.

Find white ceramic tile at any hardware store (they should be under a dollar each). Make sure to clean the surface thoroughly with soap and water.

Color with Sharpies! Pick a combination of dark and vibrant colors to create contrast. There are no wrong choices!

Use a stirring spoon  or eyedropper to methodically drop small “pools” of alcohol onto the tile. If you drop too much, the colors will all blur together and you won’t get any circles or patterns. Let dry! It can take up to half an hour, so just be patient!

If you think you added too much alcohol, you can go back and add more to create new “pools” on top. It will bloom again!

Seal it using a spray fixative first. Hold the tile at least 6 inches away and spray lightly over it. If you spray too closely or too much, the ink will reactivate and blur again. Do it in layers. After that, you can use a varnish or polyurethane to seal it with a glossy coat! Shine, baby, shine!

As a finishing touch, glue felt to the bottom of the tile to prevent the edges from scratching your table.

IF you’re really feelin’ crazy, you can add MORE Sharpie on top of the sealed layer!



Thanks for the inspiration, 52 Weeks blog!

33 thoughts on “Coasting into Spring

  1. are the ceramic tiles pre-fired? or are they like bisque pottery? and can you do this on other things, like cups?

  2. Trabajo muy bien tirado, no pensé que este tipo de trabajo se pudiera realizar con estos marcadores.

  3. Are the tiles the standard bathroom tiles that have already been sealed or did you use unsealed tiles?

  4. The tiles seem to shine, so they appear to be already sealed tiles like those that you’d find in a bathroom.

  5. We just had a blast making these coasters. Used standard 4″ x 4″ ceramic tiles from the hardware store (glazed or unglazed will work). Mixed it up by adding some margarita salt for texture and added adhesive alphabet stickers to spell out our names when all was said and done. Thanks for the great idea!

  6. I’m going to assume you used glazed tiles so the sharpie ink pools. Unglazed tiles would be too porous and just suck the ink right down into the tile. This will be a great rainy day project with the kids this summer! Thanks!

  7. What kind of spray fixative did you use to seal the tile before you apply the varnish?

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  9. You could also add items, using this as background colour (as if it is a card – add butterfly cutouts, dragonfly, whatever) then glue on hanging cord to the back and – you have wall art!

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  11. I too want to know what kind of “spray fixative” to use. I really want to make these!

  12. Our girl scout troop just tried this and it did NOT work. The sharpie did not meld, raise up or get liquidy. It stayed on the tile and did not lift. Yes, we used Sharpie (not Bic). Are we missing something?

  13. it is the most interesting thing I read in the last 8 month. I will do it with my teenage son who became interested in sharpie recently
    thanks for the great post

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  15. For those asking, I use Mod Podge spray. I didn’t write this blog, but I see a few people asking what to use so thought I’d jump in :)

  16. I googled it;
    Grumbacher Myston Workable Fixative

    Use for pastel, charcoal and pencil
    Workable fixative and surface preparation for works on paper, acetate, foil, and glass
    Allows non-porous surfaces to accept water-based media without beading up
    Not intended as a final fixative

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  18. Seems like many people have asked what kind of spray fixative is used and there is no answer. Can you recommend a brand or is it just called spray fixative at the store????

  19. Just made these today as a holiday gift for my mom…the ceramic tiles were glazed. Word of advice – try to use colors that will look good blended together…a few of mine turned out a little too poop colored. Great craft! I loved it and will be making more for others because they were so lovely!! Thanks for sharing.

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