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NEW! Cheeseburger Sharpie Collection

Gotcha! Did you really think we would name a marker color “Beefy Brown”?!

As much as we love a good cheeseburger, there just isn’t enough room for this collection in the Sharpie vault. For now…

Have an idea for a limited edition Sharpie collection? Let us know in the comment section below or tweet your ideas to @Sharpie!

Happy April Fools’ Day!

22 thoughts on “NEW! Cheeseburger Sharpie Collection

  1. Summer Time Fun Sharpies! :D The Beach, Park, BBQ Fishing,, Swisuits! All the FUN of summer!!!! (:

  2. My idea is Sharpie party. Sharpie party is a Sharpie that has many different colors in different sections. When you write/draw with Sharpie party it with be a bright colorful party!! If you can please try to make my idea! Thank You!!

  3. cute but I must tell you that I use your markers for my watercolor classes. They are the only ones that don,t run when we apply watercolor over them. thanks for making a good product.

  4. Not cool. Ummm…totally wanted these and now I’m sad! Please make these!!!
    You could make pizza ones too!

  5. Another idea…sell them in pairs or trios for Fraternity and Sorority Members:
    Cardinal and Straw (Chi Omega, red and yellow)
    Pink and Green for Delta Zeta
    Turquoise Blue and Gray for Zeta Tau Alpha

    (just a thought. LOL!)

  6. You got me… about ….
    Caribean coolers
    Artist palette (van Gogh blue, Picasso Rose…you get the idea)
    Northern lights(soft light colors)
    Fruits and veggies(mango, papaya, celery…again you get the idea)

    All I know is we need some new coulours!

  7. Omg! I’ll forgive you Sharpie, but I won’t forget this. I got so excited! You stinker!

  8. My idea for limited edition Sharpies is a group of five Asian inspired colors. These colors would be China Blue , Chinese New years red, Terracotta, Cherry blossom pink and seaweed green.

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