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Are you a Sharpie doodler who turns out cool Sharpie designs, like on your shoes or jeans or backpack ? Or maybe on less obvious things like your mom’s styrofoam wig holder?

Whenever you pick up a Sharpie marker, are you insanely driven to write, draw or doodle on something, anything, NOW?

Insane doodler

Are you a serious artist who makes blow-your-hair-back art using Sharpie products?

Coffee cup artist Cheeming Boey, a Sharpie partner in inspiring others to start something.

Do you just want to be famous and are willing to pick up a Sharpie product to get noticed?

Being famous to be famous is so not the point. Earn your fame by creating something cool with Sharpie.





So that’s the headline but more importantly, here’s how your Sharpie art can make its way into Sharpie’s music video:

  1. Make something fantastical with Sharpie!
  2. Take a picture and upload it to our gallery by August 6.
  3. Then on September 6, watch the VMAs and look for our commercial, a 60-second music video-style TV ad made up of fan art from the Challenge submissions to the Sharpie gallery - maybe even yours!
  4. Bust a move!  So you’re sitting on the couch Tweeting your friends about Kanye and Kim at the VMAs when all of the sudden you see YOUR Sharpie art on TV!  You immediately spill your Chili Cheese Fritos and text your mom (who’s in the kitchen refilling your Camelback with kool-aid).  Done.  You’re famous!
  5. What now?!?!?!   Head over to Sharpie’s Facebook page and watch it again…and again…and again.  Share it everywhere and with everyone. Tweet us @Sharpie –more surprises happening that day on Twitter, so be sure to follow.

AND FOR THE RECORD (because everyone will ask) the band making its debut in the Sharpie VMA video is none other than California Wives performing their just released soon-to-be-hit single “Purple” (like as in PURPLE SHARPIE but really not so much about PURPLE SHARPIE).

The boys of California Wives!

Band members Joe O’Connor (drums), Jayson Kramer (vocals, guitar, keys), Dan Zima (vocals, guitar, bass) and Graham Masell (guitar, vocals) are getting their start with Sharpie, too, by appearing in our TV ad, so visit them on Facebook.  Here’s what they had to say about starring in our campaign:

“As we get ready to release our first album, we are really excited to be working with Sharpie,” said California Wives’ singer and guitarist Jayson Kramer. “Looking through all of the user-submitted art, we could tell that sharing ideas and promoting creativity is something that Sharpie is really passionate about. As a band, it’s easy for us to stand behind that. We are excited to provide our music as the backdrop for that type of creative environment.”


Immediately following the video debut, fans will be able to create their own custom version on Sharpie’s Facebook page, adding their Sharpie artwork to create their own personalized music video.  This is a first.  You won’t want to miss this because how often to you get to make your own music video featuring your own Sharpie art?  Like, never!

Get Inspired! 

Our goal is to make everything we do about our fans, so we’re shining our spotlight on a couple of our most prolific and talented Sharpie creators, starting with dumpster-diver-glass-artist Emmy Star Brown and her amazing window creations.  Emmy is helping us introduce our new Gold and Bronze Metallic markers in our new TV ads. Gold and Bronze colors are joining the Silver Metallic marker in our shiny Sharpie lineup.  More heavy on the metals below…Check out her work:

Our very own gold star, Emmy Star Brown, Sharpie 2012 Advocate!

Sassy in silver

Sharpie brings home the Gold!

Sharpie Bronze, Baby!

And soon enough, you’ll be tracking Enrico Miguel Thomas, subway map artist also appearing in our TV ads.  He creates amazing subway art using our new Sharpie Brush Tip markers…stay tuned!


Sharpie fans, get ready to SCORE with these new Sharpie products, hitting store shelves just as you’re heading out to stock up on school supplies (remember, while school can sometimes be a drag, school supplies are almost always FUN!).

Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers:Joining the Sharpie Silver Metallic marker are new Gold and Bronze colors!  These are AMAZING and so fun to create with.  Their brilliant sheen sparkles on both light and dark surfaces.  Shine on!  And just in time for all that sports stuff happening in London this summer ; ) : )Now that’s some heavy metal!

Sharpie Brush Tip Permanent Markers: These are the first Sharpie markers to feature a flexible brush tip so you can create fine lines, bold strokes and shading all with one marker.  These let you control the width of your lines—thick or thin—with the pressure of your hand. Perfect for shading and contouring. Available in a rainbow of bright colors.Sharpie Brush Tip Markers – so smooooooooooth!

Be sure to visit us on our Facebook page and on for all the latest from Sharpie…what are you gonna start?



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The President’s Harley

Whether it’s the freedom of the open road or the precision and distinctive beauty of the bikes themselves, motorcycle enthusiasts are passionate about the ride.

Sharpie President Ben Gadbois
Ben Gadbois is passionate about a few things: His family, his health, his work…and motorcycles. As president of Sharpie, Ben recently found a way to combine his passion for Sharpie with his love of motorcycles.
Ben worked with renowned NASCAR artist Nick Pastura to customize his own Harley-Davidson motorcyle with Sharpie art. Before getting started, Ben talked at length with Nick about his vision — juxtaposing the hard edge and rugged persona of the Harley machine with images symbolizing beauty, peace and strength — images often associated with Japanese art. In the end, Nick presented Ben with a design that included traditional Japanese symbols — dragons, Koi fish and cherry blossoms.
“I gave Nick full creative license,” Ben said. “I told him to come up with something really bold, and he definitely delivered.”
Scroll through the pictures, then read an interview with artist Nick Pastura on the project:

The bike took NASCAR artist Nick Pastura more than 120 hours and 275 Sharpie markers to complete.

In Asian culture, dragons are considered symbols of good fortune and protection. In both Chinese and Japanese mythology, the dragon is closely associated with water and is often surrounded by water or clouds.

The Koi fish symbolizes energy and motion and is sometimes interpreted to mean non-conformity. Koi also means strength in time of adversity, persistence, and the ability to overcome resistance.

According to the Buddhist tradition, the breathtaking but brief beauty of the cherry blossom symbolizes the transient nature of life.




While Nick rarely shares the secrets of his trade, he agreed to give us this interview about his use of Sharpie markers on this classic motorcycle:

After you landed on the overall design concept, what were the next steps for contributing that vision to paper?

I started out doing a lot of research on traditional Japanese imagery and colors. I wanted to stick with the classic Sharpie colors as my main stay…after that, it was just a matter of what tip shapes and sizes would work well together on each motorcycle part.

How did you transfer the design onto the bike? Transfer paper.

What type of Sharpie marker did you use to:

Were there any special techniques you used to ensure the marker ink lay down properly or covered the area properly? I used small, tight, circular motions.

Did you blend any of the marker colors to create custom colors, and if so, how? Again using three similar colors to add to the main base color to complement it and blend.

Were there any other techniques or tips in the early stages to note? Yes. When blending colors, make sure the ink is still wet in order to blend easily.  You have to work quickly.

Once you completed the finished design, what did you do to seal it?  What type of sealant did you use? First, I applied three light mist coats of Dupont 622 Intercoat Adhesion Promotor.  Then I let it sit for four hours to dry thoroughly.  The final clear coat was Dupont g2 4500S Fast Activator.

Did you encounter any special challenges with the ink application and if so, how do you suggest managing them?  Make sure the colors are dry before moving on to the next color or they will bleed.

Do you recommend lay artists give this a try on their own bikes?  Any tips for a practice run? Yes, but try to practice on an old gas tank or fender if possible.

What do you like best about Sharpie markers for creating your designs?  What makes them unique? What do they bring to the design that other art tools, i.e. spray finishing, don’t? Sharpie markers give you the ability to blend three similar colors together.  In automotive painting, it is just not the norm to blend colors like that. Using Sharpie markers was both exciting and intimidating at first but I got the hang of it quickly after a few test runs. It was great to have the markers right at your reach…the color reference is so visual that way.

Ben's sons, Helmut, 13, and Julius, 10, at the Fox River Harley-Davidson dealership in St. Charles, Illinois, just after the new Sharpie-drawn tins were installed.

This weekend, the bike will make its debut at the Irwin Tools Night Race in Bristol, Tenn., where Ben will take it for a lap around the track during pre-race ceremonies tonight.  Sharpie is a partial sponsor of the NASCAR race.  Irwin Tools and Sharpie are sister brands, both part of the Newell Rubbermaid family.  Here’s a sneak peak of Ben’s trial run Thursday night:


Start With Sharpie

The Sharpie Harley couldn’t have come at a better time as Sharpie launches its new Start with Sharpie campaign.

The campaign focuses on the legions of Sharpie fans (almost 2 million on Facebook alone) using Sharpie products in inspiring and creative ways, challenging them to start something with Sharpie.  To find out how you can submit your Sharpie creation to the Sharpie gallery and be part of Sharpie’s You Tube Takeover, visit

If the president of Sharpie can start something this cool, what are you gonna start?






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Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude! So call me lame but that’s the first thing that pops into my mind when I think about skateboarding. I’m sure the skaters of the world would prefer I not refer to them as dudes, mostly because dude has a somewhat negative connotation, as in slacker, lazy, wandering, aimless – you know, The Big Lebowski kind of dude.

Dude or no dude, fact is there are more than 20 million skateboarders in the U.S., most of them under the age of 24. These dudes (which I mean only in the coolest way) ride their boards for lots of reasons, among them this one that I thought was particularly insightful extracted from the dclaim blog: Carving out creative lines under cloudless skies.

I get it. Like sky writing and more. Skateboarding IS an art. So is it any surprise that this daring form of self-expression should also find its way onto the skateboards themselves?

Sharpie has a dude (well, we are sort of just borrowing him) — an acclaimed skateboard artist who takes no offense at the term because his amazing art speaks for itself. Meet Mark Rivard. Mark currently appears in Sharpie’s new advertising campaign alongside one of his amazing skateboards and the Sharpie MINI Markers he used to create it.

Here’s Mark’s Sharpie ad, currently running in issues of TransWorld Skateboarding magazine:

Mark got his start designing skateboards after a serious skiing accident left him with time to ponder — and practice — his art.  In his own words, borrowed from Mark’s website:

Skateboards are the cornerstone of my work.  They are what sparked my re-interest in art.  We’ve all heard skaters say “Skateboarding saved my life.”, well in my situation it was a skateboard that literally altered the direction of the rest of my life.  I don’t think I would have died if I had never started skateboarding but I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for that first board and that first sketch.

Mark’s story is a good one, so we put together a video where Mark takes us behind-the-scenes and shares with us the details of how he came to discover his passion and the true mission of his life:

Something else you should know about Mark. We’ve been working with him for awhile now as part of his participation in the Sharpie Squad,  and he gets our vote for best-skateboard-artist-all-around-greatest-guy-ever!  It’s awesome to be able to point you to someone so deserving of all the praise.  Mark is one nice guy…he’s the duuuuuuuuude!

 Friend Mark on Facebook, then check out his appearance on FUEL TV:


Sharpie MINI markers are small enough to go anywhere. They offer:


  • A portable fine tip marker in half the size
  • A cap clip that easily attaches to key chains, golf bags, lanyards… and belt loops perfect for skateboarders on-the-go
  • 8 assorted colors, including Turquoise, Red, Blue, Lime Green, Green, Valley Girl Violet, Black, (and Magenta, not pictured).

Visit for more.

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Sharpie Show, Fort Wayne Edition

Joseph Siler, Garuda Variations, Sharpie

It’s hard to believe that Sharpie, once a simple labeling tool, now shows up as an art form in serious art galleries. One look at the work and it’s clear Sharpie markers have come a long way since their humble beginnings in 1964.  While Sharpie has proven itself “artist friendly” (so many colors and tip sizes!), the really great thing is that they are accessible to almost everyone given their modest price – about a buck a Sharpie.  Who needs expensive paints, pens and pencils when you can create amazing art with Sharpie markers?

Artlink Contemporary Art Gallery in Fort Wayne, Indiana is hosting what I believe is only the second Sharpie Show to take place, the first attributed to Crewest Gallery in L.A. which we first wrote about here in 2009 (the show was repeated in 2010). Already the Fort Wayne edition is getting its share of attention. 

Here’s one excerpt from an article that appeared in the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel headlined, “Sharpie:  More Than Doodles”:
Who doesn’t love a Sharpie? Whether you’re labeling files, addressing a birthday card or doodling, the permanent markers available in a rainbow of colors are so much more fun than a basic ballpoint pen. With their various tips and myriad colors, Sharpies provide endless creative possibilities. The artists panel at Artlink Contemporary Art Gallery recognized this and put out a call for entries for an exhibit in which each piece has an element of Sharpie design. “There’s something fun about Sharpies,” said Artlink executive director Deb Washler. Although artists have been using markers for years – including brands other than Sharpie – “Sharpie kind of has its own culture,” she said.  “I like all the colors they come out with,” she added. Some people in the arts field now use Sharpies when taking notes, Washler said.  About 70 pieces will be in this show, which was an open call, meaning it’s not juried. “That’s how we meet new artists,” Washler said. 
The show runs through July 6. If you happen to be in the Fort Wayne area, be sure to check it out. Details and a sneak peak below:
Sharpie Show

What: Artwork created with Sharpie markers.  

Where: Artlink Contemporary Art Gallery, 437 E. Berry St.  

When: Through July 6. Hours: noon-5 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday; noon-9 p.m. Friday-Saturday; 1-5 p.m. Sunday.  

Admission: Suggested $2 donation.   

David Carpenter, Mummy, Sharpie

Jason Swicher, “SWPSH” Script, Sharpie

Patrick Gainer, User Friendly, Sharpie/silk-screen/wax

Suzanne Galazka, Pamela Robinson and Josef Zimmerman

Dennis Hettler, chaos flower, Sharpie markers/acrylic paint

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Doodle on with Sunni Brown, Sharpie’s new resident doodle expert

big-mouth boss

How often have you sat in a meeting or lecture and suddenly your pen heads off into all sorts of unchartered territory?  Next thing you know your paper is covered with squiggles  and cubes, bubble letters and zzzzzzzzzzs — maybe even a stick figure rendering of your boss with his big ears and even bigger mouth : ) 

It’s a known fact that everybody with access to a writing instrument doodles.  It’s a form of self-expression we humans just can’t resist.  But did you know doodling can actually increase retention, recall, comprehension and creativity…that doodling can enhance listening skills, maybe even make you smarter? 

"She's not called SUNNI for nothing. She truly shines!" `Dan Roam, The Back of the Napkin

We didn’t either – until we met Sunni Brown, doodling expert and the inspiration behind the doodle revolution, “a growing effort to debunk the myth that doodling is a distraction. ” 

Sunni is author of “Gamestorming:  A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers and Changemakers” and her soon-to-be-released book, “The Doodle Revolution.”  Sharpie brought her on board as our resident doodle expert after some research showed that Sharpie Pens, unlike any other pens out there, inspired people to doodle.   Now Sunni is front and center on our website,, talking up doodles and inviting Sharpie fans to submit their doodles to our gallery.   (Click here to read Sunni’s post about her new gig as Sharpie doodle spokesperson).   Even more interesting, Sunni will select a Doodle-A-Day and offer up her expert analysis.

Sunni is, well, pretty sunny when it comes to her enthusiasm about doodling.  Have a look at her video, then head to and donate your doodle today!

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Dreaming of McSharpy

I became a Chicago Blackhawks fan today.  I confess my passion is only skin deep.  While we have more Blackhawk fans here at Sharpie HQ than you can shake a stick at (Sharpie is based outside of Chicago – Hawks are hometown heroes!) I just recently found my own reason to believe.  And it has nothing to do with scoreboards or trophies or board checks.  His name is Patrick Sharp.  Sharpy: 

Sharpy with Sharpie

Forget that his name lines up nicely with Sharpie, the marker I blog and Tweet and Facebook about all day.  Forget that I found this doctored photo of him tearing up the ice with a giant Sharpie marker in hand. Forget his amazing hockey stats, his smooth moves, his already huge numbers of adoring fans.  Today I am a Blackhawks fan for one reason and one reason only: 

Sharp Shooter

 It was for much the same reason that I became a Kennedy fan: 

Sharp Dresser

While I’ll watch the games, note the score, yell at the refs and occasionally visit concessions, mostly I just want to watch Patrick Sharp. I know I am not alone…which is why I know you won’t want to miss this…


Diehard or fareweather, Blackhawks fans won’t want to miss this.  It’s Sharpy-Sharpie night at the United Center where the first 20,000 fans will receive a personalized Patrick Sharp Blackhawk Sharpie.  Be sure to grab tickets to the  game against the Atlanta Thrashers (Atlanta also home to Sharpie’s parent company, Newell Rubbermaid).  

Here’s a sneak peek of what awaits 20,000 lucky fans:

Sharpy Sharpies go to the first 20,000 fans at the Feb. 13 game

I confess I have some connections over here at Sharpie.  I just might be able to get my hands on one of these beauties.  It will serve as my official indoctrination into the Chicago Blackhawks fan club.  I know I’ve got miles of ice to go before they’ll let me in.  In the meantime, I’ve got my eye on the prize, and he’s lookin’ sharp.

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In the dog house this Valentine’s Day?



Try as you might, a sorry puppy face isn’t going to save you if you come up short on Valentine’s Day.  Guys — the ladies EXPECT things! I’m not saying we’re a bunch of materialistic martyres. I’m saying a woman wants to know she is loved, especially on Valentine’s Day.  So for the love of chocolate, send in the flower-waving troops already!  

Speaking of dogs, thought this was interesting: According to a global poll by Reuters/Ipsos, one-fifth of adults would prefer to be with their pet than their partner on Valentine’s Day. The survey of 24,000 people in 23 countries found 21 percent of adults would rather spend February 14 with Fido. I’m guessing a dog doesn’t really require much, just a nice pat on the head.  

(Don’t even think about it ) 

Of course, there are some reasonable people in the world – secure in the knowledge that they are loved, true romantics at heart. Check out the videos below and heed their advice. Then maybe she’ll let you back in the house in time for Valentine’s Day. 

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Say thank you with Sharpie

In sales, relationships are everything. So you can imagine how important the little touches are when it comes to keeping those relationships on solid footing.  

January is a big sales month in the world of office supplies. That’s because businesses are starting off the year with new budgets and money to spend.  To get their sales team excited about the big season, Staples thought it would be fun to kick it off with a “design your own greeting card” contest using Sharpie.  The winner would have their design made into note cards that they could send to customers as a personalized follow up or thank you note in appreciation for their business.

The Staples team was inspired.  Entries came pouring in.  In the end, Staples’ own Scott Baker from Staples’ New Cumberland, PA office took home the grand prize.   Here’s his awesome entry:

staples balloon

Say "Thank You" with this Sharpie Balloon Notecard, designed by Scott Baker, New Cumberland, PA

Here’s how Scott created the card and why he loves Sharpie markers:

scott baker

What was your inspiration? 

I wanted to use as many colors as possible and tried to think of something that people would associate with multiple brilliant colors. I chose the hot air balloon because you can use a multitude of colors and patterns and it would not look too busy.

What products did you use?

The Sharpie 12 pack fine assorted markers, the Sharpie pen, and the Paper Mate Biodegradable mechanical pencil.

Tell us why you love Sharpie.

Their products are always top of the line, when you use one of their pens or markers you know its not going to dry out.

What is your favorite Sharpie marker & why?

I like Sharpie markers for their vivid colors and smooth flow.


Check out some of the other entries and get inspired!


Mushroom Chris Shamoun Engelwood

Sharpie Mushroom by Chris Shamoun, Englewood, NJ


sharpie world Cathy Burley La Mirada

Sharpie World by Cathy Burley, La Mirada, CA


Sharpie Stars Susan Brandon Novi

Sharpie Stars by Susan Brandon, Novi, MI


Santa Easy Button Chris Pappas Maitland

Sharpie Santa Easy Button by Chris Pappas, Maitland, FL

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Suit up, Sharpie style

Now that’s what I call lookin’ sharp! Check out the suit – all done with Sharpie markers. Serendipity struck at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  While I was busy minding my markers at the Sharpie Bar, up walks this dandy decked out in a suit made completely with Sharpie markers!  This guy is walking the talk! 


suit shoes

suit shoulder


Kinda reminds me of this guy who wore his Sharpie Suit to prom.

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You know you’ve made it when…

…you’re signing all your autographs with personalized Sharpie markers!

Waiting on my desk when I got back from Fashion Week were two awesome surprises – the first, a box filled with samples of all of the personalized Sharpie markers we made for the designers, and second, lots of Tweets from the designers themselves thanking Sharpie for giving their shows “signature” style ; )


Here’s who showed their Sharpie Style at Fashion Week:

Tracy Reese, Tory BurchCharlotte Ronson, Donna Karan, DKNY, Marc Jacobs, Vena Cava, Betsey Johnson (of course – smooch!), Milly, Jill Stuart, Rebecca Taylor, L’Wren Scott, Proenza Schouler, Narciso Rodriguez, Alexander Wang, Probal Gurung, Erin Wasson, Adam Lippes and more! (If you didn’t see your favorite Fashion Week designer here, Sharpie markers are in the works).

And here’s a little trivia: 9 of the designers chose pink personalized Sharpie markers, same number chose black, one chose red and one chose blue.  See if you can spot ‘em:

tracy reese fixed

Love Tracy Reese's Sharpie - love her cute rosette ring and girly font too!

milly's sharpie

Milly Marker on Run-of-Show

charlotte ronson pink

Charlotte's Pink Sharpie on Charlotte Pink Blacklight


The Designer Lineup on the exclusive Betsey Johnson Sharpie Tee

markers corrected

Sharpie Markers in the pink - and don't forget The Daily and Refinery 29 too!

markers 2 corrected

That's Betsey's trademark smooch - and we didn't forget Teen Vogue!

Tory Burch Sharpie pic

Tory Burch Sharpie on Model Look Card - one of my fav designers!

tory burchh sharpiess

Tory Tweeted her Sharpie and handed them out at the editor check-in-desk outside the show

dkny sharpies

Donna Karan Tweeted too - and gave to editors on final look day

vena cava sharpie

Vena Cava was one of our biggest fans - blogs, Tweets - they talked up their Sharpie markers

Read Vena Cava’s blog post.

Refinery 29 Sharpie pic

Refinery 29 Sharpie - clean, classic, Tweetable Sharpie

Refinery 29 included Charlotte Ronson Sharpie markers in its Twitter Troll.

So here’s your chance to be famous just like the big-name designers.  Order your own personalized Sharpie markers - design them your way, make your mark wherever you go just like the Fashion Week superstars!

For more Fashion Week action, including lots of inspiring Sharpie DIY fashion ideas, check out  Uncap What’s Inside today and show the world your Signature Sharpie Style!

Don’t be a stranger – hang around the Sharpie blog this week for more Fashion Week recaps.  I could go on … and on … and on … so much Sharpie fun!