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Sharpie Spooktacular

October means two things here at Sharpie; Ink it Pink and Halloween.

The past couple of years we have presented the Sharpie world with our favorite creations surrounding “all hallows eve” and this year is no different.

Hold onto your broomsticks for this year’s edition of the Sharpie Spooktacular (cue creaky doors and creepy soundtrack).


A little air, an original black Sharpie marker, a dash of imagination and you have some gravity-defying decorations.

Images via and Girly Do Blog 

Haunted House-wares

Need a solid muse for creating your macabre mansion? Start here, then add Sharpie paint markers and permanent markers and you’ll have yourself the best home in your ‘hood.

HINT: Sharpie Oil Based Paint Markers work best for projects involving; glass, metal, pottery, wood, rubber, plastic, stone, and more. They are quick-drying and resistant to water (but not waterproof), fading, and abrasion!

Spidey stemware?

Inspiration and image by Etsy designer, MaryElizabethArts, (be sure to check out ALL of her other designs!)


Try a some spray paint and a Sharpie paint pen... or 2!

Inspiration and image via The Party Dress Blog

Who needs chalk when you have a Silver Sharpie!?!

Image and inspiration via Pottery Barn

Light their way to Doomsday with Sharpie milk cartons!

Image via Eighteen25

 Ghoulish Gourds

Make your Pumpkin carving more than just the standard orange orb. Add some Sharpie detailing and you’ll be the talk of the Pumpkin block!

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without a little orange and BLACK!

Image via

Be sure to check out ALL of the Sharpie Halloween havoc from years past. It’s pure, petrifying paradise:

Sharpie to D.I.Y For

Sharpie if You Dare

Halloween Highlights

Share your own spooky Sharpie creations with us on Facebook or in the comments section!

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HELLOs From The Crypt

Halloween is creeping around the corner & like us, the folks at The Hello Project are itching to have some fun!

In case you missed out last month, we are back to do another fun contest with The Hello Project, giving you the opportunity to UNCAP your inner goblin & doodle something scary! 

And so, without further adieu, I give you this month’s contest…


Submit a scary moment with a hello twist by October 31, 2010 and win Sharpie Twin Tip Permanent Markers, Sharpie Magnum Permanent Markers, and other cool Sharpie prizes!

The Daily Monster himself


Three (3) winners will receive packages full of Sharpie Twin Tip Permanent Markers and Sharpie Magnum Permanent Markers, with the grand prize winner receiving a mystery pack of Sharpie goodies! As usual, bragging rights are also included.


They say it takes a monster to know a monster. That’s why this month’s guest judge is none other than the very talented and monster connoisseur, Stefan G. Bucher, from The Daily Monster® .


  • Must be handmade on a sticky note.
  • Sticky note can be any color.
  • Entries must be scanned at a resolution of no less than 600×600 pixels and send to
  • All entries must be received by 11:59PM CST on October 31, 2010.
  • There is no limit of entries per person.
  • Contest open to US residents only.

Now go ahead and get your spook on!!!

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Sharpie Halloween To D.I.Y. For

Halloween is quickly approaching and with only a couple of weeks to plan you may be a bit spooked by the idea of hosting a Halloween party.  No need to fear though, with a few key pieces and a handful of Sharpie markers, you will be able to create a killer setting sure to knock your guests right off their broom sticks.

I was inspired to re-create this scene after walking past a display at Crate & Barrel. (Photo taken at store)

This is my interpretation of Crate & Barrel’s spread, so feel free to put your own twist on what you see here as well!


By far, the most time consuming piece of this project is the spider web table runner, however, it is one of the most important elements and makes a terribly magnificent statement!

You will need:

Roll out a long piece of white paper measuring to the length of your table.  With a ruler and Sharpie marker draw a star/snowflake shape (don’t worry about it being absolutely perfect).  Next, with the Sharpie go around in a circle connecting each line to it’s neighboring line with an arch.  Continue doing this until you have completely filled the web in.

Repeat this process with a new web.  The webs do not have to match in size - in fact, varying sizes make the completed table runner look more dynamic.

Once you have two webs, extend the lines on each using a black Sharpie so that they reach the edge of the paper and connect to each other.  Fill these spaces in with arched lines.

Continue filling the paper with webs until it is completely full.  Trade between using the Sharpie King Sized marker and Sharpie Magnum markers for varying bold lines.

Now that you have a completed runner, go wild setting the table and accessorizing with personalized elements.

Provide each guest with their own casket-shaped menu.  Using a Metallic Sharpie Marker, write clever alliterations and rhyming words for a Halloween themed meal.

Create book covers with black wrapping paper.  Using the Metallic Sharpie, inscribe spooky titles from your favorite Halloween literature onto the spine of each book. Stack and stand to give the table added dimension.

Decorate plain white gift bags with phrases such as “Trick or Treat” “Happy Halloween” or “Boo!” and images that relate to the holiday.  Fill the gift bags with candy and an assortment of Sharpie markers.  Accessorize with fall themed embellishments.

Make gift tags and bookmarks for each of your guests with orange card stock & silver ribbon.  Using a black Sharpie Fine Point marker, write each person’s name and add a small drawing for an added kick.

Orange accents, such as pumpkins, flowers and leaves brighten up the haunted darkness of the black plates and vases.  Scatter metallic beads around the place setting to tie in the crystal glasses & plate stands and the silver writing and utensils.

With this Sharpie DIY setting, your ghoulish guests & trick-playing treaters will be sure to have a frighteningly good time on All Hallows’ Eve!

Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Highlights

Back away from the cheese.  Favre, stay put in Minnesota.  I’ve got something better for you…


Sharpie Accent Highlighters!


Alex Koeppler, Leader, Brand Marketing Sharpie, ( @sharpie_AplusK ) sent this picture of some friends dressed up for Halloween in Wisconsin.  These lovely ladies were defintely the HIGHLIGHT of the party ;)

Accent Highlighter costumes

Which got me thinking…

How do YOU use your Sharpie Accent Highlighters?   

  • To Highlight important sentences while reading? 
  • To Emphasize notes from class?
  • To Check items off a list?
  • To Stress important dates?
  • To Create new art work?

Maybe you use several colors in different ways/for different things? 

The possibilities are endless – Share your favorite ways to use Sharpie Accent Highlighters!


Find the entire Sharpie Accent collection at

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Sharpie If You Dare

Add frightful flair to your monster mash this Halloween with Sharpie markers and pens!  Using Sharpie to create costumes, liven up lanterns, decorate pumpkins and personalize accessories,  you will be able to trick AND treat your way through a Happy Halloween.

mj 1

Now crank up “Thriller” and let’s put those Sharpies to work!

halloween sharpie 2

Jack of All Trades This year, think beyond your traditional Jack O’ Lantern! Take it a step further and use Sharpie markers as your #1 pumpkin decorating tool.  After picking the perfect pumpkin, draw Halloween images, spooky sceneries and creative designs with all different Sharpie markers.  Stencils are also a fun and easy way to copy your favorite images.  Take a look at Stencil1 for cool Halloween stencils and tips. While you’re there take a peek at other stencils for more holiday craft ideas!  In the mean time, here are some ideas to get you started…

pirate pumpkin

RF_October_WhitePumpkins 2

RF_October_pumpkins 1

witch pumpkin


images from: Random Ramblings, House of Thrill and Homes & Gardens

It’s Tricky to Rock a Rhyme That’s Right on Time It’s Tricky… It’s tricky tricky tricky (or TREAT!) A fun activity for kids is to customize and decorate their own Trick or Treat bags!  Pillow cases, paper bags, and buckets are all great options.  Supply them with Sharpie markers to decorate their “loot sacks” in any way they please!  Decorate to match a costume or stencil names in a spooky font, either way your little goblin will be ready to rock n’ roll and make the rounds on Halloween night!

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Don’t get caught wandering in the dark on Halloween night; you never know what could be lurking past midnight! Light the way with these ghostly Sharpie lights and lanterns.   Use recycled milk jugs and buckets, like these, to brighten the pathway for Trick or Treaters, or get plastic flashlights to carry around with you. 


milk jugs

images from: Family Corner and

How about a faux lantern for day time? Image from Country Living


Think Outside of the Box The budget is a little tight this year and I don’t have a ton of cash to throw out for a Halloween costume.  No way, not another ghost costume again this year (I can’t spare anymore white bed sheets)…   With a few Sharpies you can easily cook up great Halloween costume and save a bundle! After looking at pictures of costumes, I came to this conclusion: Sharpie + Cardboard Box = Endless possibilites!  In literally seconds I thought up all sorts of costumes to make with a box and Sharpie markers: Robot, Phone Booth, Zack Morris’ Cell Phone :) , Skateboard, iPod, Movie Theatre Box of Candy, Go-Kart, Dart Board, Refrigerator, Rocket Ship, a SmartCar.  (Look at me getting all creative!)  Here are some pics that I like of “Lego people” costumes.  Round up friends and you could be an entire group of Lego people!!

lego 1

lego 2

images from: FamilyGo and

Know Your INS and OUTS Can’t last all night wearing a bulky box? I hear ya partner!  Plus, I’m pretty sure that wearing a box, my “Thriller” dance would look more like a scene from “March of the Penguins!”   Well here’s a clever idea that I thought up to get a 2 for 1 deal out of a Halloween costume and a sure fire way to be the life (or death) of the party!

Choose a costume theme, such as a Race Car or Computer, design your box accordingly.  Next, on a solid colored onesie or a t-shirt and pants, draw your “insides” with Sharpie markers (Race Car: driver’s suit/Computer: inner wiring)!  Let me explain: Say you are a Refrigerator - Draw items that are found inside of a refrigerator all over your shirt and pants.  Or how about you are a Casket or Grave site- draw a full skeleton on a onesie with Sharpie.  *Don’t stick to black and white either – the 80′s are back baby and I want to be a hot pink skeleton this year!) By wearing both, if you want to take off the box you are still sporting a killer costume that will knock those zombies right off their feet!

(Final Thought) *4 out of 5 Dentists Approve: Instead of handing out candy, give Sharpie markers to your trick or treaters this year!

Send in pictures of how you incorporate Sharpie markers this year and they will get posted on the Sharpie Blog and Facebook page!

halloween sharpie 1