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TEEN VOGUE “It Girls” Start with Sharpie

Get ready to wage war with the green-eyed-monster (using a green Sharpie, of course).  It’s the Sharpie TEEN VOGUE “It Girls Night In” event!

Our favorite teen fashion-centric magazine chose 10 fashion savvy young women from it’s online “It Girl” panel to host the ultimate girls-night-in for themselves and five of their closest friends.

Sharpie provided the goodies, including a Sharpie product lineup some could only dream of — all so they could show the world what they were starting with Sharpie.

HUGE Thanks to all of our TEEN VOGUE “It Girls” for sharing what they have started with Sharpie… Lia Girdano, Stephanie Maldonado, Maddi Doering, Takiara Bullock, Sarah Hass, Amanda Provost, Cassy Stone, Brigitte Dale, Octavia Childs and Alexis Martin!

For more pictures and more on the “It Girls” and the Night In event, check out the October issue of TEEN VOGUE, on sale September 13th!

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Sharpie is Taking Over YouTube

Ready to show the world what you started with Sharpie and be featured on the home page of YouTube?  Well, get ready, because here’s your chance.

On Saturday, August 27th Sharpie will stage a one-day takeover of YouTube’s home page and showcase the countless unique items that fans, just like you,  have started with Sharpie. 

Just imagine- for one day only, thousands of Sharpie images will come together to create,  not only one epic, and interactive, mosaic featuring all consumer submitted work, but a statement where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  And don’t worry about being lost in the crowd– you will be able to find your individual submission through a simple search field, or scroll the full image landscape for a truly unique Sharpie experience.

Grab a Sharpie marker, pen,  liquid pencil or highlighter and be a part of the takeover, visit for more details and to submit what you started.

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Sharpie Photo Flair

Photos may capture a moment in time, but that doesn’t mean it has to be permanent. With our photo flair YOU  decide what you want your photos to say…or in this case, wear.

To celebrate National Camera Day, Sharpify your photos and entertain yourself  by “accessorizing” your friends. 

It’s easy as 1,2,3:

1. Grab your favorite photos, your favorite Sharpie and get busy!

2. Cut out your creations.

3. Stick ‘em on and give your photos that extra flair they are dying for- then change ‘em out, your options are endless!

Sharpie stunna shades... Done and done.


Go on, get Cheesin’!

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Merge presents Reply All

Sharpie was the chosen weapon of creativity at the most recent Merge party, called Reply All.  On December 10th, the Chicago design community gathered to celebrate creativity and passion at a local Chi-town hot spot, Evil Olive. Organized by Mig Reyes, Kyle Stewart and a team of AIGA Chicago members, the goal of Reply All was to connect the creative community and of course, have fun.

The event had an all-star lineup of five guest speakers, local Chicago DJs kept the dance floor moving and art auctions were held through out the night with proceeds going to Reason to Give. The walls of the venue were covered with white paper and blank posters with more Sharpie markers far and wide, luring the creative minds to draw, write, scribble and sketch. Even our friends from The Hello Project were present with a dedicated area for creating those favorite 3×3 ‘Hellos’. Find out exactly who was in attendance, speakers, DJ’s, sponsors and more at LetsMerge.

Big shout outs go to the list of sponsors and artists who helped make the event possible and of course two incredibly talented photographers, Kyle LaMere of IshootRockstars and Colin Beckett who captured Reply All in all its glory (…and here are some of them!)

photo by Colin Beckett

photo by Colin Beckett

photo by Colin Beckett

photo by Colin Beckett

by Kyle LaMere of IshootRockstars (you might recognize a few familiar faces in the top row)

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P.S. It’s Kate Spade!

Erica Domesek of P.S. -I Made This… lived every girl’s dream hosting a launch party for her new book at the Kate Spade Flagship Broome Street store in New York. With a group of fashion’s finest, Erica and Deborah Lloyd, Kate Spade’s Chief Creative Officer celebrated by creating one of a kind designs on Kate Spade’s London tote and limited edition “P.S.- I made this… with Kate Spade” bags. Other guests and DIY stars included Grace Bonney of Design Sponge, stylist Andrew Mukamal,  Brittany Law of Style Republic, Michelle Adams of Lonny Magazine and Lauren Sherman & Leah Chernikoff of

Here are a few pictures from the event and of course you can see even more at Kate Spade.

bejewel. bedeck. bedazzel.

picture perfect

Erica Domesek

fashion's movers & shakers

glitz & glam

love these limited edition totes

If you love Erica’s  Kate Spade London tote, she offers a how-to on her site for you to recreate the design. Click here to check it out!

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Frames with Benefits

There’s something about wearing the right pair of sunglasses that can do wonders… Rockin’ a sharp pair of shades changes your mood, the way you feel, how you walk… heck, you just look cooler! 

What if you could rock that same pair of sweet shades while helping an even sweeter cause?

Not your average sunglass company, Bought Sunglasses, does just that with their Frames With Benefits collection.  The Tempe-based sunglass co. partners with local organizations who strive to make a difference within their communities. For each pair of shades sold from the Frames with Benefits collection, proceeds go toward non-profits and charities such as Phoenix Multisport and FeelGood World

In November, Bought teamed up with Phoenix Children’s Hospital and supplied young patients with frames to customize using Sharpie Paint Markers that are now available to buy online. With the purchase of these limited edition, one-of-a-kind sunglasses, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the hospital, directly impacting the quality of care for these young Sharpie artists. After all the frames sell, Bought Sunglasses will choose one design to manufacture and sell on their website.

With the holidays approaching a pair of these limited edition frames would make the perfect gift! Not only are you giving a great gift to a loved one, you’re also giving back to children who need your help. Be a part of the cause and pick up your pair(s) today!

Go to and click on the Phoenix Children’s Hospital edition sunglasses. Within one week of placing your order, you will receive your pair of special Sharpie’d shades in the mail, not to mention, will have helped the lives of some very special kids.

Bought Sunglasses hand drawn by Phoenix Children's Hospital patients

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Sharpie on Tour

Our Sharpie U.K. friends are back with a unique story to share!  Have you seen Sharpie at any music festivals this year? Which one(s)?!

Earlier this year we were approached by festival-fanatic Katie P, who was sent a challenge by Trident gum of touring 30 of the world’s most exciting festivals over 30 weeks for the Trident’s Perpetual Festival.  And to help her set off on her travels, we stocked her with of plenty of Sharpie markers to collect autographs along the way!

So from Creamfields in Buenos Aires to Ibiza Closing Parties in Spain. Sonisphere in Europe, to Full Moon Parties in Thailand, Sharpie has been there for it all!  Here’s the evidence…

Katie P doing the ‘Sharpie moustache’!

British DJ duo, Chase and Status, signing a guitar with a Sharpie

Brit band The Futureheads signing autographs with Sharpie markers at Wakestock festival

Customising with Sharpie at Sonisphere!

Uncap What’s Inside!

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Sharpie UK at London Fashion Weekend

Today, Jean Naveau from the Sharpie UK team is stepping in to give you the latest in Sharpie news.  Our UK team was recently at London Fashion Weekend where they hosted a Sharpie DIY pop-up shop.  At the “Sharpie shop” the fashion hungry flocked to design tote bags using a rainbow of Sharpie Permanent Markers.  Jean has a lot to share with you about this fabulous fashion-filled weekend…

Wow – what a busy month we’ve had in the UK! But now I’ve finally recovered and am feeling far more alive I can fill you guys in on how fabulous Sharpie was at London Fashion Weekend.  Just to give you the lowdown (if you don’t know already), Sharpie was one of the official partners of this fashion-fuelled frenzy and as such we got the opportunity to have our very own stand at the event – see below for evidence…


Now, to say our stand was popular doesn’t do it justice, it was THE place to be.  Forget the clothes, forget the catwalk show, people actually flocked to us in their hoards for the chance to customise a Sharpie canvas bag with their own fashion-inspired masterpieces and cor blimey did we get some gooduns!

 Here are some of my favourites…


Our stand attracted so much attention, that even when the bar got full, the space surrounding us was taken up with Sharpie doodlers! They were sitting on the floor, resting against the wall, finding whatever space they could which would allow them to get creative.  And after 600 plus entries we could only pick one designer to win the much sought-after prize of £500 worth of shopping vouchers. The decision was tough and long, but (drum roll please) we chose Bhavika as our favourite design and we hope you guys agree!

Bhavika's winning design

-Jean Naveau, marketing manager UK & Ireland


Big Thanks to Jean, our guest blogger from the Sharpie UK team. We love sharing the ways people Uncap What’s Inside worldwide!

Have you spotted Sharpie in other parts of the world? If so, tell us where! We’d love to hear about it and share your story.

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Sharpie Squad Guest Blogger: Man One

Today’s guest blogger is Man One!  A well known and extremely talented Sharpie artist, this squad member is excitedto announce his second Sharpie Show exhibition.  Last year’s turn out was incredible!  I have no doubt that The Sharpie Show II will be the talk of the town, not to mention a site to see!

Announcing “The Sharpie Show II” exhibition at Crewest

I would like to announce details for “The Sharpie Show II” coming this December 2010!

“The Sharpie Show II” will once again celebrate the individual talent of today’s most sought after underground artists, illustrators, designers, and tattoo artists alike.

The exhibition will open Saturday December 4th, 2010 and run until Sunday January 2nd, 2011 at Crewest in Los Angeles.

To facilitate my curating of the show, I have put together some guidelines if you are thinking of entering your work.

>>For “The Sharpie Show II” submission guidelines:  CLICK HERE

 Here is a quick re-cap of last year’s exhibit in case you weren’t aware of it…

As a long time fan of Sharpie markers, early last year (and before I was asked to be on the Sharpie Squad) I decided to curate an all Sharpie exhibit at my gallery, Crewest, in Downtown Los Angeles.  Since we represent some of the most talented street andurban artists from aroundthe world, I knew it would be a slam dunk exhibit since most of us started with Sharpie in one way or another.  

Crewestis definitely worth the wait!

The word of mouth about the exhibition andall the hype around the show was incredible.  Even though it was raining, there was a line around the block all night long! I knew at that point we had created something special.

Celebrities who were in the house, like George Clinton, joined in the festivities by doing some live painting in front of a packed house of fans.

George Clinton uncapping at Crewest


We received artist entries from all over the United States and including works from Belgium, Switzerland, Mexico and other countries as well.

Over 200 Sharpie entries were submitted including drawings on paper, wood, canvas, maps, toys, and even shower curtains!

Global Warming

Of course, aside from curating the exhibit, I also created some original Sharpie pieces just for this show including this print titled “Global Warning”

(Btw – still a few left on >

Look out for new Sharpie pieces I will be creating specifically for The Sharpie Show II exhibition as well. 

Hope you can make it out to the show. It’s gonna be classic!


    Man One

    Artist/Crewest Gallery Director/Sharpie Squad Member

To view more photos from last year’s Sharpie Show click on the link below:

More info:

* Follow Man One on Facebook

 and on Twitter

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Sharpie Halloween To D.I.Y. For

Halloween is quickly approaching and with only a couple of weeks to plan you may be a bit spooked by the idea of hosting a Halloween party.  No need to fear though, with a few key pieces and a handful of Sharpie markers, you will be able to create a killer setting sure to knock your guests right off their broom sticks.

I was inspired to re-create this scene after walking past a display at Crate & Barrel. (Photo taken at store)

This is my interpretation of Crate & Barrel’s spread, so feel free to put your own twist on what you see here as well!


By far, the most time consuming piece of this project is the spider web table runner, however, it is one of the most important elements and makes a terribly magnificent statement!

You will need:

Roll out a long piece of white paper measuring to the length of your table.  With a ruler and Sharpie marker draw a star/snowflake shape (don’t worry about it being absolutely perfect).  Next, with the Sharpie go around in a circle connecting each line to it’s neighboring line with an arch.  Continue doing this until you have completely filled the web in.

Repeat this process with a new web.  The webs do not have to match in size - in fact, varying sizes make the completed table runner look more dynamic.

Once you have two webs, extend the lines on each using a black Sharpie so that they reach the edge of the paper and connect to each other.  Fill these spaces in with arched lines.

Continue filling the paper with webs until it is completely full.  Trade between using the Sharpie King Sized marker and Sharpie Magnum markers for varying bold lines.

Now that you have a completed runner, go wild setting the table and accessorizing with personalized elements.

Provide each guest with their own casket-shaped menu.  Using a Metallic Sharpie Marker, write clever alliterations and rhyming words for a Halloween themed meal.

Create book covers with black wrapping paper.  Using the Metallic Sharpie, inscribe spooky titles from your favorite Halloween literature onto the spine of each book. Stack and stand to give the table added dimension.

Decorate plain white gift bags with phrases such as “Trick or Treat” “Happy Halloween” or “Boo!” and images that relate to the holiday.  Fill the gift bags with candy and an assortment of Sharpie markers.  Accessorize with fall themed embellishments.

Make gift tags and bookmarks for each of your guests with orange card stock & silver ribbon.  Using a black Sharpie Fine Point marker, write each person’s name and add a small drawing for an added kick.

Orange accents, such as pumpkins, flowers and leaves brighten up the haunted darkness of the black plates and vases.  Scatter metallic beads around the place setting to tie in the crystal glasses & plate stands and the silver writing and utensils.

With this Sharpie DIY setting, your ghoulish guests & trick-playing treaters will be sure to have a frighteningly good time on All Hallows’ Eve!

Happy Halloween!