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Swedish Singer Signs with Sharpie

dsc_2570I’m all about supporting new talent, so thought I’d introduce you to Beatrice, a well-known artist on the Scandinavian music scene who is starting to make her way on the American music front.   And like every major music artist on the planet, Beatrice uses Sharpie markers to sign autographs for her growing legions of fans.


Beatrice’s music offers a unique blend of folk, rock, country, and Scandinavian influence. She has studied at the Stockholm Music Conservatory and for many years worked as a demo and back-up singer with some of Sweden’s top-ranking artists, including Carola, Tommy Nilsson, Bosson and Olsen Brothers. Since then Beatrice has expanded her career across the Atlantic.

Check out her sound here.  And when she hits the charts, remember you saw her here first!