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Whole Lotta Sharpie Spinnin’ Going On

Check. It. Out. These kids are kool!  They are The Chi-Town Finest Breakers.  According to their dad, Henry Borjas (a popular DJ on Chicago’s westside), they are the world’s youngest professional breakdancers.

The group is a brother-sister act made up of B-boy Lil Ozone, age 12; B-girl Spinderella, 9; B-boy Lil Turbo, 8; and Boy Crazzy Legz, 7.

Now here’s what makes them super cool in my book.  When DJ Dad Henry contacted me, they had already perfected their Sharpie Spin. This is where B-girl Spinderella performs an amazing feat – she head spins while writing completely legible words with a Sharpie at the same time. It takes a while to get to the big payout on the video, but so worth the wait.  

It also just so happens they are famous!  The group was recently selected for second round auditions for America’s Got Talent.  You’ve got my vote, CTFB!

The group is based in Chicago (Sharpie’s hometown!) and has opened for several famous rap artists, including Common, Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes and more.  They’ve been getting lots of local media attention, too. DJ Dad Henry says he hopes his kids are sending a positive message about staying off the streets and staying motivated in a positive way through dancing and performing arts. 

I want a cool name like Spinderella. 

For more information on the group or to book a gig, email