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Shake, rattle and Write Out Loud!

Maracas pre Sharpie shout out


Road rage hack: Don’t flip the bird — shake the maraca!

That’s the headline on a post today on Parenthacks, a site that offers all sorts of amazing mom tips.   This one comes from Kristen with Cool Mom Picks and Motherhood Uncensored

I was driving with a friend of mine a few years back and someone cut her off. Before I could say anything, she pulled out this maraca with a mean face drawn on it with a Sharpie. She proceeded to shake it at the offending driver with much vigor, and then went on her merry way. Turns out the “mean maraca” is a great way to sublimate your driving frustrations when your mouth (or fingers) might get the better of you, especially when you’re in front of your kids. 

Vent your frustrations with ease. Use a Sharpie Retractable with one-hand click convenience.

If you find yourself angry and in a car and at a stop light with a set of maracas nearby, might I suggest you use a Sharpie Retractable marker to file your complaint.  It’s easy one-hand click convenience means no cap to slip down under the seat along with the rest of the contents of your purse.  Just grab and get out your frustrations.  

If  anyone out there has an image of a menacing maraca, I promise I’ll post it.   It’s not quite as easy as the stink eye, but it’s got sass.    Sharpie sass.