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Sharpie Show, Fort Wayne Edition

Joseph Siler, Garuda Variations, Sharpie

It’s hard to believe that Sharpie, once a simple labeling tool, now shows up as an art form in serious art galleries. One look at the work and it’s clear Sharpie markers have come a long way since their humble beginnings in 1964.  While Sharpie has proven itself “artist friendly” (so many colors and tip sizes!), the really great thing is that they are accessible to almost everyone given their modest price – about a buck a Sharpie.  Who needs expensive paints, pens and pencils when you can create amazing art with Sharpie markers?

Artlink Contemporary Art Gallery in Fort Wayne, Indiana is hosting what I believe is only the second Sharpie Show to take place, the first attributed to Crewest Gallery in L.A. which we first wrote about here in 2009 (the show was repeated in 2010). Already the Fort Wayne edition is getting its share of attention. 

Here’s one excerpt from an article that appeared in the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel headlined, “Sharpie:  More Than Doodles”:
Who doesn’t love a Sharpie? Whether you’re labeling files, addressing a birthday card or doodling, the permanent markers available in a rainbow of colors are so much more fun than a basic ballpoint pen. With their various tips and myriad colors, Sharpies provide endless creative possibilities. The artists panel at Artlink Contemporary Art Gallery recognized this and put out a call for entries for an exhibit in which each piece has an element of Sharpie design. “There’s something fun about Sharpies,” said Artlink executive director Deb Washler. Although artists have been using markers for years – including brands other than Sharpie – “Sharpie kind of has its own culture,” she said.  “I like all the colors they come out with,” she added. Some people in the arts field now use Sharpies when taking notes, Washler said.  About 70 pieces will be in this show, which was an open call, meaning it’s not juried. “That’s how we meet new artists,” Washler said. 
The show runs through July 6. If you happen to be in the Fort Wayne area, be sure to check it out. Details and a sneak peak below:
Sharpie Show

What: Artwork created with Sharpie markers.  

Where: Artlink Contemporary Art Gallery, 437 E. Berry St.  

When: Through July 6. Hours: noon-5 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday; noon-9 p.m. Friday-Saturday; 1-5 p.m. Sunday.  

Admission: Suggested $2 donation.   

David Carpenter, Mummy, Sharpie

Jason Swicher, “SWPSH” Script, Sharpie

Patrick Gainer, User Friendly, Sharpie/silk-screen/wax

Suzanne Galazka, Pamela Robinson and Josef Zimmerman

Dennis Hettler, chaos flower, Sharpie markers/acrylic paint

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Sharpie Squad Guest Blogger: Man One

Today’s guest blogger is Man One!  A well known and extremely talented Sharpie artist, this squad member is excitedto announce his second Sharpie Show exhibition.  Last year’s turn out was incredible!  I have no doubt that The Sharpie Show II will be the talk of the town, not to mention a site to see!

Announcing “The Sharpie Show II” exhibition at Crewest

I would like to announce details for “The Sharpie Show II” coming this December 2010!

“The Sharpie Show II” will once again celebrate the individual talent of today’s most sought after underground artists, illustrators, designers, and tattoo artists alike.

The exhibition will open Saturday December 4th, 2010 and run until Sunday January 2nd, 2011 at Crewest in Los Angeles.

To facilitate my curating of the show, I have put together some guidelines if you are thinking of entering your work.

>>For “The Sharpie Show II” submission guidelines:  CLICK HERE

 Here is a quick re-cap of last year’s exhibit in case you weren’t aware of it…

As a long time fan of Sharpie markers, early last year (and before I was asked to be on the Sharpie Squad) I decided to curate an all Sharpie exhibit at my gallery, Crewest, in Downtown Los Angeles.  Since we represent some of the most talented street andurban artists from aroundthe world, I knew it would be a slam dunk exhibit since most of us started with Sharpie in one way or another.  

Crewestis definitely worth the wait!

The word of mouth about the exhibition andall the hype around the show was incredible.  Even though it was raining, there was a line around the block all night long! I knew at that point we had created something special.

Celebrities who were in the house, like George Clinton, joined in the festivities by doing some live painting in front of a packed house of fans.

George Clinton uncapping at Crewest


We received artist entries from all over the United States and including works from Belgium, Switzerland, Mexico and other countries as well.

Over 200 Sharpie entries were submitted including drawings on paper, wood, canvas, maps, toys, and even shower curtains!

Global Warming

Of course, aside from curating the exhibit, I also created some original Sharpie pieces just for this show including this print titled “Global Warning”

(Btw – still a few left on >

Look out for new Sharpie pieces I will be creating specifically for The Sharpie Show II exhibition as well. 

Hope you can make it out to the show. It’s gonna be classic!


    Man One

    Artist/Crewest Gallery Director/Sharpie Squad Member

To view more photos from last year’s Sharpie Show click on the link below:

More info:

* Follow Man One on Facebook

 and on Twitter

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Man One Falls into The Gap

Recently, The GAP in Beverly Hills (on Robertson Blvd.) asked our very own Sharpie Squad member, Man One (Alex Poli) to do a couple live painting events for them!  Man One has documented the event on his blog, ManOneWorld and on Flickr through pictures and video.  Special guest stars, Sharpie Paint Markers, the oh-so classic black Fine Point Sharpie (custom with Man One’s signature) and the always mighty Magnum Sharpie came in handy for the artist as he personalized tees, tanks and posters for Gap customers.

Here’s a look at some of my fav pictures from the event but be sure to check out all the rest on ManOneWorld and on Man One’s Flickr page!

Gotta love a good graffiti artist –  Way to Uncap What’s Inside Man One!