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Curious Case of PENjamin Button

You’ve seen him as a small town criminal along side Thelma and Louise.

He reversed the aging process, striking  curiousity around the world…

He was a Vampire long before Twilighters ever hit the stage.

As Tyler Durden’s alter ego, he made the rules - “The first rule of fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: you do NOT talk about Fight Club.”

Attracting world-wide media attention, he’s stirred up a play-ground style Hollywood cat fight: Team Aniston vs Team Jolie, anyone?!

He’s outsmarted the Vegas strip with Clooney and Damon, not one, not two, but Eleven, Tweleve, & Thirteen times.

BUT you’ve never seen Brad Pitt in this light before…


Lookin' Sharpie Mr. Pitt, lookin' sharp..

Lookin' Sharp, Mr. Pitt, lookin' sharp..

What do you think, does Beckham have a little competition here??

How can Beckham make a Sharpie look so good?

How can Beckham make a Sharpie look so good?

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Sharpie Sighting – David Beckham

David on the dotted line
David on the dotted line

Don’t know how you could have missed it (since he’s one of the most talked about celeb/athletes ever), but in case you did, Sharpie has a partnership with soccer star David Beckham that includes TV commercialsprint ads, and a promotion where you can win a chance to meet him in person (hurry and enter before January 31, 2009).  I was on-site at the TV ad shoot in Los Angeles earlier this year and can I just say he was about as kind and modest a celebrity (did I mention gorgeous) as I have ever met (this includes my former dealings with Punky Brewster, a.k.a. Soleil Moon Frye, Scarlett Johannson, football’s Steve Young, and former President Jimmy Carter, who I personally witnessed work from sun up until sun down building homes for Habitat for Humanity).  Anywho…I posted this picture because I thought you should know that David Beckham really does use Sharpie markers to sign autographs.  I bet he also wears Armani suits and Adidas shoes – who wouldn’t?  These are great brands, just like Sharpie.