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Sharpie Revival

Holy Moley! Karen from The Art of Doing Stuff blog has come up with a solution to the age old problem of a dried out Sharpie! (And to all you smarties out there, don’t get ahead of yourself … YES, Karen’s process does require more than just putting the cap back on the marker ;) )

Take a look at the step by step process of “rehydrating” your Sharpie..

Karen notes that usually the tip is dried out not the ink…

1st step: Pour a little bit of  the rubbing alcohol into the cap of that same rubbing alcohol bottle.

2nd step: Dip the Sharpie in the cap filled with rubbing alcohol. (Karen let it sit in the cap until she saw ink “swirling” in the cap.) 

3rd step: Recap the Sharpie marker and let that trusty sidekick of yours sit for about 15 minutes.

4th step: (Timer rings) Voila! Karen’s Sharpie was “dried out” no more!

Now, I cannot promise that this will work for all of your Sharpie markers that you wish to revive, but hey, it’s worth a shot, right!

Have any Sharpie tricks that you want to share? Tell us!

BIG thanks to Karen for posting on her blog – I tip my cap to you, friend.

Be sure to check out The Art of Doing Stuff becasue, really, who doesn’t like STUFF!?