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Expression on a Sharpie Marker

Our wonderful intern, Caitlin Ursini, may have already headed back to school for the fall, but we have kept some of her blog posts under wraps- waiting for the perfect time to share them with all of you, Sharpie enthusiasts.

Read on to hear Caitlin’s take on the duct tape craze that is adding a little something extra to the Sharpie world. 

Sharpie Markers are meant to help you express yourself. You’ve always known you can use them to show the world what you can create, but now you can express yourself just by how your Sharpie marker looks!


The new, hot trend of duct tape flowers has made its way to Sharpie Markers.  With dozens of colors and designs of duct tape, the flower on top of your Sharpie marker can be anything from Hello Kitty to bright yellow to zebra print.

We’ve found a great blog post to help all you of you get started with your own duct tape flower. So, check out some of the samples we found below and then get going on your own creation.


Like the flowers that you see? You can find the site to buy them by clicking here.

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Giant AT-AT For Sale!

Yesterday, Boing Boing reported an AT-AT model up for sale on eBay

Reading that sentence you might be thinking one of two things: 

For those of you who don’t know what an AT-AT is, join the rest of the planet and watch Stars Wars.  But for those in lust with the idea of owning one, eBay seller, Komanac is giving you the opportunity to take one home.  Of course, there’s a catch… this AT-AT is suited up in duct tape & detailed with Sharpie marker!

The seller writes in the description:

GIANT Duct Tape AT-AT Star Wars Fan Art Model/Sculpture 4 feet tall and 5 feet long it is Rankor Huge! Unique!

  • This is a sculptural piece of Fan Art made in the form of an AT-AT  from the move The Empire Strikes Back.
  • It is huge! about 46″ high and 50″ long!
  • Made of Wood & Cardboard and covered in Duct Tape!  The lines are made with a permanent felt marker.  Some of the duct tape is peeing up slightly – no way to avoid this.
  • The walker is in 5 pieces – the main body and four legs.  The legs are placed on the ground and the body sits on top of them – it is very stable.
  • This is not a toy- it will not stand up to any serious abuse, the front guns are a break hazard if handled poorly/roughly.
  • This was created for an art show: “Star Wars 33&1/3 anniversary” during Art Walk here in Lethbridge Alberta.  I would love to keep it but not enough room.  It was created July/August of this year – it took several rolls of duct tape and 30 – 40 hours to create.

Forget a swing set, I want an AT-AT!

How many Sharpie Markers do you think it takes to make an AT-AT?

Good luck to the bidders!