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Giant AT-AT For Sale!

Yesterday, Boing Boing reported an AT-AT model up for sale on eBay

Reading that sentence you might be thinking one of two things: 

For those of you who don’t know what an AT-AT is, join the rest of the planet and watch Stars Wars.  But for those in lust with the idea of owning one, eBay seller, Komanac is giving you the opportunity to take one home.  Of course, there’s a catch… this AT-AT is suited up in duct tape & detailed with Sharpie marker!

The seller writes in the description:

GIANT Duct Tape AT-AT Star Wars Fan Art Model/Sculpture 4 feet tall and 5 feet long it is Rankor Huge! Unique!

  • This is a sculptural piece of Fan Art made in the form of an AT-AT  from the move The Empire Strikes Back.
  • It is huge! about 46″ high and 50″ long!
  • Made of Wood & Cardboard and covered in Duct Tape!  The lines are made with a permanent felt marker.  Some of the duct tape is peeing up slightly – no way to avoid this.
  • The walker is in 5 pieces – the main body and four legs.  The legs are placed on the ground and the body sits on top of them – it is very stable.
  • This is not a toy- it will not stand up to any serious abuse, the front guns are a break hazard if handled poorly/roughly.
  • This was created for an art show: “Star Wars 33&1/3 anniversary” during Art Walk here in Lethbridge Alberta.  I would love to keep it but not enough room.  It was created July/August of this year – it took several rolls of duct tape and 30 – 40 hours to create.

Forget a swing set, I want an AT-AT!

How many Sharpie Markers do you think it takes to make an AT-AT?

Good luck to the bidders!

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Know the Facts! 2nd Installment

Prabal bio picDesigner: Prabal Gurung

This designer has made his mark on the world of fashion as an artistic designer and visionary.  Born in Singapore, raised in the kingdom of Nepal’s Katmandu, studying in New Delhi and working working all over the world, Gurung’s inspiring travels have helped him to develop impeccable taste and an eclectic style.   

Currently residing in NYC, fusing an old world-technique with cutting-edge modernity, Prabal Gurung creates beautiful pieces.  “He is an artist whose mission is to bring his unique vision to the force of the industry and lease an indelible mark on the work of fashion.”  Gurungs collections are found in select Bloomingdale’s stores in NY and CA as well as internationally.

 This information was acquired from the brand’s website.  For more info on this ground breaking designer and his line please visit

taylor bio picDesigner: Rebecca Taylor

This well-known New Zealand native has grown to be one of the most well known designers in the US.  Coming fro ma humble background, Taylor got her start in her hometown of Wellington, New Zealand where her first job was making outfits for Viet Cong frog puppets for director Peter Jackson’s movie Meet the Feebles.  Taylor claims that this job “put her on the right road” — and lucky for us because today we get to buy her beautiful creations, ranging from accessories to dresses, tops to bottoms, even jackets and candy!  Shop Rebecca Taylor’s collections HERE!

This information was acquired from the brand’s website.  For more info on this designer and her beautiful line please visit


milly bio picDesigner: Michelle Smith, Milly 

Michelle Smith designer behind Milly is taking steps in defining the new young luxury niche with smart, sexy and feminine style.    her line consists of ready-to-wear and resort collections of sleek and timeless silhouettes that compliment her own wardrobe as well as her large customer base.

Milly is known for exquisite colors and prints, luxurious fabrics and beautiful details.  With shops all over the world, including London and Tokyo, Milly is building global recognition for its functionality, detail and high quality. Combining her creativy, love of fashion, couture techniques, and striking prints,  Michelle Smith continues to create beautiful, functional pieces that easily move from day to night.  Click HERE to view and shop Milly’s collections.

This information was acquired from the brand’s website.  For more info on this lovely designer and her line please visit

logo-CityOfHope1City of Hope Fact

City of Hope’s breast cancer services and technologies provide women with the best care available. Breast Cancer prevention, early detection and genetic counseling are a priority. City of Hope offers advanced imaging technologies for breast cancer detection , including digital mammography, breast MRI and more.

For women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, City of Hope provides state-of-the-art surgical, medical and radiation therapies, including many that are not yet available to the general public.

Many breast cancer services at City of Hope are provided at the Rita Cooper Finkel and J. William Finkel Women’s Health Center. Staff members at the center are committed to enhancing each patient’s well-being, both physically and emotionally.

Breast Cancer Fact

Doctors estimate that 5 to 10 percent of breast cancers are linked to gene mutation passed through generations of a family. A number of inherited defective genes that can increase the likelihood of breast cancer have been identified. The most common are breast cancer gene 1 (BRCA1) and breast cancer gene 2 (BRCA2), both of which increase the risk of both breast and ovarian cancer.

If you have a strong family history of breast cancer or other cancers, blood tests may help identify defective BRCA or other genes that are being passed through your family. Consider asking your doctor for a referral to a genetic counselor who can review your family health history. A genetic counselor can also discuss the benefits, risks and limitations of genetic testing with you.

Auction Details

Visit to participate in the auction and bid on designers’ Sharpie art work  and be sure to read Works of Art From the Heart for more info on the auction and Know the Facts featuring Tory Burch and Tracy Reese.

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Sarah Palin’s Shoes – going once, going twice…

(First, you should know that Sharpie is a bi-partisan marker.   We make Personalized Sharpies for the left, right and everything in between.   We can even make them for YOU!).

Now.  Let’s get down to business.  Did you know Sarah Palin’s niece is selling Sarah’s headline-making Monkey Shoes on ebay?  Size 7.5, for the record.   

Auction site says Palin will autograph for the winning bidder

Furthermore, did you know that part of the offer includes one of the personalized Sharpies the campaign ordered?

A custom Sharpie Pen that was made for autographing while on the Presidential Campaign Trail.  This pen will be used to autograph shoes if buyer would like shoes autographed.

Here’s a close up of the marker imprint… 

You can get your name on a Sharpie too! Go to

And finally, to prove we are an equal opportunity marker, from Ebony magazine.  I know you can’t read it, but it says that Sharpie was a must-have on the Obama campaign trail.