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Gear Up for College Gameday

Can you smell it?!  The sweet scent of the NCAA  is in the air!  Today I got some inspiration to write about showing off your team’s colors and what better way to gear up than to make a one of a kind piece of apparel to show off?

This morning,  Sharpie’s senior brand manager, Ben asked if I had any college apparel that I’d made with Sharpie markers lying around.  Surprisingly enough, I don’t have anything conveniently stored at my desk, but I did have something else:  1 Plain White T-Shirt and a handful of Sharpie markers.  And of course, like every responsible sports fan, the ability to draw my alma mater’s mascot like a pro.

This took all of 30 minutes this morning and I hope that it stirs up a little inspiration in you to make a Game Day tee of your own. If you’re not good at drawing, tracing is man’s best friend – courtesy of Word Art, I printed out letters, put them under the t-shirt and traced “Rock Chalk.”

(Please pardon the wrinkles. We needed a Sharpie sports tee this morning and needed one fast – This one was crammed in a filing cabinet.)



On the topic of Gameday, we’ve also got a great How-To video for customizing a Bean Bag Toss set found on Sharpie’s YouTube page. 


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Sharpie Boot Camp

total body workout pushupsThere’s nothing better than the feeling you get from a good old fashioned kick-in-the-pants, early morning workout!  Your body feels amazing, your mind is fresh and ready to take on the day and frankly, it’s just nice to get it out of the way!

The Total Body Boot Camp and Nostalgic Catering took group fitness a step (a lunge and a push-up) further with the 1st Annual Total Body Pumpkin Bootcamp on October 18th at OZ Park in Chicago, IL.  Ten challengers were asked to bring one pumpkin weighing between 3 and 10 lbs. to assist them during the morning workout and were put through an hour of intense cardio, strength and core excercises.

Wait.. What is this, a fitness blog? Show me the Sharpie!

Ah ha, well my Sharpie loving friends, here is the cherry on top of the non-fat, zero cal. sundae!   Sharpie markers were provided to all the participants to uncap their Fall festive mark onto their pumpkins.  The bootcamp not only pushed physically but also creatively, encouraging the challengers to write down favorite excercises and give each pumpkin a personality of it’s own!

total body workout sharpie

total body workout making pumpkins

total body workout pumpkins

Not only were creative minds at work making Sharpie Pumpkin art, but after the workout Nostalgic Catering provided Homemade Chili and Fresh Apple Pie, putting those taste buds to work as well!  (OMG,where can I sign up?)  Now this is what I call a total body workout! :)

total body workout group shot

For more information on The Total Body Boot Camp, visit

Be sure to also check out the delicious food and great service Nostalgic Catering has to offer at


Sharpie! Uncap What’s InsideSharpie Cropped Uncapped