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Jessica Simpson Uncapped

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While you relaxed over the weekend, Sharpie markers were hard at work.  For the Sharpie that never sleeps, each Monday we will post images of your Sharpie Sightings.  Send us a photo (jpeg) of Sharpie in action, doing what Sharpie does best out in the world (Write Out Loud!) and we’ll do our best to post it here.   Bonus points for your own original images of famous people working their Sharpie magic.
Jessica Simpson may not know chicken from tuna but when it comes to signing autographs, she knows her Sharpie markers.  People magazine ran this photo of Jessica using a Sharpie Retractable marker to help launch her new fragrance, Fancy, at Dillards in Dallas.   The cool thing about Sharpie Retractable markers is you don’t have to remember where you put the cap – that’s because there isn’t one!  Perfect for people with better things to worry about, like salad or casserole.