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Stars and Sharpie Forever

Happy Fourth of July, Sharpie patriots! In honor of this most American holiday and the fact that this year’s independence celebrations fall on a Thursday (ahem, #tbt), we have gone into the Sharpie vault for some of our favorite projects and added some NEW ones to the mix!

Shine from sea to shining sea with Sharpie!

Uncap your shades! One of our most popular and worthy of #tbt!

Stay shady and check out the tutorial here!

Check out the tutorial on how to make these short shorts with Stained by Sharpie!


Perfectly patriotic pockets!


What's red and white and Sharpie all over?

Via StyleGawker 

DIY with Sharpie?? We think its the American way!

Inspiration via asos

Anchors away with Sharpie Paint Markers!

[via Monogrammed Bows and Salty Toes]

Red, white and bows. We couldn't say it any better!

Via Sorority Sugar

Stay cool, America!

Via Reality blog

Sharpie paint just got patriotic!

As said- Don’t let fireworks steal all the attention this summer!


Captain America kicks? Yes, please!


And for the grand finale…

Fireworks are better in NEON!

Via Sharpie 

Be bold, be bright and happy 4th!  Be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more ideas, tips and incredible feats of Sharpie!


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Happy Birthday, America!

USA! USA! USA! Add  some “bang, boom, wowwww” to your Fourth of July BBQ with these Sharpie-fied  cups! Scatter some Sharpie markers around the table and have your guests show off their USA pride.  These cheery cups, turned table toppers, will put you right in the holiday spirit. It is America’s 235 birthday after all…

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What’s Red, White & Blue with Sharpie All Over?

Happy Birthday America!

I’m always in search of a good piece of Red, White & Blue flair to show off my American pride- especially on the 4th of July!  Nothing caught my eye this year so in true Sharpie fashion, I took it upon myself to DIY the colors of the flag…  

Celebrate USA in with these DIY Sharpie Shades

In just about 5 minutes, you too can sport team USA and be the envy of all your friends!  All you will need to make these American flag Sharpie shades is:


  1. Start out by drawing an outline of half of a blue box on the left eye with a blue Sharpie paint marker.  Color in the “L” shape you’ve made while drawing star outlines as you go. 
  2. Next,  draw red stripes with a red Sharpie paint marker across the remaining area.  If you are worried about drawing straight lines, just do as I did and cut thin strips of tape to lay across the rim.  This will also ensure that the white stripes are even with the red. 
  3. Lastly, (this may not apply to everyone) if you smeared any red or blue marker onto the white space use a cotton swab to wipe of access ink.  Wet one side with Rubbing Alcohol then wipe off the paint, then dry that spot off with the other end of the cotton swab. 

TAH-DAH! You’re finished!  Now you are set to look Sharp(ie) & celebrate the holiday weekend with family, friends & fireworks!

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!