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Win a Set of Caribbean Colored Sharpie Markers!

SPRING BREAK! That time of year when people travel the world to get their bronze on, hit the beaches, and have fun in the sun!  Oh how nice it is to put on your swim trunks, slip into those bikinis and just relax… Oh but wait, if you’re anything like me and @SharpieSusan, you are trapped at home, watching MTV Spring break, possibly shivering because the carton of Ben & Jerry’s is making you cold and the heat just isn’t cranked up high enough..

It may not be as great as a trip to Cancun or a cruise to the Tropics, but how about letting Sharpie bring a little warmth your way with a set of

5 Limited Edition Caribbean Colored Sharpie markers! 

CALLING ALL  Sharpie Facebook Fans! 

Tell us your Spring Break Sob Story about why you’re missing out on a vacay this year for the chance to win set of 5 Limited Edition Caribbean Colored Sharpie markers.  Beginning Wednesday March 3rd through Friday March 5, 2010 at 5PM (CST) @SharpieSusan and @SharpieWhit will be reading your sob stories posted on our Facebook page.  Of all those submitted, we will pick the TOP 35 whiners to win the Limited Edition Caribbean Colored Sharpies!


Cruise on over to Sharpie’s Fan page and whine away!  Tell us why you are missing out on Spring Break for the chance to win a set of 5 Limited Edition Caribbean Colored Sharpie markers!



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