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Russell “Brands” Rolling Stone with Sharpie

Do you ever find yourself wondering what kind of permanent marker Russell Brand prefers to sign autographs with? Maybe even pose with from time to time?  Trust me, this is a completely normal question and perhaps even one that takes priority over other important questions on your mind, such as, “What’s for dinner?”  “Is that essay test tomorrow?” or “Was it my turn to pick Billy up from practice?” 

Lucky for you, I’ve got plenty of time to peruse the magazine stands and make your life a bit easier…

The current issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, (featuring Jay-Z on the front cover) shows Get Him to the Greek star, Russell Brand posing with a black Fine Point Sharpie marker in hand, along with an autographed copy of his very own cover issue!

*sigh* And now you may return to your other inquiries.


Have you UNCAPPED today?

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Two Tips. One Marker. What Else Could You Ask For?

You’ve seen the new Sharpie Commercial, but have you seen the new Sharpie print ads? 

With a Sharpie Twin Tip Marker you get the best of both worlds when the bold stroke of the Fine Point marker joins forces with the crisp line of the Ultra-Fine Point marker.  These double duty markers make it easy for you to express yourself on any surface, whether it be on a lunch bag, fishbowl, school folder or picture frame!  Sharpie Twin Tip Markers make it easy to turn the ordinary into extraordinary, making those everyday items in your life one-of-a-kind works of art that are completely your own.

Look for these colorful ads in your favorite magazines including People, O The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, Essence, Us Weekly & more!

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Mad About You!

We recently had the opportunity to meet with Woman’s Day magazine to talk all things Sharpie.  You probably think we went to push product in their faces, but that’s not entirely true.  I’m not going to lie to you – Yes, there was some product in there but truly that was not the focus.  The purpose was to showcase the amazing things that people are creating with our little ol’ markers, pens and highlighters.  We brought in pictures of drawings and designs by both professional and amateur artists as proof and received an incredible response!  Woman’s Day eagerly asked to reach out to some of the “masterminds” behind such great work and we were more than happy to help.

On, 10 Sharpie artists are showcased in Awesome Artwork Made with Sharpies, with a message to “Get inspired to draw outside the lines with these 10 marker masterpieces.”  You can check out the full post HERE.  

Wait a minute….Featured on Woman’s Day!? How great is that!  Sure, sure…”Sharpie on Woman’s Day” is cool and all, but I’m actually referring to how awesome an opportunity this is for the artists!  The fact that these are real people like you and me is what makes this so special.  You see, all of the artists showcased have been featured right here on the Sharpie blog or simply have submitted their own work to the Sharpie Uncapped gallery.  Who knew an opportunity like this could rise from posting a picture of something cool that you drew? 

Sharpie is all about Self-Expression - Uncapping what’s inside of you and making your mark on anything and everything, in whatever way you feel.  Sharpie has become what it is because of the people who use it.  Do you really think that the inventor of Sharpie thought to himself, “I’m going to come up with a marker that I can use to label my underwear, design a clothing line, get Will Ferrell’s autograph, and most importantly to customize my $250,000.00 car – I don’t think so… But YOU did! You did come up with the “Who, What, Where, How, Why, & When” that is Sharpie.

So, I tip my hat to you, Sharpie Aficionado and I thank you for getting Sharpie onto Woman’

Sharpie teamed up with Woman's Day to brag about YOU!