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Black is Beautiful

Many Sharpie fans pride themselves on their vast markers collections, however I have yet to see a fan who prides himself/herself in owning one type of marker. Allister Lee, operator of Studio B.I.B, a Toronto based creative studio, is working on just that - building the most extensive collection of black markers in the world, and drawing each one to scale, according to Design Milk. Lee has titled his collection the Black Marker B.I.B.L.E.

Allister Lee

“What began as a handful of drawing supplies in a shoebox has steadily grown over the past decade into what may already be the world’s largest collection of black markers and marking devices.” -Studio B.I.B.

To commemorate the 500th marker, Studio B.I.B released this print, which you too can own to fulfill your marker obsession. At 523 markers and growing, Lee aims to collect 1,000 markers and own the Guinness Book of World Record title of the largest collection of black markers. I wonder how they will commemorate that triumphant day?!

Own the Studio B.I.B. 500 Marker Poster

“I started the collection in 2002. London was expensive. Drawing was free. I spent a lot of spare time drawing. I needed a bunch of different black markers to get certain effects in my illustrations and to mark on different surfaces so I stockpiled an assortment in a shoebox. You get to know and appreciate the things you use on a daily basis. And I guess I got to know and appreciate black markers. I only collect black because that’s what I think looks right when I put nib to surface.” – A. Lee

Can you spot the Sharpie Paint Marker?

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