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What Would the World Be Like w/o Self-Expression?

There’d be no purpose… No passion…

No putting it out there for everyone to see.

Sharpie aims to inspire people to boldly showcase their individuality, express their creativity and boast their true colors on everything and in all forms.  From skateboards and stadium posters to motorcycle helmets and billboards, we at Sharpie encourage you to show off your best self in every situation and on every canvas.

Sharpie offers countless platforms to reveal your  true thoughts, feelings and interests but we all know that self-expression is not only limited to what you can draw, design, write etc…  Every day little pieces of self-expression surround us- From the type of cell phones we choose, to the way we style our hair.  From the way you walk down the street, to the way you sign your name.  Self-expression is in the color of our shoes, it’s in the you say “HELLO,” it’s even in that collection of old hotel key cards you keep in your wallet.  Everything has a piece of personality in it whether we recognize it or not.  Without these forms of self-expression though, who would we be?  What would the world be like?  Would there be reason behind our actions & thoughts?

The newest Sharpie advertisement screams self-expression and shows how lackluster the world would be without it.  Watch the new Sharpie commercial and get inspired to express yourself:



Come back as we continue to ask & answer the question:

“What Would the World Be Like Without Self-Expression?”