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Houston Employees Start with Sharpie

Last week we shared some of the amazing things one of our own is starting with Sharpie, and this week we have a whole team of stellar Newell employees who are adding their own flavor to the showcase.

Left to Right: Amy, Lea, Ruth, Jennifer (in the back), Kim, and Betsey

The team from Calphalon Kitchen Outlet in Houston, TX added some spice to a lonely lid and a slow night with some Sharpie sketches; associate store manager, Jennifer Chavez, and her team, submitted their own Sharpie doodle and are our newest Employee(s) of the Week.

Scroll on to see what this star-studded Texas team is starting with Sharpie…

Now, what are you gonna start!?

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Employees Start with Sharpie

As you know, we, the Sharpie folk, have been kicking off our new Start with Sharpie campaign and we have seen some amazing things rolling in from our biggest Sharpie enthusiasts– including our own fabulous Newell employees.

We challenged our amazing Newell family to share what they are starting with Sharpie and now we are taking the opportunity to feature one of these internal Sharpie rock stars and what they (or in this case their daughter) has started with Sharpie.

Myra Lee, Director of Marketing Communications for sister brand, LENOX Industrial Products & Services in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, submitted this adorable photo of her 11-year-old daughter, Paige, who took creative liberties when writing her name on her new bag with Sharpie markers.

It’s amazing how something as simple as labeling your stuff can turn into an outlet for self-expression!

Now that you have seen what some of us are starting with Sharpie…what are you gonna start?