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Sharpie Halloween To D.I.Y. For

Halloween is quickly approaching and with only a couple of weeks to plan you may be a bit spooked by the idea of hosting a Halloween party.  No need to fear though, with a few key pieces and a handful of Sharpie markers, you will be able to create a killer setting sure to knock your guests right off their broom sticks.

I was inspired to re-create this scene after walking past a display at Crate & Barrel. (Photo taken at store)

This is my interpretation of Crate & Barrel’s spread, so feel free to put your own twist on what you see here as well!


By far, the most time consuming piece of this project is the spider web table runner, however, it is one of the most important elements and makes a terribly magnificent statement!

You will need:

Roll out a long piece of white paper measuring to the length of your table.  With a ruler and Sharpie marker draw a star/snowflake shape (don’t worry about it being absolutely perfect).  Next, with the Sharpie go around in a circle connecting each line to it’s neighboring line with an arch.  Continue doing this until you have completely filled the web in.

Repeat this process with a new web.  The webs do not have to match in size - in fact, varying sizes make the completed table runner look more dynamic.

Once you have two webs, extend the lines on each using a black Sharpie so that they reach the edge of the paper and connect to each other.  Fill these spaces in with arched lines.

Continue filling the paper with webs until it is completely full.  Trade between using the Sharpie King Sized marker and Sharpie Magnum markers for varying bold lines.

Now that you have a completed runner, go wild setting the table and accessorizing with personalized elements.

Provide each guest with their own casket-shaped menu.  Using a Metallic Sharpie Marker, write clever alliterations and rhyming words for a Halloween themed meal.

Create book covers with black wrapping paper.  Using the Metallic Sharpie, inscribe spooky titles from your favorite Halloween literature onto the spine of each book. Stack and stand to give the table added dimension.

Decorate plain white gift bags with phrases such as “Trick or Treat” “Happy Halloween” or “Boo!” and images that relate to the holiday.  Fill the gift bags with candy and an assortment of Sharpie markers.  Accessorize with fall themed embellishments.

Make gift tags and bookmarks for each of your guests with orange card stock & silver ribbon.  Using a black Sharpie Fine Point marker, write each person’s name and add a small drawing for an added kick.

Orange accents, such as pumpkins, flowers and leaves brighten up the haunted darkness of the black plates and vases.  Scatter metallic beads around the place setting to tie in the crystal glasses & plate stands and the silver writing and utensils.

With this Sharpie DIY setting, your ghoulish guests & trick-playing treaters will be sure to have a frighteningly good time on All Hallows’ Eve!

Happy Halloween!

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Designer For a Day


Whit with Sharpies

It’s raining interns over here at Sharpie and today it’s Whitney Kelly’s turn to show off her blogging skills.   Whitney graduated from the University of Kansas and is FOR HIRE.  Here’s my “job wanted” poster for her:

Super fashiony friendly fast-working firecracker fiercely dedicated to finding whatever it is and getting it done without fanfare force of nature.

How can you refuse THAT@?@?@  Heeeeeeeeeeere’s Whitney…



I’m sure you all have seen the commercial for TOMS Shoes, featuring an attractive young man (Blake, the Chief Shoe Giver) operating a successful business while giving back to deserving kids.  Well, ever since I saw that commercial, I wanted  to get me some TOMS!  Not only are these shoes pretty sweet, but for every pair sold, another pair is given to a child in need! Now, I don’t know about you, but with a program like that, I should just exclusively buy/wear these kicks!  OOH Wait, wait, casual is required at work…okay I’ll buy a couple other brands but outside of the office, TOMS it is!

Anyhoo, enough of me… A super cool event is coming up at the end of the month!  Zulu Creative, a Houston-based niche marketing and brand development agency, is celebrating their 3rd anniversary by teaming up with TOMS to host Style Your Sole, a TOMS shoe designing party!  The event will provide children in need with a new pair of shoes & give attendees the experience of being a shoe designer for a day!  Pretty Cool!!zulu2

twintwintiptipHow do you get an invite to this event?  WELL my Sharpie loving friends, not only do you have the option of adding “Shoe Designer” to your resume, it’s FREE, for all ages!  All you need to do is send a quick reply to So GO!! Join the rest of the party goers at Zulu Creative’s 3rd Birthday Celebration & TOMS “Style Your Sole,” design some FLY KICKS and be a part of a great cause!  The partaay will be held at Spacetaker’s Artist Resource Center (ARC) at Winter Street Studios, 2101 Winter Street in Houston, July 26, 2009, from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

If that isn’t enough excitement for you, guess who else is going to be there!?!  No, not Brad & Angie, even better, SHARPIES!! TONS AND TONS OF SHARPIES! I’ve been working with Tina Zulu, founder of Zulu creative, and have placed an order for literally hundreds of Sharpies – Paint Pens, Twin-Tips, Fine Point, Medium Point… and in aalll sorts of colors!  I’m pretty psyched to see what everyone is going to design with the STELLAR assortment of Sharpies and some hot pairs of TOMS shoes!

For more info. on Zulu Creative’s 3rd Birthday Celebration & TOMS “Style Your Sole,” TOMS shoes and Zulu Creative check out these sites:
Click here to read the full press release.  Or Check out the story in the July issue of Yellow Mag!

Get out there, Be Creative – Express your Individuality! <3