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Talk like a Pirate Day

AHOY MATEY!!! Welcome to International Talk Like a Pirate Day; a day where we can threaten those around us with the plank, list swashbuckling as a favorite pastime and Johnny Depp is a celebrated international hero.

Aka, one of my favorite days of the year. So, whip out your stuffed parrot, brush up on your “Pirate” vernacular with this handy translator, grab an orange Sharpie for that hit of vitamin C power (possibly a real orange if you’re planning on taking this seriously; scurvy is no laughing matter…) and this handy Sharpie treasure map.

Want your own?

1. Grab yer’ favorite map makin’ tools; Stained by Sharpie fabric markers and a handy bandana.


2. Scrounge up an image of a map from that new’fangled Google or make up your own.

3. Trace or sketch out your map with Stained by Sharpie or a barnacle.4.Protect your booty! Keep those good-for-nothin’ mongrels you call friends from stealing all your loot and booby-trap your hiding place!

Feel free to add your own dastardly examples of the ultimate Pirate revenge, buried treasure, ship etiquette or  the most effective way to avoid a Kraken in the comments section.

X marks the spot ya’swashbucklin’ fools!