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Heather and Lola – The Sharpie Answer Girls

Heather and Lola, The Sharpie Answer Girls

Heather and Lola: Sharpie Answer Girls

They’re baaaaaaaaack!  Heather and Lola, the Sharpie Answer Girls.  Heather and Lola work in Sharpie’s consumer affairs department and are here every Friday with answers to some of the many questions they receive from people just like you.

Today’s question is an important one.  I mean it’s not everyday you run into a celebrity and get an autograph on your t-shirt.  The only problem is how to preserve it for posterity.  Heather and Lola are on it…

Q:  My son ran into a celebrity on vacation and had him autograph his t-shirt with the Sharpie marker we packed for marking our belongings. We want to set the ink so it does not wash out. Any suggestions?

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