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Sharpie & PS-I Made This… on

I am so excited to report that one of our stellar 2010 Sharpie Squad members, Erica Domesek and the design, DIY & style expert behind P.S.- I Made This… is currently featured on  with a DIY to die for post entitled, “Create Summer Stripes in a Sharpie Snap”  Here, she demonstrates how easy it is to re-purpose empty cartons with Sharpie Twin-Tip markers to make a bold-expression in any room!


“I was inspired by pottery genius Jonathan Adler and fashion designer Paul Smith’s famous colorful and vivid stripes”

                           -Erica Domesek, PS-I Made This…


What you'll need...

"Re-use milk or cream cardboard containers you have at home. After emptying, clean the inside and let dry. Use a sharp pair of scissors and cut off the top of the container."

"Wrap container with white masking or paper tape. Trim any excess tape and cardboard to even out the top."

To make your designer-inspired stripes, pick a color palate from Sharpie Twin Tip markers. I suggest using 3-4 colors that work well together. Start at the bottom using the thicker marker tip to make the heavier lines. Use a ruler to help keep your lines super straight."

"Get creative and vary the stripe designs."

"When clustered together, DIY-striped Sharpie vases in different size heights in like color palates will help spruce up any nook in your home and enhance any summer fete!"

 Be sure to go to to see Erica’s DIY project in all it’s glory!