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Russell “Brands” Rolling Stone with Sharpie

Do you ever find yourself wondering what kind of permanent marker Russell Brand prefers to sign autographs with? Maybe even pose with from time to time?  Trust me, this is a completely normal question and perhaps even one that takes priority over other important questions on your mind, such as, “What’s for dinner?”  “Is that essay test tomorrow?” or “Was it my turn to pick Billy up from practice?” 

Lucky for you, I’ve got plenty of time to peruse the magazine stands and make your life a bit easier…

The current issue of Rolling Stone Magazine, (featuring Jay-Z on the front cover) shows Get Him to the Greek star, Russell Brand posing with a black Fine Point Sharpie marker in hand, along with an autographed copy of his very own cover issue!

*sigh* And now you may return to your other inquiries.


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