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Sarah Palin’s Shoes – going once, going twice…

(First, you should know that Sharpie is a bi-partisan marker.   We make Personalized Sharpies for the left, right and everything in between.   We can even make them for YOU!).

Now.  Let’s get down to business.  Did you know Sarah Palin’s niece is selling Sarah’s headline-making Monkey Shoes on ebay?  Size 7.5, for the record.   

Auction site says Palin will autograph for the winning bidder

Furthermore, did you know that part of the offer includes one of the personalized Sharpies the campaign ordered?

A custom Sharpie Pen that was made for autographing while on the Presidential Campaign Trail.  This pen will be used to autograph shoes if buyer would like shoes autographed.

Here’s a close up of the marker imprint… 

You can get your name on a Sharpie too! Go to

And finally, to prove we are an equal opportunity marker, from Ebony magazine.  I know you can’t read it, but it says that Sharpie was a must-have on the Obama campaign trail.