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Sharpie’s Right to Highlight Sweepstakes

There is one glitch in the collegiate system…  For most, college is pure joy – You’re on your own with this newfound independence, the rents can’t ask you where you’re going, who’s going to be there, or what time you’ll be home.  You are at that stage of life when technically you’re an adult but somehow can get away with things that would never fly in the real world!  In college, you build lifelong friendships.  You face your fears & take on challenges you never thought possible.  You find out who you are and want to be.  And let’s be honest, this is the only time in your life when it is socially acceptable and you are physically capable of going out 7 nights in a row and still be productive the next day!  Bottom line, college is awesome.

BUT (there’s always a “but”) there is one downfall… Shelling out the cash for books!  That’s at least twice a year when you are forced to pay +$600 for textbooks!  It’s like a friend stabbing you in the front  - You see it coming, you know it’s going to hurt and then AAHH! You’re hit!  If only a saint could come down and lift this burden.

TOO BAD! (bursting your bubble)   There is no saint!  Fortunately, for you there IS Sharpie!  Sharpie can’t magically make textbooks free or drop prices to $0.25 but we can offer something else… How about letting us pick up the tab next semester?

You heard right – Let Sharpie cover your textbook expenses!  Currently on Facebook, we’re giving you the chance to have your textbooks PAID FOR next semester for you AND 2 friends in Sharpie’s Right to Highlight Sweepstakes! Imagine what you can do with all that extra cash!

Sharpie’s Right to Highlight Sweepstakes

Here’s the rundown:

Sharpie is giving you the chance to win free textbooks for a semester for you and two friends when you enter Sharpie’s Right to Highlight Sweepstakes.  To enter, you must be an enrolled college student and “Like” Sharpie on Facebook.  Next, complete and submit the entry form provided.  After you’ve submitted, choose two other lucky undergrads to share this GRAND prize with!  

Head over to Facebook  for all the details & enter Sharpie’s Right to Highlight Sweepstakes for your chance to win!

 We’re not done yet!  In addition to the grand prize, we will also be giving away FREE weekly Sharpie Prize packs on Facebook!  Once you enter you are instantly qualified to win so keep checking back with Sharpie’s Facebook page to see if you won!  –Because who doesn’t love free swag!?


**Having trouble deciding on whom you should share the gift of free textbooks with?  Here are 10 People to consider:

  1. Your T.A. – Sucking up goes a looong way.
  2. Bouncer/Doorman – Because you look so much cooler walking to the front of the line.  
  3. Wingman – He’s always got your back.
  4. Your blackmailer – Maybe they’ll finally destroy the evidence!
  5. Golf team captain - Cars may not be allowed on campus, but no one said anything about golf carts! Skip the hike & hitch a ride to class!
  6. The cook at your dorm/fraternity or sorority/campus food court- They’ll pack you leftovers for the days when class runs long & the nights you work late.
  7. The DJ – He’ll skip over the songs you hate!
  8. That girl who never misses class…ever! - Hit the snooze too many times?  Not to worry, she’s already made a copy of her super extensive notes.
  9. Barista at the campus coffee shop – Waiting in line for coffee is never fun at 7AM.
  10. Party Pics photographer - He’ll hit “delete” for the times when you’re not the most photogenic.

 Enter to win now!

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Highlight What’s Right!

I bet you can’t name one student over the age of 18 that doesn’t own a highlighter…  

That’s because highlighting is often an important part of note taking, reading and studying - especially in college!  College students are inundated with information overload and use highlighters daily as a tool to cut through the clutter to help them clarify, organize, and synthesize subject matter.  Highlighting helps to cut down the excess so that students can more easily focus on the main concepts that are important to them and study more effectively and efficiently. 

Highlighting correctly can be very helpful for students, however it can often be a distraction when done incorrectly.  Have you ever looked back through your textbook after reading a chapter only to find either, A) You had so perfectly colored every page a bright neon hue that your kindergarten-self would be jealous? Or B) you retained ab-so-lute-ly NOTHING?  If you answered yes to either (most likely both), you are a victim of “Over-Highlighting”!! 

Don't be a victim of Over-Highlighting!

“Over-Highlighting” is a common problem while reading – Take a look at your friend’s notebook or textbook next time you’re at the library –  I promise you’ll see entirely too much highlighting.  To keep this time-waster from happening you’ve got to stay focused and refrain from getting caught up in mindlessly “coloring” the page.

Try applying some of these tips on highlighting text effectively from

  1. Focus on the main point – and that may not be the entire sentence. It’s perfectly okay to highlight only key terms or parts of sentences. In fact, you may get a better sense of the main idea of a paragraph if you highlight a string of words (excluding extraneous information) that lets you glean the main idea at a glance.
  2. Consider reading the entire paragraph, and then going back and highlighting the important words and ideas. If you highlight from the start, you may not be sure of the paragraph’s purpose and how to best capture that purpose or idea with your highlighter.
  3. If you buy a used textbook or other reading material, look for one with little or no highlighting. It’s hard to ignore the previous owner’s highlighting. In addition to highlighting, consider jotting notes in the margins, next to passages.

Now, don’t be a victim, highlight effectively and efficiently. Above all else,

             Highlight so that you get an A on the test! 


Sharpie Highlighters are the number one choice when it comes to highlighting and doing so effectively.  Available in 8 different styles and 10 bold fluorescent colors, there’s a Sharpie Highlighter for your every need:


Save on Sharpie Retractable Highlighters just in time for Back-to-School Season