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Daniel Roberts is out of this world

We love Facebook, beyond the unlimited stalking opportunities it allows,  it ALSO introduces us to amazing, out-of-this-world artists like Daniel Roberts!

We had the amazing opportunity to chat with Daniel about his work and his unique Sharpie style. .

Check it.

1. Tell me about yourself! Where are you from? Interests? Likes? Dislikes? Give us the good stuff!

First and foremost, hello, my name is Daniel Roberts from Las Cruces, but currently I’m now living in Albuquerque, NM. I am turning 22 in April, I obtained my associates degree in Business Management. I have completed/sold well over 50+ canvases as well as I’ve created custom art for a select few. I have participated in approximately 5 local art shows including two in downtown El Paso, TX. I have developed my portfolio over the past 8 years.  More than money, I want people to simply see my art and view it as they may. Enjoy it. Every single one of my canvases I have created is made 100% Sharpie products. People always ask me why I create my Sharpie Art, I tell them “because when I actually start creating with a blank canvas and my Sharpie markers, I forget about the rest of the world, forget about my problems and insecurities, about failures and an uncertain future, about everything, I lose myself in each canvas…”  Each one of them tells my story; you just have to use your own imagination to bring them to life. My work is unique, original, and overall expressive. My ideas, imagination, and creations become alive through Sharpie markers. ENJOY!!

2. What inspires you to uncap what’s inside? How do you use Sharpie markers in your work?

My inspirations and signature art twists, come from different parts of me which are influenced by the different beautiful images of life that surround me. A select few icons that are my muses include Alexander McQueen, Marco Mazzoni, Alex Pardee, High Fructose & GQ Magazines, Brandt Peters as well as other inspirational artists. Music has also been a huge part of my inspirations.

Each and every one of my canvases are made with 100% Sharpie markers. As a final touch and when I decide I’m finished with a final piece, I like to spray paint the boarders with black spray paint to create a perfect fitted frame. This also helps contrast perfectly against the vibrant Sharpie colors on the canvases.  I’m always keeping imagination, creativity and the arts alive!! These are only a few things what inspires me to uncap what’s inside!!

3. You create some amazing blended looks with the marker ink, any tips on how to achieve this?

I ALWAYS get asked how I am able to manipulate the Sharpie Ink into such a smooth coating. I would love the share my secrets with the world, but that is something I’m also very proud of. I enjoy knowing that it is such a mystery, kind of like chefs “top secret recipes.” I like having a unique medium that I truly enjoy creating with. This gives my art an interesting edge, as well as brilliant colors. My personal tip, black Sharpie markers are the key to bringing all of my major and minor details a life.

4. Favorite Sharpie?  Why? 

By far, my favorite Sharpie markers are the original Fine Point Sharpie. I love the outstanding variety of colors. I have different art supply boxes and bags FULL of black and colored Fine Point, Retractable Sharpie markers, Twin Tip, and of course the Chisel Tip. I use nothing else but 100% Sharpie for my pieces! I recently fell in love with the black Sharpie King Size marker; this truly helps me with a lot of my major detailing, considering my bigger sized canvases.

5. How would you describe your style of art? 

I would describe it as Nontraditional–Urban. New Age. Unique Art. I create and design beautiful images, but there is a darker, sicker twist to each piece. I create things that don’t exist, but I really wish they did. I like to incorporate elegance and beauty with a touch of obscenity and vulgarity. When I start to create a canvas, I like to find ways where imagination and creativity can be explored with images never seen.  [D.R.]

6. Your work is pretty whimsical and other-worldly, how did you get started?

All of my life I have found that different art comes from different minds. I remember creating my first few art pieces throughout school with acrylic, pastel, oils, and other art supplies, but I never found my true medium that inspired me to explore further. I was 13 when I started creating with my Sharpie markers. I was leaving my mark with Sharpie everywhere; it was around 14 when I discovered my ability to manipulate the Sharpie ink. That’s when my entire world and visions of art changed. I truthfully started to appreciate the colors and details in each piece. I already loved creating with my little monsters, box-headed figures and strange images, but my “Top Secret Art Recipe” was what brought each character to life and pushed me further to explore my limits as an artist.

7. What projects are you working on currently or can you tell us what you ARE working on next?

Currently, I am working as a barista for Satellite Café in Albuquerque, NM. I’ve been selected to participate in creating the marketing flyer for “Live in the Living Room”, which is different events that are featuring local artists, actors, and musicians that come to perform for in our café. I also have been searching for different art galleries in New Mexico and around the country to try and participate in a show or even just get help in pointing me in the right direction for my kind of art. And always, I’m continuously working on different canvases around my house, which accumulate all of my wall space!! My Sharpie Art is my passion, my inspiration is everywhere!

8. Do you have a soft spot for one of your pieces in particular?

Well, of course I have my favorites, but each canvas contains an emotion of me. My heart, mind, body and soul go into each piece, my life and experiences (good and bad) are what influence my art. There are both happy and very detrimental pieces in my art collection. The titles of each canvas can also usually say a lot, but overall, your imagination is what really shows me as an artist I am telling you a story. I want people to view my art and focus on something nontraditional and let their minds explore.

Want to more? Check out all of Daniel’s work by becoming a fan of his on Facebook and checking out his website!

Want to OWN one of these other worldly peices? Shoot him a note at

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Media Connections

Connection connoisseur, James Schaffer

Fellow Sharpie employee and guest blogger, Stephanie Markadonatos, is back to chat with Sharpie artist, James Schaffer. James keeps it all connected through his art and we are excited to continue the link and share him with all of you.

As we all know, Social Media is the new driving force to keep us connected and up to date with our friends, family, and interests. With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the many other social networks and blogs (even this one) floating around in cyberspace, we communicate to millions in seconds. The exposure of our thoughts, feelings, and ideas are put out there for all to see with a simple “Click”. The influence of internet media and how we connect has become a new chapter in the communication world.  What if the internet and the social media phenomenon weren’t around? Would we still be able to feel connected to people at the level we are able to now?

Today’s featured artist, James A. Schaffer, feels that we are all connected and the internet is one major media influence that can never fully be deleted. Get ready to learn how James uses both print and digital art to express our connectedness….


Can you give us a little background about yourself? I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, where I currently reside and work. I am a recent graduate of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, with a bachelor in Fine Arts with a concentration in painting. I have been interested in art since I was around 5 years old. When I was young I often got sick, so I always had a sketchbook nearby to keep me busy. My mother always took me to art classes as I grew up which kept me interested in the Arts.

What attracts to the fine arts? Other than being exposed early in life, I suppose I like the idea of creating something, and then allowing viewers to experience that thing. Instead of expressing myself in front of a live audience, I do enjoy being “behind the scenes” in a sense.

Can you tell me your thoughts on being an Artist?
I am an artist in every aspect of my life. To me, there is no separation. Therefore, this is the life that I was determined to live. I paint in order to live. It provides a relief and gives a fulfillment that nothing else can.

Where does your inspiration to create come from? A lot of my inspiration comes from abstract expressionist artists such as: Rauschenberg, De Kooning, Kline, Pollock, Motherwell, and Basquiat. My ultimate go to are two documentaries on Jean Michel Basquiat: “The Radiant Child” and “Basquiat”. Any time I see Jeans work ethic and the way he paints, it always forces me up and creating. I also like to travel and visit art museums.

How long does it take you to create your art?           
The time it takes to create a painting varies from piece to piece. I generally work on mine for over a span of several weeks, dedicating a few hours each day until I am complete. It typically takes an average of about 25 hours to fully complete a piece of art.

Tell me about your favorite museums you visited and why they stood out from others? Two that I truly enjoy are The Warhol Museum, which is in my hometown and the Whitney Museum in New York. I always had a liking for Andy Warhol and it always has interesting contemporary artists. Whitney Museum is not overwhelming like many of the other institutions in New York. I do hope to make it back to New York soon to visit the Museum of Modern Art for the De Kooning show. 

What attracted you to use Sharpie products in your works of art? There are several reasons why Sharpie markers are a favorite tool of mine. Most importantly, I feel quite comfortable and familiar with markers. Secondly, the ink and color of the ink drew me in. The colors are so bold and vivid, making it an easy choice for me as an artist.

What is your top Sharpie product?
I would say my favorite Sharpie product is the traditional blue Sharpie.

Feels good to be number 1

Can you explain how you feel everything is connected? I feel that nowadays, people’s interests and lives are multi faceted. As well as with the mega presence of things like the internet, we are more aware of what is going on with other people’s lives and other topics which before we may have not been exposed to.

What are your thoughts on communication, Internet and art – how are they linked?
We are all culturally closer than we have ever been before. Social interactions have been expanded in a way that would be impossible without the technology that we have at our fingertips. The goal of the internet is communication just like art. The two aren’t so far apart as people might think.  Both are used as tools to communicate a message.

How do you portray the media and connectedness in your art? By creating chaotic scenes. Media and our lives are all intertwined creating chaos.  Once my art is complete, I will review and decide if any marks need to be deleted or pushed back into the background. I make these decisions based on my reaction to the visual and various aesthetic qualities. The internet comes into effect again on the idea “things are always present even if you try to cover them up”. If a person posts a message, photo, or post, there’s no telling on who will see it and where it will end up. Even if we try to delete something, search engines and other tools still can dig up old information. We are connected through the media in ways in which sometimes we are not even made aware of.

Any advice you would like to pass along? I believe as it was taught to me, that each painting (or whatever art you choose) should be better than the previous one. This supports the idea of growth as an artist.

 Thank you to James A. Schaffer. For more on James and samples of his art visit his website at or follow him on Twitter at:

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Classic Marker; New Media

Our intern, Caitlin ( @inktern), has continued to earn her Sharpie stripes, and after doing a great job on her first interview, she is taking another crack at the blog! Read on for Caitlin’s interview with Sharpie artist Nicole Bishopp.

It used to be difficult to get your art work out for the world to see.  Art galleries, art shows or maybe the occasional print article was an artist’s best chance at gaining a following. The digital world and social media has changed all that. Today’s featured Sharpie artist shows us how.

Nicole Bishopp is a mom, an illustrator, a social media enthusiast and most importantly (at least in terms of this blog) a Sharpie Marker artist. She maintains a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a blog and a Tumblr all dedicated to her artwork. Nicole embraces the far reaching potential of social media outlets to showcase her art to the world. Constantly updating her Facebook page with new work for fans to comment on,  her social outlets allow Nicole the opportunity to sell her artwork and create custom pieces for those interested.


Expressing her feelings through the intricate details of her work, she never sets out to draw something specific, it is common for her work to become mesmerizing and for different creatures to appear as her drawings advance. The thick, bold, expressive lines of her art are amazingly done with simply the classic black Sharpie Marker. The Sharpie family may have dozens of colors to choose from, but Nicole makes her statement with the original black Sharpie Fine Marker. Her work helps show what you can start with even the most basic Sharpie Marker.

Here is some more of what Nicole had to say: 

How did you get started using Sharpie Markers: I have always loved drawing with Sharpie markers. I have tried every marker out there and Sharpie is the best because it has the crispest line and one marker will last me an entire drawing.

Where do your ideas for your pieces come from: Most of my ideas just happened. I draw and things appear in the drawings. I draw to express my feelings. I would have to say the tone of my work is mesmerizing, mind melting, a puzzle for the eyes, psychedelic maybe, in your face (bold), makes a statement.

How long does it take to do a piece: Surprisingly it only takes a good 4-5 hours to complete one drawing. Sometimes I will start a drawing and stop half way and then finish it the next day. I never start over I just draw over something if I don’t like the way it looks.

How the heck do you keep up with all your digital sites: Actually, I spent a lot of time learning about online marketing and it actually all links together. Plus the key is having a smart phone. I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the posts and such on Facebook if I didn’t have my DRIODX.

What’s Your Motivation: I started drawing again after the birth of my son. There were many sleepless nights so drawing was my way to stay sane during that period. Then it turned into “my time” to get away from the daily routine. Now it’s just to relax and to unravel from the day’s events.

Favorite Sharpie: Hands down the Original Fine Point Black! The point on this pen can do super tiny detail to big areas all in one drawing.    


Your work was just featured in a few galleries. How cool was that?: I just started putting my stuff out there is March of this year and it’s amazing how quickly it was received by the Facebook art community. It was so cool to see people request my work to be featured! Every time I get a feature it just makes me want to do better and create something even more amazing.


Where is your career heading: Well currently I am working on a lot of commission requests and getting my work ready to show in Fort Collins, Colorado and Wenatchee, Wash. I am also planning on launching some new products with my designs in the fall/winter.

If there was one place your art could take you, where would it be: I think it would be really fun to own my own product line with my designs that businesses could use on their products (for example surf, skate, snow shops) as well as on like t-shirts, skateboards, shoes, really anything you could put a design on.

Want to learn more about Nicole? You can find her on Twitter and Facebook or contact her via e-mail at

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Sharpie is Taking Over YouTube

Ready to show the world what you started with Sharpie and be featured on the home page of YouTube?  Well, get ready, because here’s your chance.

On Saturday, August 27th Sharpie will stage a one-day takeover of YouTube’s home page and showcase the countless unique items that fans, just like you,  have started with Sharpie. 

Just imagine- for one day only, thousands of Sharpie images will come together to create,  not only one epic, and interactive, mosaic featuring all consumer submitted work, but a statement where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  And don’t worry about being lost in the crowd– you will be able to find your individual submission through a simple search field, or scroll the full image landscape for a truly unique Sharpie experience.

Grab a Sharpie marker, pen,  liquid pencil or highlighter and be a part of the takeover, visit for more details and to submit what you started.

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Sharpie Photo Flair

Photos may capture a moment in time, but that doesn’t mean it has to be permanent. With our photo flair YOU  decide what you want your photos to say…or in this case, wear.

To celebrate National Camera Day, Sharpify your photos and entertain yourself  by “accessorizing” your friends. 

It’s easy as 1,2,3:

1. Grab your favorite photos, your favorite Sharpie and get busy!

2. Cut out your creations.

3. Stick ‘em on and give your photos that extra flair they are dying for- then change ‘em out, your options are endless!

Sharpie stunna shades... Done and done.


Go on, get Cheesin’!

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Sharpie Show, Fort Wayne Edition

Joseph Siler, Garuda Variations, Sharpie

It’s hard to believe that Sharpie, once a simple labeling tool, now shows up as an art form in serious art galleries. One look at the work and it’s clear Sharpie markers have come a long way since their humble beginnings in 1964.  While Sharpie has proven itself “artist friendly” (so many colors and tip sizes!), the really great thing is that they are accessible to almost everyone given their modest price – about a buck a Sharpie.  Who needs expensive paints, pens and pencils when you can create amazing art with Sharpie markers?

Artlink Contemporary Art Gallery in Fort Wayne, Indiana is hosting what I believe is only the second Sharpie Show to take place, the first attributed to Crewest Gallery in L.A. which we first wrote about here in 2009 (the show was repeated in 2010). Already the Fort Wayne edition is getting its share of attention. 

Here’s one excerpt from an article that appeared in the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel headlined, “Sharpie:  More Than Doodles”:
Who doesn’t love a Sharpie? Whether you’re labeling files, addressing a birthday card or doodling, the permanent markers available in a rainbow of colors are so much more fun than a basic ballpoint pen. With their various tips and myriad colors, Sharpies provide endless creative possibilities. The artists panel at Artlink Contemporary Art Gallery recognized this and put out a call for entries for an exhibit in which each piece has an element of Sharpie design. “There’s something fun about Sharpies,” said Artlink executive director Deb Washler. Although artists have been using markers for years – including brands other than Sharpie – “Sharpie kind of has its own culture,” she said.  “I like all the colors they come out with,” she added. Some people in the arts field now use Sharpies when taking notes, Washler said.  About 70 pieces will be in this show, which was an open call, meaning it’s not juried. “That’s how we meet new artists,” Washler said. 
The show runs through July 6. If you happen to be in the Fort Wayne area, be sure to check it out. Details and a sneak peak below:
Sharpie Show

What: Artwork created with Sharpie markers.  

Where: Artlink Contemporary Art Gallery, 437 E. Berry St.  

When: Through July 6. Hours: noon-5 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday; noon-9 p.m. Friday-Saturday; 1-5 p.m. Sunday.  

Admission: Suggested $2 donation.   

David Carpenter, Mummy, Sharpie

Jason Swicher, “SWPSH” Script, Sharpie

Patrick Gainer, User Friendly, Sharpie/silk-screen/wax

Suzanne Galazka, Pamela Robinson and Josef Zimmerman

Dennis Hettler, chaos flower, Sharpie markers/acrylic paint

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ATL Take Over with Artist, Mark Boomershine

Here's Caitlin!

Sharpie’s Atlanta Interns are taking over the Sharpie Blog today!  Caitlin Peterson (@cbarrettp) and Chelsea Gattung (@cgatt777) are two smart, sassy and quick-witted young ladies who have been working hard for us all summer long.  We thought it would be fun to put their blogging skills to the test and give them a chance to take over the Sharpie blog.  

Today, Caitlin has put together an amazing interview featuring an Atlanta-based artist with a knack for Sharpie Paint Markers, which I’m sure will knock your socks off!  So there you have it, now, take it away Caitlin…  


Ready to “Get hit with a Sharpie?”


…Because that’s exactly what Atlanta artist Mark Boomershine does to every painting, adding his own flare and style to iconic images eliciting a new smile, laugh or thoughtful pause to every piece.   

 Using Oil-Based Sharpie Paint Markers to add that little something extra to every piece, whether with revealing words or finishing highlights; he creates a look that sets his stuff apart from the rest.    

Boomershine has always harbored a passion for art, carving his own path to fuel his creativity and fashion the stories that are told through his art.  After completing his studies in art and business at the University of Alabama (as a Georgia Bulldawg I’ll try not to hold it against him) he explored a variety of different avenues, including life as a salesman, entrepreneur and inventor, before recently deciding to “Uncap” his craft full-time.  

 His unique style mixes text and imagery using a simplistic, color-block portraiture technique that is made powerful by the words spoken by and about the subject. Staying true to his roots, he honors his inspirations while redefining the original, creating his incredible and individualistic pop art.   



His cool southern charm and collaborative style has warranted some rightful attention and placed him within the pages of The Atlanta Magazine and The Atlanta Journal – Constitution.  His piece, “The Real Man Behind the Mask,” a portrayal of the Native American hero, Tonto, from The Lone Ranger television series, resides alongside the art of greats like Andy Warhol and Steve Penley in the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Georgia.  There the unique works hang in the Contemporary collection in the American West Gallery.  

 Boomershine has said that his work isn’t complete without a little Sharpie love… and we’re OK with that! So if you’re ready to “get hit” read on and check out the complete interview with one of the coolest artists coming out of the Southern city.  

How did you get started as an artist?  

I have always been into art. In fact my art probably caused my not-so-stellar grades in every schooling before college. I was drawing or painting for hours upstairs when I should have been studying History or Math! I excelled in Advanced Placement art in high school, and I parlayed that into a minor in Studio Art at the University of Alabama (I majored in Business Management – how about that for left brain/right brain education). I later became my own art and marketing department as an entrepreneur and inventor because I was too cheap to hire anyone else. I have made art an integral part of my life. I have come to a place in my life where I can now make my art my single focus and my full time occupation. I call it throwing caution to the wind and going for the “Art Gusto”! 

My style

Tell us a little about your genre. How would you describe your style? What makes your work stand out from the rest?  

I fall into the Pop genre. My style is very bold use of color, design and composition with a fun play on words or strong use of text to make my art more dimensional. I feel my smart use of words makes my art have a layer that causes the viewer to stop and read things, which in turn means the viewer is spending more time interacting with the piece itself. I try and make my art relational.  

What is one of your favorite exhibitions or events you have been involved in? Why? I recently worked with BMW and a local BMW dealership to promote the latest 5 Series model. The cool part was that I was given a vintage 1986 325 BMW to paint as a rolling canvas. I painted the car in my garage, which I converted into a car-painting studio. For the show we turned the dealership showroom into a great looking gallery of 9 pieces of my art, one hand painted car, and some beautiful and shiny new BMW’s. Who would have thought a contemporary styled BMW dealership could turn into a hot looking art gallery?  (watch video below to see Mark working on the car in action) 


Art Car

 What goes through your mind when you see people looking at your art? Is there a certain reaction you want to elicit? What do you want people take from your art? I have to admit it is a little weird. You are exposing yourself. Your talents, your thoughts, and not to mention your hours of work that went into the piece. However, I relish the viewing of my pieces. I am in the spotlight for that moment in time and I like it. If I can elicit a smile, a chuckle, or even an outright laugh I am happy with that kind of reaction. Of course a swoon of amazement and unabashed praise is always welcome as well! Ha! I want people to take away the feeling that they have seen something original when they see my art. I want to take familiar people, objects, places, or animals and combine them with a twist in the form of text that makes the piece original in itself.  


 Being from, and living in Atlanta, how has the city inspired you? Does Atlanta art have a style all its own? What else serves as your inspiration? First of all, I love being from Atlanta. It is a perfect combination of Southern nostalgia and charm with a contemporary urban twist. I feel the city has inspired me by its wit and charm. I think a lot of my fun play on words may come from that subtle humor that a true Southerner can put into just a word or two. As far as my look, I think it lends itself to the more urban side of Atlanta. I have also traveled the world extensively and I feel I try and bring in some aspects of the classic European masters with the cutting edge pop artist of recent times.  

Wonder Woman

 Why did you want to incorporate Sharpie markers into your art process? Sharpie has always been by “go to” tool. As a youngster I would use them for model airplanes, and homemade toys. As an entrepreneur inventor I would use them to mark up samples of prototype models. So when I became a full time artist I naturally went to Sharpie products as a tool I wanted to use in my art. The colors available, specifically in the paint marker area, are perfect for my needs. I use every size tip available. From the broad chisel to the extra fine tip – I use them all! I could not do the monotonous lettering of some of my pieces with out the Sharpie Paint Marker. They allow for ultimate control of the medium and I trust the adhesion to the media. I specifically use the Sharpie Paint Marker in my lettering of text. I start by a light guide layer that is printed on the canvas. As the painting progresses I then go over the light guide with the paint marker. Sometimes I spend nearly 5 hours on the lettering on say a 36”x36” piece. Monotonous, but oh so effective. A few months ago I picked up a light blue fine tipped Sharpie Paint Marker and went crazy highlighting some elements of the painting. I absolutely loved the look! I now consider my paintings unfinished until I hit them with my Sharpie. Then my painting REALLY comes alive and I consider the piece ready for display.  


Martini Curve

 Why do you feel the Oil Based Sharpie Paint Markers work best for the highlighting work that you do within your art? How do they enhance your work & where do you find them most useful? There is no product on the market that gives as good of paint coverage with one swipe nor the color selection as Sharpie’s Paint Marker. Once the paint is flowing through the tip the color applies in such a fluid and controlled manner they are a joy to work with. The color also stays very vibrant. Even when applied on top of other paints. Sharpies make my works come to life in the manner in which I use the pens to add highlights to areas of paintings in the form of accent lines. As mentioned above I also use the Sharpie Paint Marker with the extra fine point to do my meticulous lettering on the background of my paintings.  

Sharpie’s tagline is “Uncap What’s Inside!”  Does this apply to your work and if so, how? For sure! I mean c’mon…I turned an old BMW into a rolling canvas with the help of Sharpie!


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Meet the 2010 Sharpie Squad!

Introducing the 2010 Sharpie Squad! (cue music: “Eye of the Tiger“).  With a fusion of innovative, resourceful and unique talent, the Sharpie Squad, in its second year, aims to inspire people around the globe to “Uncap What’s Inside” and get creative with Sharpie markers. 

Showcasing inventive and inspiring ideas from some of Sharpie’s most passionate fans, this year’s Sharpie Squad is comprised of 20 bloggers, artists, fashionistas and creative gurus.  As Sharpie ambassadors, Squad members get the exclusive inside scoop into the world of Sharpie.  They will also be among the first to learn about promotions and campaigns and will receive all of the latest and greatest Sharpie innovations before they hit stores.  Each member will collect some sweet Sharpie swag throughout the year, including t-shirts, personalized Sharpie markers and one-of-a-kind Sharpie avatars designed in their likenesses to use on their own social media sites.

As we are so passionate about the talent this group has to offer, we’ll be shining the spotlight on each individual Squad member throughout 2010 on our own social media sites, so keep an eye out on Sharpie Uncapped, Facebook, and right here on the Sharpie Blog.  You can also stay up to date on all things Sharpie via Twitter with SharpieSusan & SharpieWhit.

Get to know the Sharpie Squad!

Though brand new to the Sharpie Squad this year, you may recognize this next member as she was a brilliant asset to Sharpie during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC last fall at our DIY Sharpie Bar!  

Erica Domesek is a distinguished lifestyle, design and style expert, living and creating in New York City.  She is also the founder of the innovative DIY brand “PS-I Made This…” With a keen eye and ability to make everything from fashion accessories, home décor accents and provide a vision for creative soirees, Erica’s work has been featured in publications such as Teen Vogue, Glamour, Vogue Nippon, Domino, GQ, among others.   She has styled and designed campaigns for international brands such as Kate Spade, Tumi, J.Crew, Anthropologie, Roxy, Sigerson Morrison, and True Religion, Helmut Lang, and has hosted Alloy Entertainment’s TV’s Craft Club.

Follow Erica on Twitter. Fan her on Facebook. See all the DIY inspirations from P.S. – I made this…

Erin Moore of Things Moms Like, a popular review and giveaway blog, is the mother of two (7 and 14).  A 2009 Sharpie Squad veteran, back for more in 2010, Erin has worked as an event planner as well as a promoter.  She frequently speaks at parenting conferences all over the country and loves to travel!  Erin enjoys offering fun contests and honest reviews to parents everywhere with her blog.  And Hello?!! Of course she uses Sharpies on a daily basis!

Erin is on Twitter and Facebook! 

Alex Poli, better known as Man One, is a leading urban muralist and artist.  Involved with the Graffiti Art movement since 1987, Man One began his artistic journey in the streets of Los Angeles tagging and leaving his trademark of bold, colorful aerosol strokes, in search of his artistic purpose. He may be new to the Sharpie Squad in 2010, but his artwork has already been showcased in over 40 group exhibitions domestically and internationally, 10 solo exhibits, and displayed at several museums and high profile galleries, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, The Getty, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Ana, and Parco Museum in Tokyo. 

Commercially, Man One’s commissions include murals, designs and concepts for MTV, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Sony, Ubisoft to name a few, as well as scenic visuals for feature films, music videos and TV commercials and ads for Microsoft, Target and Ford. His artwork has been profiled and featured in a number of international magazines, newspapers and books including the Washington Post and New York Magazine. He also owns and runs Crewest, the only L.A.-based gallery dedicated to the upliftment of Graffiti Art.

Man One is on Twitter and FacebookGet more Man!

Kristin Lesney is the mother to Kai, 5, and Brooklin, 1.  She’s a busy full-time college student living in Oregon and a veteran Sharpie Squad member, returning for her second year!  Kristin chronicles the daily life of just another Ordinary Mom.  Kristin is the owner of Our Ordinary Life, a blog where she talks about her journey through life as a mom and college student. She enjoys keeping it real and always has an opinion about something!  Kristin shares what her family finds useful and if she doesn’t seem busy enough, she also involves herself in several projects around the blogpshere. She’s one of Frito Lay’s Fab 15 moms as well as a Frigidare Test Drive Mom.

Catch up with Kristin on Twitter & Facebook and take a peak at her extraordinary website, Our Ordinary Life.

Linda Ellett is a professional artist who specializes in decorating pottery with Sharpie markers!  Residing in upstate New York, this new Sharpie Squad member is celebrating 31 years of extraordinary tile-making with her shop, L’esperance Tile Works found on Etsy.   Every one of Ellett’s tiles is handmade and hand-glazed in her upstate New York studios.

Find out more about Linda through Twitter, Facebook and visit the amazing L’esperance Tile Works.

Brand new in 2010 to the Sharpie Squad, Corine Ingrassia is a suburban stay-at-home mom of two — a boy, 4, and a girl, 1.  Corine blogs from Central New Jersey where she talks with an audience of other “Complicated Mama’s” who are seeking balance in their full-time, permanent stay-at-home mom jobs. Corine is also a contributing writer for the NYMetropolista blog and

Find out what’s so complicated by chatting with this mama on TwitterFacebook, and on

Welcome back Jon E. Nimetz, second year Sharpie Squad member!  Based out of Venice, California, Jon is a producer, marketer, advertising producer, and the talent behind  He is known for his loud personality and passionate style, which he emphasizes through his art. Jon uses a combination of acrylic paint and Sharpie paint markers to create nature-inspired paintings that are both unique and self-expressive.

This Squad member is Super Fine! Find him on Facebook and Twitter too.

Linsey Knerl, the endearing voice behind Lille’ Punkin Reviews , is always on the lookout for the next best thing when it comes to making her life easier.   Who isn’t, right?! As a free resource for parents and friends of parents, Knerl offers regular, unbiased opinions on a variety of family-friendly items.  This is Linsey’s second year on the Sharpie Squad!  This punkin is a must-have resource when it comes to parenting!

Check out Linsey on Twitter, Facebook and her website: Lille’Punkin

Lauri Harrison is founder of and is a blogger for several media sites including Working Mother magazine and Not only is Lauri a second time Sharpie Squad member, she is also the mom of a tot (no, not tater-tots, silly) and a teenager, informing parents about great new products (as well as the classics, eh hem… Sharpie)!

Connect with Lauri on Twitter and Facebook. Also be sure to head to the Depot!

Cheeming Boey is a California-based artist using Styrofoam cups as his chosen canvas.  With artistic creations that seem to go viral on a weekly basis, this brand new 2010 Squad member uses Sharpie markers to create intricate designs on cups, selling them online at Boey has attracted tons of attention with his mini masterpieces and has  been featured in the OC Register and

Flip some cups with Boey on Twitter & Facebook  You’ve gotta check out


Laura Kelly is an official Sharpie guru and second year Squad member.  Using Sharpie markers, Laura creates bright, bold and simple designs that uplift the human spirit.  Surrounded by people who share her aspirations to generate joy, happiness and empowerment in a vibrant, organized environment, she fills notebooks with playful Sharpie drawings inspired by everyday images when suddenly, a new collection is born.   Laura currently licenses her work to companies in a variety of industries including gift, stationery, gourmet food and home décor as well as bank products.  She also owns her own wholesale company, Laura Kelly Designs, which manufactures stationery products for stores around the country. When she isn’t working on her licensable portfolio, you will find her painting, baking, gardening, playing with clay or making stuff out of recycled stuff.  She is also a active member of the Greeting Card Association, Craft and Hobby Association where she serves on the Trend Team and as a delegate to the National Stationery Show.

Laura’s Facebook and Website. Shop Laura Kelly!

His second year on the Sharpie Squad, Travis Todd creates Sharpie art on everyday objects from lunch boxes to automobiles.  He even carries a Sharpie on his key chain just in case he is overcome with an urge to create “instant art!”  Travis has built a great name for himself – he is especially renowned in online automotive forums for his amazing Sharpie Art Car creations, one of which was recently featured on  He has developed his own blend of elegant scroll work and graffiti-style art and claims that  people tend to see what they want to see in his artwork.  You can find some of his works on his Flickr page @

Click HERE to see what Travis’ Sharpie Art is all about.

Say hello to Alli Whitmore, the brains and beauty behind One Pearl Button.  This Sharpie Squad newcomer is an archaeologist and crafter, striving to do something creative everyday!  She blogs about fashion, design, crafts and photography and has had work featured all over the internet as well as in print.  As an archaeologist, Alli is naturally drawn to the history of objects and has a feminine, slightly quirky style which is strongly influenced by the past.  Some of her current loves are crocheted afghans, clothes that are way too big, and Polaroid photography.  And of course, Sharpie markers are considered invaluable tools in her creative arsenal! 

Tweet with Alli and then check out her website

Derek Benson of San Diego, CA takes lunch time to a new level using Sharpie markers.  A second year Sharpie Squad member, Benson uses Sharpie markers to add intricate drawings of cartoons, super heroes, characters and more to his childrens’ brown paper lunch bags – and he does it every day!  During his lunch breaks, Benson conjures up his unique designs, all which can be seen on his website  His drawings have been featured in Parents magazine and can be seen on his Tumblr or via his twitter account.

Have lunch with Benson on Twitter and Tumblr!

New to the Sharpie Squad, Debbie Bookstaber is editor of, a site dedicated to pointing out the fabulously chic and irresistibly practical–shopping, making it easy for the hip mama on a budget to compare products.  Debbie is currently the Director of Strategy at The JAR Group, holds a postion on her local school board as well as gives her time to serving serveal charitable boards. 

Follow Mamanista on Twitter, join Debbie on Facebook.  take a look around & see what fab finds are out there!

Mark Rivard is a well-known skateboard artist, covering a wide variety of genres and designs. Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Rivard is a returning 2009 Sharpie Squad member, whose work has been seen in exhibitions around the world, including shows in Belgium, Denver, Detroit, Seattle and New York City. Rivard takes his Sharpies with him worldwide, teaching and inspiring through art. 

Connect with Mark on Twitter & Facebook.  Ride on down to Mark’s website

As the creator of If it’s Hip, It’s Here, Laura Sweet has always had an admiration for art, design and craftsmanship.  Her blog is an outlet to share what she admires as “hip” with her 30,000+ readers every month.  Currently residing in Beverly Hills, Laura has lived and worked in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Detroit and Seattle. Living in these assorted locations has exposed her to a variety of diverse attitudes, styles and values. For more than 20 years, Laura has been on the creative side of the TV and print advertising business. She has produced work on several major accounts from luxury cars to IKEA. Laura holds degrees in both Fine Art and Art History from UC Berkeley. She also has a degree in Advertising from Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design, where she was an instructor for eight years.  This is Laura’s first year as a Sharpie Squad member!

Get a quick hip from Laura on Twitter and Facebook.  Satisfy your Sweet tooth at If It’s Hip It’s Here

Hanna Agar is a 2009 University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography and a minor in Spanish.  For the past few years, she has been creating a lot of artwork involving the use of recycled paper to create sets, costumes, and props that then are photographed.  A returning member of the Sharpie Squad, Hanna uncaps her Sharpies all over the paper with her camera on an interval timer so that she can photograph the whole process.  She considers her work “documented performance art.”  In addition to her love of Sharpie markers, Hanna currently works as a studio photographer doing assignments for Volume One Magazine (an arts and culture magazine in Eau Claire, Wis.) as well as some freelance work. Hanna has recently returned from Southern India where she was working as a product designer for the women’s organization, “Blue Mango.”

Check out Hanna’s work! She has a wonderful section on her website dedicated to Sharpie!

Tali Buchlar, a fresh face to the 2010 Sharpie Squad, is a stay-at-home mom, raising her kids in the most creative way she can.  A mother of two girls and blogger of, Tali shares her experiences and research about raising her girls to be innovative and imaginative.  Upon graduating from Massachusetts College of Art from the Department of Architecture, she gained four years of training at an innovative architecture firm. Since then, she has opened her own firm with Kristen Giannattasio in Watertown, Massachusetts.  Tali recently moved back to Israel from Santa Monica, CA.

Learn more about Tali & Growing Up CreativeTweet with her and check her out on Facebook.

Welcome Heather Batts to the Sharpie Squad!  Heather is a mom of two boys who writes about her journey as a diva on a budget at for.  Her blog has been recognized as one of the “142 Resources that will Save you Cash” in 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget by the writers of Wise Bread, for being a part of one of the “Best Personal Finance Blogs.”  With such a successful blog, Heather has even been able to has interview celebrities including daytime talk show host Kelly Ripa and Animal Planet’s Jeff Corwin.

This Diva can be found on Twitter & Facebook! Be sure to browse around on her too!


To follow the entire Sharpie Squad’s tweets follow the Sharpie Squad Twitter List. 

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Eggcellent Sharpie

Easter is right around the corner and you know what that means… It is time for dyeing eggs!  While most stick to the standard “egg-plunging” technique, have you ever thought about taking a different approach to DIYing eggs? 

Wingdoodle, a blog featuring some incredible how-to’s,  recently colored foam eggs using Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers.  Take a peak at how Wingdoodle created beautiful art on these Easter eggs. 

DIYing Easter eggs with Sharpie is not just limited to foam eggs.  In fact, blogger AnaCraftyOne uses Sharpie markers to color real eggs.

To read Wingdoodle’s complete post click HERE

For AnaCraftyOne’s how-to instructions, click HERE.

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Those Who Whine, WIN!

Early this morning, one of my best friends left for a week long cruise and in all honesty I am extreeemely jealous!  While he is basking in the sun and sipping on all the Pina Coladas his stomach can handle, I will be working away in my shoebox of a cubicle, wearing a restricting pencil skirt, button down shirt and a pair of high heels that will most likely be the reason that I’ll need back surgery by the time I’m 30! ugh…

So, last week, I asked why you are missing out on Spring Break this year, requesting you to share your SB ’10 sob story on Sharpie’s FB Fan page for the chance to be 1 of 35 winners of a new set of Limited Edition Caribbean Colored Sharpies.  Well ladies & gents, I’ve got the results for you!  Before I announce the winners, below you will notice that I am giving 40 sets away, simply because I can.. There were a few late entires but I’m in a good mood today so I’m sending these people some Sharpies too! – I hope that’s okay with the rest of you.

Without further ado, here are the winners & their sob stories…

*Warning you may want to keep a box of tissues handy for those extremely sad stories, as well as a waste basket in the event that an utterly pathetic entry should make you ill.

In no specfic order:

  1. Allyson O’ Shea:  We can’t party our pants off this Spring Break because we own a home and our basement flooded like crazy. A sump pump later we are still dishing out water and paying for our heating repairs! It sucks being grown up :(
  2. Lisa Steinberg: UM no Partying when you’re expecting…AND your hubs is out of work…
  3. Laura Mari: I can’t party my pants off cuz I have 2 work all Spring Break…….Blah
  4. Tabitha Padilla: I’m planning for my world domination
  6. Brett Roberts: I can’t party my pants off this spring break because I am in a fight with my gf super depressed, we are going to break up, and she got all my friends to hate me along with the rest of the school.
  7. Sarah Falconer: I live on the other side of the world…. and we don’t have spring break….. and I have to work :(
  8. Tara DeVeau: I am missing spring break because I am seeing one son off to the Army, Enrolling another Son in LSU College, taking 2 more kids to a bunch of HS Band events and consoling my youngest daughter in the death of her friend the puppy…. Oh yea, and running a TV station for my other job that pays :)…. AND I LOVE SHARPIES!!! I could write letters to my sons while they are oversees and in college with them…make Band posters for the events and fundraisers and help my daughter draw pictures of the dog for her memory book…and when I get a lunch break I will draw all the tropical places I would love to be…
  9. Robbyn Johnson:  because I have no life. the end.
  10. Raymond Mauro: I’ve loved Sharpie Markers most of my life-and have several of the color sets, not to mention the loose black markers in various point sizes!! At any rate-I won’t be partying hardy anytime soon this Spring Break, ’cause I’m an OLDER man (age 52), and ALL I have to look forward to in my life is to put the cat out at night, watch the night-time news, read my FB page(s), eat & then sleep!!!!!! Please let me Break this frustrating cycle-by receiving this new set of Sharpie Markers (Caribbean Colored-wild, Mon!!!!!)!!!!! The creative flow emanating from these markers will make me feel years younger!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance!!!
  11. Mary Cantrell Lovell:  Newwwwwww job….can’t take time off for a good long time.
  12. Kathy Love: I can’t party my pants off because I’ll working on a very special portrait for someone.
  13. Andrea Maruschak:  I’m not in school anymore – working adults don’t get spring break :( No one likes getting old but missing spring break puts a real downer on it. PS – My brother, a college senior is going on a Caribbean cruise and until he leaves this weekend he’ll be rubbing his vacation in my face! Maybe I’ll be sitting in my office writing with my new Sharpies while he enjoys the sun!
  14. Jenn Martin:  Haha! Military Spouse, Homeschooling Mom, Jewelry Selling Woman, Friend, Encourager, Nurse, Counselor…the list goes on!!! Who has time for a break?!?! Man, what I wouldn’t give to have one, though!
  15. Christian Walwanis: I never got further than taking art courses and then leaving college. Now I live in a semi ghetto area working at a homeless shelter, hoping to find a second job so that I can move. So, I think that it goes without saying that vacation is nothing more than a dream at this point.
  16. Many Gambrel Vavrinak:  I can’t go on spring break because I own my own small business and it supports my family of 6 (yes, 6… me, hubby and our 4 kids, ranging in age from 15 years to 9mos). I can’t go on a coffee break, generally speaking, much less a blissful, tropical week of (relative) freedom.   I love my kids, my family, my clients (and my Sharpies… I take notes in color, I doodle, I design… even my 7 yr old has her own set) but I *really* need a break :)
  17. Leslie Greer: I can’t go on spring break unless i want to bring my husband and kids with me (and what kind of fun would that be lol)!!!!! and @Mandy moms rule!!!!!!!!
  18. Jessica Castillo: I can’t do anything on spring break because I am a stay at home mom of a 7 month old. The hubby is working 2 jobs to support us, so that doesn’t leave any extra funds to travel anywhere to take a break. We couldn’t make it if he took the week off. Plus we don’t have anyone to watch the baby that long in order for us to spend alone time together.
  19. Brigid Kt-Duncan: I too am about to start my own business and quite frankly it has become my 4th child…which is EXTREMELY time consuming…no time for fun in the sun or for a spring break…just work, work, work! Having been laid off too like so many others this option presented itself and I don’t foresee a vacation anytime soon.. (:  Luckily I can still doodle just before bedtime…my downtime!
  20. Jill Braun: Spring break, what’s that? Oh yea, it’s the time of the year when everyone gets out of MinneSNOWta but me. The reason I won’t be leaving this winter wonderland this year, is like most college kids, simply because I am broke. Art is my life. I always have to be creating something. About two months ago I began to learn how to blow glass. When I’m not in the studio working with glass I am at home with a Sharpie in hand.  One day a hope to be a famous Sharpist and glass blower, but you have to spend money to make money.  Learning how to blow glass isn’t exactly cheap.  I’m sure this isn’t the saddest story you’ll read but it’s the truth and some new Sharpie colors would definitely brighten up my day! J
  21. Angie Kerr: Can’t go because I have 4 kids, I go to school full time and have no extra time! I would love to get away with my husband. We have NEVER had a honeymoon and it would be nice to go somewhere warm with him. Unfortunately, we live too far away from family/friends that could/would babysit for us. So for now, I will just dream of a warm beach and a cold drink ALONE with my hubby!
  22. Katherine Leaf: I work full time and full time college. Apparently this weekend, instead of partying, I get to attend a funeral. D:
  23. Deidra Miserlian:  I have too many kids, so I wont be going anywhere either lol..
  24. Kelly LaChance Guertin: Spring Break? With three children who will undoubtedly be ill the entire time, why leave?
  25. Jenny Spry Durham: Well, with only one of us working we won’t be going anywhere so we won’t break the budget :o)
  26. Sue Gibson: I wouldn’t be able to find a cat sitter for my 6 cats!
  27. Anna Janee Chamberlain: I can’t go on spring break (which is this week…blah ) because i have NO money! haha and no one to go with because my friends are all on break NEXT week and my boyfriend is Training to be a United States Marine! so on the normal Spring Break for everyone but college kids(April) I will be in South Carolina @ Parris Island watching my boyfriend graduate from the Marine Corps Bootcamp…and then coming back to Michigan.  Not too bad since I haven’t seen him in 3 months.  It makes up for not going anywhere during my break!!! J  
  28. Stevee Gerl: I’m going to be in Slidell, La. for a week helping Presbyterian Disaster Assistance rebuild homes and businesses destroyed by Hurricane Katrina!
  29. Claire Dollin: Biggest bummer? The UK doesn’t have Spring Break. That and I need to work to afford to come back to summer camp. And yes I am very campsick. Need to break out my Sharpies and decorate something.
  30. Sharon McCarthy Brandon: We’ve been saving money for a vacation, but not only am I somewhat afraid of flying (and even more so of being stuck on a runway with no fresh air!), I get motion sick at the slightest provocation. Those ads on TV shot from roller-coasters? I get dizzy if I don’t close my eyes fast enough. I tried out an elliptical trainer at the bicycle store the other day and had to get off and put my head down after less than two minutes so I wouldn’t fall over.  Probably the worst thing is that I cant even hold a conversation with someone rocking in a rocking chair without feeling woozy.  That is not an exaggeration – ask anyone who knows me. :-/ So how can I go on Spring Break? I can’t take Dramamine 24/7.the other day and had to get off and put my head down after less than two minutes so I wouldn’t fall over. Probably the worst thing is that I can’t even hold a conversation with someone rocking in a rocking chair without feeling woozy. That is not an exaggeration – ask anyone who knows me. :- So how can I go on a spring break? I can’t take Dramamine 24/7.
  31. Melissa Middleton: My spring break will be spent planning programming for the pride center where i started volunteering. it is a labor of love because i want to work with gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth once i get my social work license. good thing i have my sharpies to keep me organized and inspired!! ♥
  32. Joe Muggins: No spring break for me, I have to work, zzzz! I’m starting my masters next month so I have to save money, sooooo boring!
  33. Rachel Siota:  I don’t get a spring break…homeschooled. Sure I suppose my mom and my sister and I could travel somewhere…oh has a surgery coming up, I don’t drive, and sister doesn’t have a license….so why everyone is gonna be soaking in the sun…I’m going to be sitting at home playing nurse….I love you mom….but I reeeeaaallly would have liked to go somewhere instead.
  34. Katie Mae Carpenter:  I will be spending spring break in school trying to catch up…Art majors work hard and aren’t supposed to take a break and have fun…(but everyone knows we slack off every once in a while ;)) I will have my sharpies by my side while I’m there to bring my doodles to life and to always draw mustaches on the people in my books :) always brings a smile to people’s faces…Too bad Sharpie hasn’t came up with a marker that can transport us to a beach or somewhere nice instead of school…There will always be dreams/wished tho.
  35. Jon Schlup: True story, this is really sob. I was on my senior year and did something stupid so can’t really blame anything, but it’s still sad. Anyway got kicked out of school so I guess technically every day is spring break for the rest of the year. But its not a very happy ending. Yeah that’s my sob story, true story. Least it might get a few sharpies, but it still wasn’t worth it! Don’t do stupid stuff at school!
  36. Alexis Mask: So I didn’t know next week was spring break! I just found out 2 days ago. I have no plans, my boy friend will be gone most of the week on vacation, and the only thing I get to do is watch screaming kids at an indoor pool all week. To top it all off my teachers assigned me 2 books to read and my art teacher is making me make art out of a book for my exam grade. I also don’t wanna go home so I’m just gonna sleep in my car or live off my friends for a week since I’m broke :P
  37. Frances Kehlbeck Civello:  My true and pathetic story:
    We can’t do spring break this year because we *tried* to vacation at this time last year. But on the second day of our Florida trip, my husband was in a bad car accident on I-4 and ended up in the hospital. One year and one complicated spinal cord surgery later, he still can’t travel more than a few miles in the car. So we are staycationing for the forseeable future.  Our 10th anniversary is coming up in a few weeks, and we got married on a St. John beach – so doodling in Caribbean colors would take away the sting. A little. *sniff*
  38. Eric Alexander Villatoro: I cant go to party ,Because i just learned my girlfriend is pregnant so i cant go and leave her alone at home and i go because i lover her too much to leave my girlfriend alone while i have a good time. Its always better with her.  Me and my girl love to spend time drawing together to show our love.
  39. Shannon Scott: I think I’m too late as I just found this page but I’ve been dating a Puerto Rican for 3 years and we have yet to have the $ or time to go and visit his family in the Caribbean so to have a set of Caribbean Colored Sharpies it could be like at least we are there in color. We keep wanting to get there so I can see the bright & vivid colors of the water, beach and plants but none the less we haven’t.
  40. Mina Akaga: I won’t be able to enjoy a spring break this year because I am a graduate student in her final semester towards EMBA degree and I have used up a lot of Sharpie ACCENT highlighters already and I will be using most of my Sharpie stocks studying for 3 papers/projects and final exams during the spring break. Aw come on! You have to give a poor girl here the Caribbean colors so that I can at least remember about the Caribbean and I can congratulate those who can enjoy the vacation with a huge heart using the funky flamingo pink!  I’m going to use that Surf blue to memorize so many important things that I might forget soon, but the markers will stay with me for a long time if I pass everything!  Which means my summer time will be relazing with the nice Caribbean colors you gave me

To claim your set of Caribbean Colored Sharpie Markers, please email me at with name and your address so that I can send you your markers! 

Congrats to all the whiney winners and thanks for participating! 


*Please be aware that I’m mailing these out myself, so cut me a break as I can’t get things out at ACME pace.