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New Sharpie Counterfeit Detector

Since 2009, the production of counterfeit bills has more than doubled.  In fact, counterfeiters can produce fake currency with basic computer skills and minimal training. 

The new Sharpie Counterfeit Detector marker turns the tables on thieves, empowering business owners to identify most fake currency almost immediately with a simple marker swipe. 


The New Sharpie Counterfeit Detector

Specifically formulated to detect bad bills, the ink in the Sharpie Counterfeit Detector when marked on a suspect, counterfeit bill will change in color from a yellow or golden brown to dark blue-black color. The technology reacts to the presence of a key ingredient present in papers that are not used by the US Treasury.

Let me demonstrate how this technology works…  Once a professional counterfeiter, I have made an example bill for this experiment. The bill shown below will not be accepted as valid U.S. currency. 

The Sharpie counterfeit detector marker features a line width comparable to a 0.5mm marker and has a suggested retail price of $4.99 for a single pack, and $8.99 for a triple pack. Both are available wherever office products are sold.