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Be a Part of Our Pink Posse!

October is here and with it brings crazy costumes, changing leaves and the opportunity to help affect lives during Breast Cancer Awareness Month while padding your school’s pink spirit!

Every October, Sharpie and our sister brands band together to support City of Hope in their fight against Breast Cancer by donating a portion of our proceeds from the sale of our “Pink Products. This year we are taking this a step further and offering YOU the chance to win over a thousand dollars’ worth of Sharpie Pink markers and pens to help spread the breast cancer awareness word around your school and neighborhood!

Each week, through November 2, 2012 one lucky Sharpie Pink Ribbon doodler will be chosen to be a part of our Pink Ribbon posse and will be outfitted with over a thousand dollars worth of Sharpie Pink products to share with their school, family and friends!

Entering is as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Doodle up a FABULOUS Pink Ribbon

2. Log in to

3. Submit your own Sharpie Pink Ribbon to the Ink it Pink Challenge

Want more deets? Check out the official contest rules here!

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Ideas are what make the world go round.  They’re the foundation of the future.  They’re what inspire us to dream big dreams and climb big mountains and solve big problems.

At Sharpie, ideas come from our fans.  And they’re an inspired  bunch.  Have you seen what they’ve created?  Have you seen the ideas and inspirations and possibilities they’ve put out into the world using Sharpie as the conduit to creativity?  Maybe you’re even one of them.  Maybe your idea is one worth sharing.

Every once in awhile an idea comes along and somebody notices.  The TED award for “Ads Worth Spreading” recognizes great ideas in advertising, and today Sharpie was named one of 10 recipients of the 2012 award.

TED is a nonprofit group devoted to ideas. Since it started in 1984, it has become a driving force in advancing open dialogue, creativity and innovation in the areas of Technology, Entertainment and Design.  Through its annual conferences, TED brings together thought leaders from around the world to collaborate, learn, listen and engage toward a better tomorrow.

TED selected Sharpie’s webisode featuring pen cup artist Cheeming Boey to receive the award. It showcases Boey as he takes us on his artistic journey and the role Sharpie played along the way.

Boey was featured in Sharpie's print campaign, too!

The TED “Ads Worth Spreading” award is given to ads that become part of our cultural story, that amplify passion instead of ambushing viewers, that elevate the craft of storytelling while beautifully blending traditional and digital media.

But you be the judge.  Watch and weigh in with your thoughts.

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Without a HELLO Winners!

The winners of The Hello Project’s “Without a Hello” contest have been chosen!!

3rd place…

by Manuel Regalado

2nd place…

by Jane Bredemus

1st place…

by Jennifer Ramirez Johnson

A HUGE Thank You  to everyone who participated and CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!  Soon you will be able to view all of the Without a Hello entries at The Hello Project. * Check back later on this month for a new contest with The Hello Project!*

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Doodle on with Sunni Brown, Sharpie’s new resident doodle expert

big-mouth boss

How often have you sat in a meeting or lecture and suddenly your pen heads off into all sorts of unchartered territory?  Next thing you know your paper is covered with squiggles  and cubes, bubble letters and zzzzzzzzzzs — maybe even a stick figure rendering of your boss with his big ears and even bigger mouth : ) 

It’s a known fact that everybody with access to a writing instrument doodles.  It’s a form of self-expression we humans just can’t resist.  But did you know doodling can actually increase retention, recall, comprehension and creativity…that doodling can enhance listening skills, maybe even make you smarter? 

"She's not called SUNNI for nothing. She truly shines!" `Dan Roam, The Back of the Napkin

We didn’t either – until we met Sunni Brown, doodling expert and the inspiration behind the doodle revolution, “a growing effort to debunk the myth that doodling is a distraction. ” 

Sunni is author of “Gamestorming:  A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers and Changemakers” and her soon-to-be-released book, “The Doodle Revolution.”  Sharpie brought her on board as our resident doodle expert after some research showed that Sharpie Pens, unlike any other pens out there, inspired people to doodle.   Now Sunni is front and center on our website,, talking up doodles and inviting Sharpie fans to submit their doodles to our gallery.   (Click here to read Sunni’s post about her new gig as Sharpie doodle spokesperson).   Even more interesting, Sunni will select a Doodle-A-Day and offer up her expert analysis.

Sunni is, well, pretty sunny when it comes to her enthusiasm about doodling.  Have a look at her video, then head to and donate your doodle today!

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Uncap What’s Inside with Sharpie Pen

Did you know that Sharpie is not just limited to the world of markers?  Sharpie Pens are among Sharpie’s newest innovations that take everyday writing to great heights.  Whether you’re a doodler, a science geek, a business professional, a mom on the go, or a student in a lecture hall, there is a Sharpie Pen for your every writing need.  


Sharpie Pens come in three styles and in six eye-catching colors...

  1. Sharpie Pen - Sharpie’s first-ever pen for everyday writing that won’t bleed through paper.
  2. Sharpie Pen Grip - The no-bleed technology with a soft grip for added writing comfort.
  3.  Sharpie Pen Retractable – That same no-bleed through promise with a one-hand click convenience.

   Check out the Sharpie Pen family at and buy a set of Sharpie Pens for yourself today to experience how to Uncap What’s Inside in an entirely new way. 

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Sticky Situation

You are familiar with sticky notes… We use them to jot down notes every day – as reminders, to-do lists, messages to co-workers, friends, etc… Usually though, these little stickies tend to be pretty boring.  Just straight forward, to the point, blah..  You know what I’m talking about.

Honestly, who really wants to come back to see a reminder that says:

…That’s not exactly getting me in the mindset to think creatively.

But what if we chose to use these little spaces as an opportunity to make a bolder, more expressive statement? What if everyone looked at these as mini-canvases as a chance to make a bold & bright statement, offering inspiration, passion and a little light-heartedness?  The world of “note-jotting” would be transformed!

Take the previous “Brainstorming Meeting at Noon” example.  Look at how a little creativity changes the entire message:

Now these are some inspiring stickies!

Try it out and see for yourself.  Find out first hand, what an impact a little self-expression and creative thinking has on your entire day. 

Check out SharpieUncapped for more inspiring ideas!