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DIY with Domesek: From Pencil Case to Chic Clutch

DIY Queen: Erica Domesek

Sharpie fan and fashion fanatic, Erica Domesek, has made a career of transforming expensive fashion trends into doable DIY projects. She sees it, she likes it, she makes it, is her motto.  

Is it any surprise, then, that Sharpie is one of her favorite DIY staples? Sharpie discovered her three years ago and invited her to join the Sharpie Squad, a group of some of Sharpie’s most passionate fans. 

This year, Erica will be featured in Sharpie’s new print ad campaign, along with the standard-issue pencil case she transformed with Sharpie into a ready-for-recess — or the runway — purse using brand new Stained by Sharpie fabric markers. Stained markers are formulated for use on most fabrics and include a brush tip for expressive strokes. 

Erica's print ad featuring her plain jane pencil case turned chic clutch.


This bag may look like something off a New York runway but you can make it your own in a few simple steps, with a few simple items and Sharpie, of course!    

1- Draw the outline details 


 2- Begin shading in top flap  


 3- Continue to fill in, varying the pressure with the markers to create a lighter shades in the bottom corners. 


 4- Use a ruler to create a quilted effect.  Outline with black and begin adding studs. 


5- Place studs where lines intersect, and add stitching detail with dotted straight lines around the interior border.    


6- Mark where the grommets will be inserted.   


7- Cut slits for grommets.  


 8- Insert grommet top and bottom and align together. 



9- Hammer grommets together. 

10- Insert chain through all four grommets. 


11- Use a safety pin to join ends of chain.    


 12-  Add the last touches… a fun tassel on the chain and use Stained markers to create faux hardware that mimics a real clutch.  P.S. Glue a gem to finish it off! 


Et Voila! You’re ready for a night out on the town or a day in class; either way you’ll be stylin’ with Stained by Sharpie fabric markers! Check out more amazing D.I.Y. creations from Erica on her blog, P.S. I Made This… , follow her on Twitter or find her on Facebook!

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Sharpie Squad Member on E! News

Sharpie Squad member, Erica Domesek of P.S. -I Made This… was featured on E! News, Wednesday, May 18th! E!’s Cat Sadler reports how our squad member creates runway inspired fashions, accesories and more at an affordable cost using every day items.

In the news segment, Domesek demonstrates how to DIY a beaded statement necklace,  a fashionable clutch for your iPad using colors from Prada’s runway collection and a Vera Wang inspired belt that doubles as a headband.  

Watch Erica’s E! segment, “Crafty Transformations” below:

Here are a few of Erica’s projects using Sharpie markers: Kate Spade event, Ready Made magazine

You can also find more Sharpie-made projects in Erica’s new book, P.S. -I Made This… 

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Holiday Office Party WINNERS

Today, I am happy to announce the winners of the Sharpie Holiday Office Party! Sharpie challenged you to bring the holiday joy into your work place using Sharpie products. Entrants were to brighten up their desks with reds, greens and golds, to rally co-workers to seek out areas of their office in need of a POP of color, to turn their place of employment into a winter wonderland – a place that would sure knock jolly ol’ Saint Nick’s socks off! We were looking for something BIG, something BRIGHT, something COLORFUL!

Let’s review the prizes, shall we…

Grand Prize: One grand prize winning business will recEIve a $1,000 Visa gift card to be used for an internal office party and $200 in Sharpie products. In addition the person who submitted the winning photo on behalf of their business will receive a $100 Via gift card.

First Prize: Five (5) first prize winning businesses will each receive $200 in Sharpie products.

And the winners are….

A panel of expert Sharpie elves got together to review sleigh-fuls of entries. After eating one too many cookies and drinking hot coco till we sweat, a decision was made!

Congratulations to our GRAND PRIZE WINNER, Jacquie Wiggins of Advanced Bionics in Santa Clarita, CA! Donning her office with holiday flair and Sharpie accents, Jackie went the extra mile spreading the spirit of the season in creative ways such as Sharpie wreaths, Sharpie snowmen, decorated trees and one loooooooong letter to Santa.  Here are a few close up pics:


First Prize Winners (in random order)

  • Nancy Kevorkian of HOLDstor
  • Shannon Evans of Freedman’s
  • Shannon Angle of Tristate Office Products Co
  • Kris Long of Drs. Bost & Manganello
  • Judy Cole of Cherokee Lanes

Thank you to all who participated and once again, CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners!


Now onto the next holiday – Anyone making Sharpie Valentine’s??

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P.S.- A DIY Giveaway

P.S.- Annie get your GLUE GUN! From now until February 9th all subscribers to the P.S.- I made this… Newsletter, will have a chance to win this J’AMAZING grab bag of DIY goodies!

Follow the link to sign up for the newsletter and a chance to WIN!

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New Works by Boey

Sharpie Squad member Cheeming Boey creates incredibly detailed art on an unexpected canvas. You have likely seen his coffee cup drawings before on the Sharpie Blog and across the web but new today, Boey shares some of his most recent renderings. I love the pop of color Boey incorporates into these new cups.

Tangled (1)

Tangled (2)

Tangled (2)

Buenos Vientos (1)

Buenos Vientos (2)

I'm Turtle (1)

I'm turtle (2)

Second Best (1)

Second Best (2)

Red (1)

Red (2)

 Scroll through more of Cheeming Boey’s art on his Flickr page and at his website,

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Picture Perfect Frames

Sharpie Squad Member, Alli Whitmore of One Pearl Button has come up with a creative tutorial that you can not only use year round, but the end result also makes a great gift and makes an even bolder statement when hosting a holiday party! Follow along as Alli takes you through this picture perfect DIY project.

Hello Sharpie fans!

I’m so happy to be a member of the Sharpie Squad this year, and so excited to be blogging here today.  This simple tutorial combines two of my favorite creative tools – Sharpie markers (of course!) and Polaroid photos.  It only requires a few minutes to make, and the end result is really fun.  Make a set and package them up for a quick and cute holiday gift, or keep them all for yourself!

Supplies: white vinyl magnet sheet (this should be available at your local craft store); craft knife; pencil; ruler; Sharpie markers!

Step 1: Draw a 3.5 x 4.25″ rectangle (the size of a polaroid picture) on the back of your magnet.  Use a ruler to keep your lines nice and straight.

Step 2: Using a craft knife and a ruler (metal is best, to keep from accidentally cutting it!), cut along your lines to make a rectangle.

Step 3: Draw a line .25″ away from one short edge and from both long edges.  Draw a line .875″ (7/8ths) away from the other short edge.

Step 4: Use the lines you just drew as a guide to cut a box in the center of the rectangle.

Step 5: Now it’s time for the fun part – grab your Sharpies and decorate!  I went with simple captions, but you can do absolutely anything – add drawings or designs, or even color the entire border.*

That’s it!  Stick them on your fridge or magnetic message board and enjoy the retro look.  You can either trim your photos to fit or just slap them on top -either way looks great.

For more on Sharpie, Polaroid, fashion, photography, crafting, and life in general, stop by my blog, One Pearl Button.  I’d love to meet you!

Big thanks to the Sharpie team for hosting me today!

*you can also use Sharpie sister-brand EXPO Dry Erase markers for captions that can be erased and changed whenever you’d like!

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P.S. It’s Kate Spade!

Erica Domesek of P.S. -I Made This… lived every girl’s dream hosting a launch party for her new book at the Kate Spade Flagship Broome Street store in New York. With a group of fashion’s finest, Erica and Deborah Lloyd, Kate Spade’s Chief Creative Officer celebrated by creating one of a kind designs on Kate Spade’s London tote and limited edition “P.S.- I made this… with Kate Spade” bags. Other guests and DIY stars included Grace Bonney of Design Sponge, stylist Andrew Mukamal,  Brittany Law of Style Republic, Michelle Adams of Lonny Magazine and Lauren Sherman & Leah Chernikoff of

Here are a few pictures from the event and of course you can see even more at Kate Spade.

bejewel. bedeck. bedazzel.

picture perfect

Erica Domesek

fashion's movers & shakers

glitz & glam

love these limited edition totes

If you love Erica’s  Kate Spade London tote, she offers a how-to on her site for you to recreate the design. Click here to check it out!

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DIY Sparkle & Shine

Sharpie Squad member, Alli Whitmore of One Pearl Button has concocted the perfect amount of sparkle and shine for the holidays. Her faux gilded candleholders are chic and make for a glowing accent to any tablescape and are even a great hostess gift.

Alli runs through a simple step by step how-to for making these festive candleholders. With just a few simple supplies and Alli’s “Sharpie Stencil Technique” your home will be glowing all season long.  

What You’ll Need:

  • Glass cups – Anything that will fit a votive or tea light candle will work – from thrifted cups to old jars.  
  • A doily (Alli used two – one small and one large)
  • Spray adhesive or water-soluble craft glue
  • Sharpie metallic paint pens.

Step 1: Spray a light coating of adhesive onto the back of the doily and stick it onto your cup.  Or, if you’re like me, discover that your spray adhesive has adhered its nozzle shut, be too afraid of getting adhesive in your eyes to try to fix it, and use a glue stick instead.  Whatever works!

Make sure to press all the little pieces down firmly!

Step 2: Following the directions from my Sharpie Stencil Technique, use the paint pen to color all the open spaces of your doily.

Step 3: If you’d like, trace a line around the outside edge of the doily.

Step 4: Wait a minute for everything to dry a bit, then peel the doily off of the cup (my favorite part!).  Don’t worry if some pieces are stubborn.

Step 5:Let the cup sit for a few hours to set the paint.  When it has thoroughly dried, run it under warm water and rub gently to remove any excess glue and paper.

Step 6: Place a votive or tea light inside and enjoy the glow!


Big thanks to One Pearl Button for this clever Sharpie DIY! Do you have any Sharpie holiday tips and tricks up your sleeve? Tell us about them!

You can check out more Sharpie creations on and stay connected 24/7 with us on Facebook & Twitter!

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Sharpie Giveaway

It’s that time of year when everyone gets into the “giving mood.” It seems our own Sharpie Squad member, Tali Buchler is jumping the gun and feeling extra generous! Tali is holding a Sharpie Paint Marker giveaway on her blog, Growing Up Creative.   

The creative person that she is, Tali probably has a million and one uses for Sharpie Markers but she wants to know how you use them too.  Leave your comments on her blog about how you use Sharpie Paint markers by Sunday, November 28th.  On Monday, November 29th she will draw a name for the Sharpie giveaway!  

To the lucky person goes:

Good luck!

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Sharpie Seen & Heard

Usually when I get back into the office on Monday, my email is flooded with various mentions of Sharpie that were posted on the web over the weekend.  While filtering through this morning, I couldn’t help but notice how many great tips, quotes and Sharpie art had been posted, specificially over this past weekend.  And so I give you a..

Recap of my Top 10 favorite weekend posts:

1.  Here’s a helpful tip via - Flip your mattress:  If you have a two-sided mattress (some newer ones are one sided and should never be flipped), turning it over and around every two or three months will lengthen its useful life. (Do it with a friend.) Using a Sharpie, write the numbers 1 through 4, for each of the different ways the mattress can lie, so you vary the placement.”  (Click to read more)

2. Susan Beck’s Sharpie art posted

3.  Read how “Mister Cartoonist” who first designs his tattoos with Sharpie markers, breaks it down in The Big Apple. Article via The New York Times.

4.  Custom built Sharpie motorcycle: “The Sharpie Bopper

5.  This one is really cute! DIY Sharpie Autumn Owl by JustSomeNailsByMJ

6.  Tali Buchler, a fabulous Sharpie Squad Member, announce a Sharpie Paint Marker contest on her blog – Growing Up Creative

7.   CASSEROLE DISH WITH A MESSAGE This 8-inch-square covered ceramic baker has a silicone gasket to prevent spills when you’re taking it on the road. The dish can be baked, frozen and microwaved. But the feature we dig most is the lid. Using a permanent marker (we used a metallic Sharpie), you can label it, date it, give baking instructions (handy in a potluck) and/or decorate it. And booyah: The words wash right off in the dishwasher.  Read on Sharpie lover!

8.  Sharpie Liquid Pencil listed on Collaborative Creativity under:

Favorite Things: 10 Must-Buy 2010 Holiday Gifts for Geeky Guys, Roadwarriors & Modern Men

9.  OFFICE MAX is offering freebies on essential office supplies after using MAXPERKS REWARDS (Hellooo! Sharpie makes a great stocking stuffer!) Here’s the link –>

10.  Last but definitely not least – LOVING this quote from McRay Studios:

“A Sharpie is to an artist, as a light-saber is to a Jedi Knight. I never leave home without my Sharpie!!”

…and below, I have assembled my arsenal of “Sharpie Knights”