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NEW! Sharpie Highlighter Gels with Students

…No, not the kind of gel you see on the Jersey Shore. We’re talking the bright and colorful fluorescent gel that’s perfect for highlighting notes, text and more!

Now this is a back-to-school product worth highlighting. The Sharpie Gel Highlighter promises to last long, resist smearing, and never dry out, even if left uncapped (eliminates the oops factor). It’s perfect for use on all paper surfaces, including glossy and thin papers.  It also resists smearing on pen, marker and ink-jet printouts — and is equally as fun to write, doodle and draw with.  Give it a swipe!  Your highlighting life will never be the same ; )

Uncap and give the highlighter a twist to advance the gel stick and you’re set.  It even highlights glossy magazines…wait… magazines??? I’ve never highlighted a magazine before. Excuse me while I test this out…

[tick tock...tick tock...]

I’m back! IT WORKS! Take a look at what I did to the horoscope section of the Feb issue of Teen Vogue!

The Sharpie Gel Highlighter is available wherever office products are sold in orange, yellow, pink, blue and green.  Now the only problem is deciding which color to use, when, on what surface because I’m a color-coded kinda kid!! 

 So what do you think?!

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Classic Marker; New Media

Our intern, Caitlin ( @inktern), has continued to earn her Sharpie stripes, and after doing a great job on her first interview, she is taking another crack at the blog! Read on for Caitlin’s interview with Sharpie artist Nicole Bishopp.

It used to be difficult to get your art work out for the world to see.  Art galleries, art shows or maybe the occasional print article was an artist’s best chance at gaining a following. The digital world and social media has changed all that. Today’s featured Sharpie artist shows us how.

Nicole Bishopp is a mom, an illustrator, a social media enthusiast and most importantly (at least in terms of this blog) a Sharpie Marker artist. She maintains a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a blog and a Tumblr all dedicated to her artwork. Nicole embraces the far reaching potential of social media outlets to showcase her art to the world. Constantly updating her Facebook page with new work for fans to comment on,  her social outlets allow Nicole the opportunity to sell her artwork and create custom pieces for those interested.


Expressing her feelings through the intricate details of her work, she never sets out to draw something specific, it is common for her work to become mesmerizing and for different creatures to appear as her drawings advance. The thick, bold, expressive lines of her art are amazingly done with simply the classic black Sharpie Marker. The Sharpie family may have dozens of colors to choose from, but Nicole makes her statement with the original black Sharpie Fine Marker. Her work helps show what you can start with even the most basic Sharpie Marker.

Here is some more of what Nicole had to say: 

How did you get started using Sharpie Markers: I have always loved drawing with Sharpie markers. I have tried every marker out there and Sharpie is the best because it has the crispest line and one marker will last me an entire drawing.

Where do your ideas for your pieces come from: Most of my ideas just happened. I draw and things appear in the drawings. I draw to express my feelings. I would have to say the tone of my work is mesmerizing, mind melting, a puzzle for the eyes, psychedelic maybe, in your face (bold), makes a statement.

How long does it take to do a piece: Surprisingly it only takes a good 4-5 hours to complete one drawing. Sometimes I will start a drawing and stop half way and then finish it the next day. I never start over I just draw over something if I don’t like the way it looks.

How the heck do you keep up with all your digital sites: Actually, I spent a lot of time learning about online marketing and it actually all links together. Plus the key is having a smart phone. I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the posts and such on Facebook if I didn’t have my DRIODX.

What’s Your Motivation: I started drawing again after the birth of my son. There were many sleepless nights so drawing was my way to stay sane during that period. Then it turned into “my time” to get away from the daily routine. Now it’s just to relax and to unravel from the day’s events.

Favorite Sharpie: Hands down the Original Fine Point Black! The point on this pen can do super tiny detail to big areas all in one drawing.    


Your work was just featured in a few galleries. How cool was that?: I just started putting my stuff out there is March of this year and it’s amazing how quickly it was received by the Facebook art community. It was so cool to see people request my work to be featured! Every time I get a feature it just makes me want to do better and create something even more amazing.


Where is your career heading: Well currently I am working on a lot of commission requests and getting my work ready to show in Fort Collins, Colorado and Wenatchee, Wash. I am also planning on launching some new products with my designs in the fall/winter.

If there was one place your art could take you, where would it be: I think it would be really fun to own my own product line with my designs that businesses could use on their products (for example surf, skate, snow shops) as well as on like t-shirts, skateboards, shoes, really anything you could put a design on.

Want to learn more about Nicole? You can find her on Twitter and Facebook or contact her via e-mail at

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DIY with Domesek: From Pencil Case to Chic Clutch

DIY Queen: Erica Domesek

Sharpie fan and fashion fanatic, Erica Domesek, has made a career of transforming expensive fashion trends into doable DIY projects. She sees it, she likes it, she makes it, is her motto.  

Is it any surprise, then, that Sharpie is one of her favorite DIY staples? Sharpie discovered her three years ago and invited her to join the Sharpie Squad, a group of some of Sharpie’s most passionate fans. 

This year, Erica will be featured in Sharpie’s new print ad campaign, along with the standard-issue pencil case she transformed with Sharpie into a ready-for-recess — or the runway — purse using brand new Stained by Sharpie fabric markers. Stained markers are formulated for use on most fabrics and include a brush tip for expressive strokes. 

Erica's print ad featuring her plain jane pencil case turned chic clutch.


This bag may look like something off a New York runway but you can make it your own in a few simple steps, with a few simple items and Sharpie, of course!    

1- Draw the outline details 


 2- Begin shading in top flap  


 3- Continue to fill in, varying the pressure with the markers to create a lighter shades in the bottom corners. 


 4- Use a ruler to create a quilted effect.  Outline with black and begin adding studs. 


5- Place studs where lines intersect, and add stitching detail with dotted straight lines around the interior border.    


6- Mark where the grommets will be inserted.   


7- Cut slits for grommets.  


 8- Insert grommet top and bottom and align together. 



9- Hammer grommets together. 

10- Insert chain through all four grommets. 


11- Use a safety pin to join ends of chain.    


 12-  Add the last touches… a fun tassel on the chain and use Stained markers to create faux hardware that mimics a real clutch.  P.S. Glue a gem to finish it off! 


Et Voila! You’re ready for a night out on the town or a day in class; either way you’ll be stylin’ with Stained by Sharpie fabric markers! Check out more amazing D.I.Y. creations from Erica on her blog, P.S. I Made This… , follow her on Twitter or find her on Facebook!

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Sharpie Revival

Holy Moley! Karen from The Art of Doing Stuff blog has come up with a solution to the age old problem of a dried out Sharpie! (And to all you smarties out there, don’t get ahead of yourself … YES, Karen’s process does require more than just putting the cap back on the marker ;) )

Take a look at the step by step process of “rehydrating” your Sharpie..

Karen notes that usually the tip is dried out not the ink…

1st step: Pour a little bit of  the rubbing alcohol into the cap of that same rubbing alcohol bottle.

2nd step: Dip the Sharpie in the cap filled with rubbing alcohol. (Karen let it sit in the cap until she saw ink “swirling” in the cap.) 

3rd step: Recap the Sharpie marker and let that trusty sidekick of yours sit for about 15 minutes.

4th step: (Timer rings) Voila! Karen’s Sharpie was “dried out” no more!

Now, I cannot promise that this will work for all of your Sharpie markers that you wish to revive, but hey, it’s worth a shot, right!

Have any Sharpie tricks that you want to share? Tell us!

BIG thanks to Karen for posting on her blog – I tip my cap to you, friend.

Be sure to check out The Art of Doing Stuff becasue, really, who doesn’t like STUFF!?

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Tragedy in the Kitchen

A dramatic composition brought to you by a Sharpie enthusiastic and culinary connoisseur.

The TRAGIC death of a Sharpie

I left a Sharpie on the counter last night, only to find I’d forgot to replace the cap this morning.

This is a lesson and a warning to cooks everywhere -

The innocent death of this Sharpie was caused by my lack of attention to detail. I am utterly ashamed.

The Sharpie has few natural enemies. They are hunted and captured with impunity by other cooks, but even they would not harm their prey. No, alas, the great Sharpie heard has one less member in its ranks. This is a sad day for all of us.

As I hear the wailing of his bretheren from someone else’s station, feel the sense of loss shared by the two rolls of tape in the walk-in — and embrace the void left in my side pocket – I am ashamed, horrified and do not know what my future holds.

I have killed my friend and companion – The three days we spent side-by-side were filled with trying to remember what year this is, and what day of the month. But our friendship was timeless.

As his little fat body lays to rest among egg shells, broken deli cups and potato peels, may he rest in peace.

I shall fill his tomb, which is the bin next to the counter, with memories of this mornings waste and of my own regret.

And when the vessel has been prepaired, I shall carry it to the sacred crypt of the front-loading dumspter, next to the hallowed grease trap.

Today will be filled with loss, and sorrow. But I shall keep the spirit of the Sharpie alive.

As his little      It may be five minutes, or it may be an hour – But as I’m getting aquainted with My Sharpie’s brother, another cook will ask . . .

   . . . “Hey, who took my sharpie?!” 

The End.

This post was found on the forum:

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P.S.- A DIY Giveaway

P.S.- Annie get your GLUE GUN! From now until February 9th all subscribers to the P.S.- I made this… Newsletter, will have a chance to win this J’AMAZING grab bag of DIY goodies!

Follow the link to sign up for the newsletter and a chance to WIN!

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Spotted Sharpie

No, not a leopard Sharpie…but a question: 

Where in the world have you spotted Sharpie?

     *Maybe you brought a Sharpie Marker to the top of the Empire State building? 
     *Did you catch your favorite rock star with a Sharpie on stage?
     *Were you sailing through Greece on a Sharpie while drawing a picture with a Sharpie Pen?
     *Are you studying abroad, highlighting your travels with a Sharpie Highlighter?

Tell us! Show us!

 Send in your story and pictures to OR post on our Facebook wall. Help us fill in a world map of Sharpie spottings! Your picture could be posted by Sharpie!