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Hang on Your Every Word

I saw this wall display at a stationery store in Chicago recently.  Here we have a collection of quotes and sayings written down by different people. The simplicity of this might be the best part. What I found so appealing were the various styles of penmanship and the small details on each card, which give the display personality and character.

*apologies for the photo quality, camera phone was acting up.

You can do this by purchasing blank notecards and having friends, family, coworkers, etc.. write down their favorite quotes and sayings with Sharpie markers. Clip the cards onto a weighted wire and hang on your wall.

This would be a fun activity for a host/hostess to offer party-goers at the next soiree.

What quotes would you write down?
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Picture Perfect Frames

Sharpie Squad Member, Alli Whitmore of One Pearl Button has come up with a creative tutorial that you can not only use year round, but the end result also makes a great gift and makes an even bolder statement when hosting a holiday party! Follow along as Alli takes you through this picture perfect DIY project.

Hello Sharpie fans!

I’m so happy to be a member of the Sharpie Squad this year, and so excited to be blogging here today.  This simple tutorial combines two of my favorite creative tools – Sharpie markers (of course!) and Polaroid photos.  It only requires a few minutes to make, and the end result is really fun.  Make a set and package them up for a quick and cute holiday gift, or keep them all for yourself!

Supplies: white vinyl magnet sheet (this should be available at your local craft store); craft knife; pencil; ruler; Sharpie markers!

Step 1: Draw a 3.5 x 4.25″ rectangle (the size of a polaroid picture) on the back of your magnet.  Use a ruler to keep your lines nice and straight.

Step 2: Using a craft knife and a ruler (metal is best, to keep from accidentally cutting it!), cut along your lines to make a rectangle.

Step 3: Draw a line .25″ away from one short edge and from both long edges.  Draw a line .875″ (7/8ths) away from the other short edge.

Step 4: Use the lines you just drew as a guide to cut a box in the center of the rectangle.

Step 5: Now it’s time for the fun part – grab your Sharpies and decorate!  I went with simple captions, but you can do absolutely anything – add drawings or designs, or even color the entire border.*

That’s it!  Stick them on your fridge or magnetic message board and enjoy the retro look.  You can either trim your photos to fit or just slap them on top -either way looks great.

For more on Sharpie, Polaroid, fashion, photography, crafting, and life in general, stop by my blog, One Pearl Button.  I’d love to meet you!

Big thanks to the Sharpie team for hosting me today!

*you can also use Sharpie sister-brand EXPO Dry Erase markers for captions that can be erased and changed whenever you’d like!

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“Scary Hello” Contest Winners

The winners from the ‘Hellos From the Crypt’ contest with The Hello Project are here! 

Handing the reins over to our guest judge, Stefan Bucher:  

Miss Congeniality: Mark Harris
Let me sum this up succinctly: Jesus H. Christ! This is a scary-ass post-it! I think it’s because this one’s got an outie.

by Mark Harris

3rd Prize: Matthew LaFleur
I do believe that the hybridization of lobsters and octopi will lead to the downfall of humanity. And just because the pundits say that horizontal blinds will protect us doesn’t mean it’s true. (Extra credit for the very menacing little “hello.”)

by Matthew LaFleur

2nd Prize: Matthew LaFleur
Again, there is so much here: The Rorschach, the whiteout eyes and teeth, the excellent detailing on the speech bubble, the fine work on the face, and just the idea that your Jamiroquai hat could turn on you at any moment… I love it!

by Matthew LaFleur

1st Price (not a typo, but in honor of Vincent): Jacob Saariaho
It’s got everything! A scary graveyard, ghoulish type, dramatic lighting, and a zombie breaking free of the bonds of hell! What can I say? I’m a classicist.

Winner! by Jacob Saariaho

But all the pieces were so excellent, so I gave everybody an award. Please see the stickies on this PDF.

- Stefan Bucher 


A huge thanks to our guest judge, Stefan Bucher of The Daily Monster!  And thank you to everyone who submitted their Scary Hello’s! 

Here are some clues to the next contest theme with The Hello Project:

2UP.  Hedgehog.   Power Pad. 

 Can you guess what the theme is?

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Doodle Contest w/ Laura Kelly & Coffeesmiths

This Fall, Sharpie Squad member Laura Kelly challenged Cedar Rapids residents to uncap their creativity at Coffeesmiths Cafe & Drive Thru.  The rules were simple: Participants headed to Coffeesmiths to pick up a plain white Coffeesmiths cup to be designed & customized using Sharpie markers.

Laura Kelly, Coffeesmiths, & Sharpie awarded prizes to the winners in four categories:

  1. Professional Artist
    $100 in Sharpie Product. $100 Laura Kelly Stationery. $20 Coffeesmiths Gift Certificate
  2. Big People (Ages 13 and up)
    $100 in Sharpie Product. $100 Laura Kelly Stationery. $20 Coffeesmiths Gift Certificate
  3. Little People (Ages 0-12)
    $100 in Sharpie Product. $100 Laura Kelly Stationery. $10 Coffeesmiths Gift Certificate
  4. School
    $250 in Sharpie Product, 100 memo pads designed by Laura Kelly (Value $600)
    and Coffee of Cocoa for Staff meeting (160 oz Box)

The results…

Artist Winner

Big Kid Winner

Little Kid Winner

School Winner

Other entries…


Aritist Entries

Big Kid Entries

Little Kid entries

School Entries

From the Baristas!

Want to see more coffee cup entries? There are TONS more to check out on Coffeesmiths’ Facebook album.

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HELLOs From The Crypt

Halloween is creeping around the corner & like us, the folks at The Hello Project are itching to have some fun!

In case you missed out last month, we are back to do another fun contest with The Hello Project, giving you the opportunity to UNCAP your inner goblin & doodle something scary! 

And so, without further adieu, I give you this month’s contest…


Submit a scary moment with a hello twist by October 31, 2010 and win Sharpie Twin Tip Permanent Markers, Sharpie Magnum Permanent Markers, and other cool Sharpie prizes!

The Daily Monster himself


Three (3) winners will receive packages full of Sharpie Twin Tip Permanent Markers and Sharpie Magnum Permanent Markers, with the grand prize winner receiving a mystery pack of Sharpie goodies! As usual, bragging rights are also included.


They say it takes a monster to know a monster. That’s why this month’s guest judge is none other than the very talented and monster connoisseur, Stefan G. Bucher, from The Daily Monster® .


  • Must be handmade on a sticky note.
  • Sticky note can be any color.
  • Entries must be scanned at a resolution of no less than 600×600 pixels and send to
  • All entries must be received by 11:59PM CST on October 31, 2010.
  • There is no limit of entries per person.
  • Contest open to US residents only.

Now go ahead and get your spook on!!!

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Sharpie Halloween To D.I.Y. For

Halloween is quickly approaching and with only a couple of weeks to plan you may be a bit spooked by the idea of hosting a Halloween party.  No need to fear though, with a few key pieces and a handful of Sharpie markers, you will be able to create a killer setting sure to knock your guests right off their broom sticks.

I was inspired to re-create this scene after walking past a display at Crate & Barrel. (Photo taken at store)

This is my interpretation of Crate & Barrel’s spread, so feel free to put your own twist on what you see here as well!


By far, the most time consuming piece of this project is the spider web table runner, however, it is one of the most important elements and makes a terribly magnificent statement!

You will need:

Roll out a long piece of white paper measuring to the length of your table.  With a ruler and Sharpie marker draw a star/snowflake shape (don’t worry about it being absolutely perfect).  Next, with the Sharpie go around in a circle connecting each line to it’s neighboring line with an arch.  Continue doing this until you have completely filled the web in.

Repeat this process with a new web.  The webs do not have to match in size - in fact, varying sizes make the completed table runner look more dynamic.

Once you have two webs, extend the lines on each using a black Sharpie so that they reach the edge of the paper and connect to each other.  Fill these spaces in with arched lines.

Continue filling the paper with webs until it is completely full.  Trade between using the Sharpie King Sized marker and Sharpie Magnum markers for varying bold lines.

Now that you have a completed runner, go wild setting the table and accessorizing with personalized elements.

Provide each guest with their own casket-shaped menu.  Using a Metallic Sharpie Marker, write clever alliterations and rhyming words for a Halloween themed meal.

Create book covers with black wrapping paper.  Using the Metallic Sharpie, inscribe spooky titles from your favorite Halloween literature onto the spine of each book. Stack and stand to give the table added dimension.

Decorate plain white gift bags with phrases such as “Trick or Treat” “Happy Halloween” or “Boo!” and images that relate to the holiday.  Fill the gift bags with candy and an assortment of Sharpie markers.  Accessorize with fall themed embellishments.

Make gift tags and bookmarks for each of your guests with orange card stock & silver ribbon.  Using a black Sharpie Fine Point marker, write each person’s name and add a small drawing for an added kick.

Orange accents, such as pumpkins, flowers and leaves brighten up the haunted darkness of the black plates and vases.  Scatter metallic beads around the place setting to tie in the crystal glasses & plate stands and the silver writing and utensils.

With this Sharpie DIY setting, your ghoulish guests & trick-playing treaters will be sure to have a frighteningly good time on All Hallows’ Eve!

Happy Halloween!

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Sharpie Fall Fashion

Pantone released their infamous Fashion Color Report for Fall 2010.  The color palette mixes in some unexpected, almost mediterranean colors, for example Lagoon and Living Coral, which are refreshing, not to mention striking among the common green and purple hues we tend to see in the Fall. 

If you like Pantone’s color report, here is Sharpie’s interpretation of the color palette:

(Left to Right) Lime, Marigold, Coral, Pomegranate, Violet, Brown, Aqua, Olive, Metallic Silver, Almond.

All of the colors shown can all be found on

What do you think?  What are some of your favorite colors to uncap this Fall?

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Ink It Pink in October

As you know, Ocotober is Breast Cancer Awareness month and this year, Sharpie  is inviting everyone from actors, athletes, musicians, chefs and more to “ink it pink” in the fight against breast cancer.  For every pink autograph signed and submitted to during the month of October, we will be donating $1 to City of Hope, the leading global medical cancer treatment and research center! 

A handful of celebrities, including Miley Cyrus have already lent their John Hancock to the effort.  Visit to see their signatures and upload a pink autograph of your own. Anyone can submit a pink autograph because when it comes to giving, everyone’s a celebrity.  

Here’s a message from Miley herself, encouraging you to lend your PINK signature 



Here are some celebrity signatures that have already been posted to Uncapped! 

Miley Cyrus

Olivia Newton John

Michael Phelps

Molly Ringwald

Rudy Gay

Willard Scott

Tony Hawk

Yvette Nicole Brown

Upload your PINK signature to!

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Sharpie Squad Guest Blogger: Laura Kelly

One of our fav Sharpie Squad members is our latest guest blogger!  Laura Kelly is a second year Squad member and using Sharpie markers, she creates bright, bold and simple designs that uplift the human spirit.  Laura currently licenses her work to companies in a variety of industries including gift, stationery, gourmet food and home décor as well as bank products.  She also owns her own wholesale company, Laura Kelly Designs, which manufactures stationery products for stores around the country!  Get to know Laura Kelly a bit closer & get a peak of her in action…

Greetings Sharpie Fans! 

 I am Laura Kelly and I love SHARPIE and love being a leader in the Sharpie community!   I am a licensing artist which means that I create designs for companies to use on their super fun products.  I currently license with 14 companies and enjoy being a part of each and every one of those teams.  My life is pretty crazy!  I travel a lot between my two homes in Apex, NC and Cedar Rapids, IA.  The great thing about being a Sharpie artist is that I can take my “studio” with me wherever I go.  Sometimes I find myself designing more at home, at the soccer fields, in the coffee shops and on airplanes than I do I do in my real studio.

True happiness is hands full of Sharpie markers!”

I am one of those “accidental” artists.  I drew ALL OF THE TIME as a child.  I used to trace quarters and turn them into heads on people (little did I know that was the beginning of the Paper People collection).  I stopped drawing in sixth grade after being teased on the bus by a boy who will remain nameless.  He said that my drawings looked like they were done by a kindergartner.  That is all it took to shut me down entirely. 

I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a burning passion to teach elementary school and change the world.  After teaching until I was pregnant with Dylan, my big kid, I found myself at home…bored and playing with my Sharpie markers.  I began to unleash 20 years of bottled-up creativity beginning by designing his birth announcement and…..wah lah….I was an artist!

Seriously now, my friends and family went wild and empowered me to design stationery for them at a rate I couldn’t balance with a full time job.  So, I decided to put my teaching career on “hold” and become a real artist.  Almost 15 years later, I am having more than a complete blast.  While I love to design, I more so love to empower others to access their hidden creativity.  Being on the Sharpie Squad has allowed me the amazing opportunity to get out into my communities and encourage others to uncap all that they have inside.  Through Doodle Contests and visits to classrooms and schools, I have witnessed mature grown ups as they find that inner peace that comes when one expresses themselves through doodling.  The smiles, the laughter and the joy I get to be a part of creating is AWESOME!   Whether through my direct involvement in my community or through the circulation of products with my designs; I feel honored and privileged to have this opportunity to make a difference in my world.  (And to think that I thought teaching in a classroom was the only way….)

This Doodle Contest in Apex, NC rocked the Common Grounds house with help from my two sons, Dylan and Dawson!

Meet Kylie, our “Little Kid” winner of the coffee cup doodle contest in Cedar Rapids at Coffeesmiths.

Meet the Paper People!  I designed this collection for to use in creating personalized stationery and checks.  Expressionery customers have created tens of thousands of families and created connection through the written word from coast to coast.  With a demand for the people to jump off of the paper and to other products, Me and My Peeps was created as a collection.  The “Peeps” can be found on auto decals and iron transfers from Plaid Enterprises, coasters and carsters from Thirstystone, magnets from Leanin’ Tree and will soon be available on great products from Ganz.  I have 18 licensable collection being used today and thousands of Sharpie created images in my portfolio.  At the Craft & Hobby Shows in the winter I get to guest appear for Plaid Enterprises and draw the attendees as their very own “Peeps” which is quite a treat.

Meet the Paper People!

At CHA in January I got to work in Plaid’s booth at the same time as my friend, Donna Dewberry…the famous One Stroke artist!

My favorite licensing collection that I have completed is “Happy Haunting"!

I recently traveled on a Delta flight and brought the di-cut part of my logo that represents me.  She got LOTS of attention on the plane from those around me.  I posted a picture on my facebook page and my fans asked if she could come visit them.  Who knew???  Little Laura, the flat 17’ tall me, is on her way via FedEx to Atlanta to begin her travels with Vee, one of my enthusiastic fans.  Feel free to read about Little Laura’s travels on my blog.  After Atlanta, her next stop will be West Palm where she plans to walk in the GCDSO Buddy Walk with the amazing Jackson, my beautiful little friend and inspiration.

This is Little Laura on her first flight with Delta.

One of the things that I love to do is to reuse old stuff and make it into something new.  Here are a few pictures of how using Sharpie markers can recycle common items and recreate them into fabulous treasures.  I recently was filmed demonstrating some Sharpie doodling crafts like these so check back soon for some fun!

ReUSED coffee cups and carrier make a great surprise for coworkers!

ReCYCLED note cards and clipboards come together quite nicely with the help of some Mod Podge!

ReUSE a frosting container and make an extraordinary treasure holder!

Look at me through the camera having a blast in the filming studio!

If I could send a message to my fans it would be this.   Do what you love and believe in it with all of your soul.  I know from experience that when I am creating, drawing and doodling while at the same time empowering, loving and teaching…I am filled with happiness, peace and joy!  I feel lucky that I get to share that with you!

It’s a monster doodleabration! Check back soon for some great doodling techniques and projects!