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Prez pockets his own Sharpie

It’s a cool thing when the leader of the free world reaches into his pocket and pulls out his very own Sharpie. That’s exactly what happened after President Barack Obama’s first State of the Union address last week. As he made his way into the moshpit of politicians, it was all he could do to keep up with the autograph requests. When asked if he wanted to borrow a Sharpie, he replied, “No thanks, I’ve got my own.”

Reminds me of the time football’s Terrell Owens pulled a Sharpie out of his sock during a touchdown celebration.  One (or two) key differences to note: There was no Twitter then, so I wasn’t up until midnight responding to all the Tweets asking me “did you see, did you see?!!”…and it wasn’t the President of the United States!!

Finally, thought you’d enjoy this other Sharpie-inspired Obama sighting: