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Why yes, of course I made it! (sort of…)

 OOooh so you’ve heard.. Sharpie was at NY Fashion Week.  Well Sharpie enthusiasts, this blog post isn’t so much about the fact that we set up a Sharpie Bar in the tents of Bryant Park but more about the tools we had to play with! 

Sharpie markers were spilling out from every nook and crany (does anyone still say “nook and crany”) in our little DIY lounge where we let creative juices flow by adding Sharpie flare to all kinds of fashion accesories. 

So much fun, right?!  Well I don’t know about you, but I’m not necessarily the best at “crafting,” let alone designing something to be worn on my face (ie: wayfarers)!  How can I possibly make a canvas bag look cool when I still can’t even draw a decent heart?! 

BEHOLD!! STENCILS to the rescue!

Stenciling with Sharpie 2 001Our new friends at Stencil 1 came up with a full array of stencils just for us; and let me tell you, these are super cool!  While I don’t really get this one there are tons that I do love and cannot wait to put them all to use.  Among the bunch are music notes, high heels, a horse, bird, letters & numbers, not to mention a boat load of shapes, designs and patterns! 

My absolute favorites are the boom box, tape cassette and the spray paint can.  (For those who may be to young to know what a “tape cassette” is: It’s the only option for music in a rental truck.)

These are some of the “stencilings” that I’ve made with my Sharpie markers:

Stenciling with Sharpie 003

Stenciling with Sharpie 010

Stenciling with Sharpie 2 002

Stenciling with Sharpie 006

Stenciling with Sharpie 015

Stenciling with Sharpie 2 006

sort of reminds me of Star Wars/ pattern on a houndstooth jacket

Stenciling with Sharpie 016

Check outStencil 1 for more tips & tricks of the trade:

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