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Submit Your Doodle to SharpieUncapped!

Meet Sunni Brown, Sharpie’s new doodle expert!  Of course, at Sharpie, we know the importance of doodling, but we thought with a real live DOODLE EXPERT, you’d be convinced too!  Did you know that doodling actually stimulates the mind?

Maybe teachers frown upon it in class and most likely your boss thinks that you’re not listening in meetings when she sees the corner of your note pad filled with aliens, flowers and race cars, but here at Sharpie we encourage this form of creativity!    We’ve created a community on entirely devoted to doodling!

You can submit your doodle to SharpieUncapped and Sunni Brown, our resident doodle expert, could select yours as to be the  Doodle-of-the-Day!  Every day Sunni will pick a doodle to be analyzed –  Ever wonder what your doodles say about you?  This is your chance to find out. Submit your doodle to today!

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Doodle on with Sunni Brown, Sharpie’s new resident doodle expert

big-mouth boss

How often have you sat in a meeting or lecture and suddenly your pen heads off into all sorts of unchartered territory?  Next thing you know your paper is covered with squiggles  and cubes, bubble letters and zzzzzzzzzzs — maybe even a stick figure rendering of your boss with his big ears and even bigger mouth : ) 

It’s a known fact that everybody with access to a writing instrument doodles.  It’s a form of self-expression we humans just can’t resist.  But did you know doodling can actually increase retention, recall, comprehension and creativity…that doodling can enhance listening skills, maybe even make you smarter? 

"She's not called SUNNI for nothing. She truly shines!" `Dan Roam, The Back of the Napkin

We didn’t either – until we met Sunni Brown, doodling expert and the inspiration behind the doodle revolution, “a growing effort to debunk the myth that doodling is a distraction. ” 

Sunni is author of “Gamestorming:  A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers and Changemakers” and her soon-to-be-released book, “The Doodle Revolution.”  Sharpie brought her on board as our resident doodle expert after some research showed that Sharpie Pens, unlike any other pens out there, inspired people to doodle.   Now Sunni is front and center on our website,, talking up doodles and inviting Sharpie fans to submit their doodles to our gallery.   (Click here to read Sunni’s post about her new gig as Sharpie doodle spokesperson).   Even more interesting, Sunni will select a Doodle-A-Day and offer up her expert analysis.

Sunni is, well, pretty sunny when it comes to her enthusiasm about doodling.  Have a look at her video, then head to and donate your doodle today!