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Threadless #WIN

By now, it’s no secret that all of us at Sharpie love the guys from Threadless, but now we’ve got an obsession. Don’t worry, it’s not one of those creepy obsessions like you see in Lifetime movies, we just really like the designs made for the Underscored tees. #WIN!

I give these drawings two thumbs up, a triple high five, and an old fashioned a “Hip Hip Hooray!”

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Threadless Loves Sharpie

Pop your collar in celebration of Sharpie’s new 80′s Glam Limited Edition Collection. Inspired by the most awesome era, Sharpie has created a collection to turn back time with 5 news colors – Argyle Green, Leg Warmer Orange, Jellie Pink, Banana Clip Yellow and Valley Girl Violet.

To celebrate the launch of Sharpie’s new 80′s Glam Collection we’ve teamed up with Threadless for a t-shirt design challenge. The challenge is to create an 80′s themed t-shirt design using the new limited edition collection colors -PANTONE colors provided.

80's Glam Colors

Get inspired by Sharpie’s new 80′s Glam Collection to design a t-shirt with an 80′s theme. Your design can be created using digital and/or analog means, so grab your Sharpie markers and start sketching out your t-shirt designs or power up your computer to get creative. You are free to design anything relating to the challenge, as long as it adheres to the submission guidelines, found on the Submit Your Design page on Threadless’ website.

Submit your t-shirt design January 17th – February 6th for a chance to win. Don’t forget to vote for your favorites on

If your entry is chosen as the winning design your hard work will be well worth it! The grand prize winner will receive some totally stellar swag:

  • Threadless to print & sell your t-shirt at
  • An Arcade Classics Multicade Stand Up game!
  • $500 worth of Sharpie products!
  • A set of 50 personalized Sharpie markers with your signature printed on them.
  • $500 Threadless Gift Certificate (can be redeemed for $200 cash)
  • $2,000 in cash from Threadless!

That’s not all! We’ve posted a $1 off coupon for a set of the new 80′s Glam Limited Edition set that you can find on

For more info and to enter the Threadless Loves Sharpie design challenge, head over to