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Heather and Lola answer your Sharpie questions

Heather and Lola - you have questions, they have answers!

Meet Heather Cooper and Lola Walker, the Sharpie Answer Girls!  Heather and Lola work in Sharpie’s consumer affairs department.  They answer more questions in a day than the mother of a two-year-old!

“We get some pretty interesting questions,” Heather says, “some that even we can’t answer – and we probably know more about Sharpie than anybody : )  I think everybody who works on a brand should work in the consumer affairs department first.  It’s really the best way to find out just what makes a brand tick with consumers.”  (Note to Sharpie brand managers: do a rotation there.)

“Most of the calls and emails we get are positive,” Lola says. “People want to know where to buy a certain type of Sharpie in their area, or whether a Sharpie is permanent on glass (Sharpie markers are permanent on most surfaces).  But every once in awhile we get somebody with a problem, and it’s our job to come up with the solution.  Sometimes it’s a challenge, like solving a Sodoku puzzle.  But that’s why we’re here!”

Heather and Lola will be here on the Sharpie Blog every Friday with answers to your questions, like this one from Beverly in New Mexico.

Q: I notice some Sharpie markers have the ACMI seal on the barrel that says non-toxic. Does this mean I can use them on skin?

Beverly, NM

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