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Remix and Win, Eh?

This week Sharpie Canada launched its second annual Remix Project where it challenges Canadian fans to start something with Sharpie for a chance to win a trip to see any band anywhere in the world!  This year our favorite Northern neighbors have from April 22nd to September 15th to submit their Sharpie creations  through partnerships with MUCH MUSIC in English-speaking Canada and MUSIQUE PLUS for French-speaking Canada


The Remix project is so huge that it will be split up into THREE phases with THREE different themes! Kicking it off will (of course) be “Music” and we can’t wait to see what our fans create inspired by all the different music that people love!  The Sharpie Canada team will be announcing the other two themes throughout the summer so keep your eyes peeled!

AND just to keep it interesting, each phase will have a randomly chosen cash prize of $2,500 for anyone that submits a Remix (WHAT?! Can you say CASH money, money?!?!). Oh, we don’t stop there, in addition each creation submitted will be entered for a chance to take home the whole enchilada, the kit-and-caboodle, the GRAND PRIZE EXTRAVAGANZA: A chance to see ANY band, ANYWHERE,  which will be announced after the contest wraps in September.



Just in case you weren’t hanging on my every word last year, let me offer a little background on the Sharpie Remix: Sharpie Canada and Much Music launched the Remix Project last year on April 15th and for six short weeks had  hundreds of Canadians show off their talents and creativity with a Sharpie products. They remixed everything from toilet bowls (yep. even the ‘ole porcelain throne wasn’t safe) to filing cabinets and reallllly stretched their Sharpie muscles. When it came time to pick a winner, the team had a tough job selecting the ULTIMATE Sharpie Remix but eventually no one could deny Amanda Gobin from Toronto who remixed her. entire. room. The room remix included it all; the bedding, walls, clothes, shoes, no space was left blank. As we understand it, she was not grounded. Major props to Mom and Dad Gobin, wouldn’t ya say?



NOW, Amanda had the hardest decision yet- she could choose ANY show, ANYwhere. ANYWHERE! Can you IMAGINE ( well, if you’re this year’s winner… YOU will!) Amanda ultimately decided on jetting down to see our favorite Aussie country singer Keith Urban in his old stomping grounds of Australia. UNFORTUNATELY this time the show couldn’t go on and due to unforeseen circumstances had to be cancelled BUT we take care of our winners! That lucky girl got the chance to stay and frolick outback style in Australia and then when she got back home was given tickets to a whole slew of shows that were taking place in her very own hometown, Toronto.

Where will our new 2013 Remix winner choose to go? It’s up to YOU! Check out the Remix project pages to view, vote or create yourself! Annnnnd remember, this one is only open to our Canadian fans… those guys get have all the fun(for now…) :D.


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Business-Minded Youth

Browsing through the Wall Street Journal yesterday, I spotted an article titled Who’s the Boss? When Jobs Are Scarce, the Kids Are. After getting over the mental image of a Tony Danza sitting at a typewriter on the set of one 80′s sitcom, I proceeded to read about the youth of America working to make a dime.

Adults are not the only ones affected by the recession -kids, tweens, and teens and are too. Jobs are scarce and with the summer months approaching, this is the time of the year when most young adults will be looking for work.

Sure we’ve all had summer jobs before – maybe retail sales of food service was your thing, but due to the lack of jobs, today’s youth is looking at summer vacation as more of an entrepreneur opportunity. “If you can’t find a job, you can create your own” says Steve Mariotti, founder of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

The article profiles 5+ young business owners who have taken it upon themselves to make work when they could not find it. One girl in particular, 17yr old Sonika Singh sells hand designed sneakers in her start-up “Rage Shoes.” Like many of you, Singh uses paints and Sharpie markers to create her designs on sneakers but she takes it a step further and makes a profit from them!

You never know, those Sharpie’d sneakers, denim and backpacks you’re sporting may have potential to earn you some extra cash. Take a tip from the kids in this article and the thousands of others out there and do something! The possibilities are endless.

Are you a young entrepreneur? What are you working on?