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Remix and Win, Eh?

This week Sharpie Canada launched its second annual Remix Project where it challenges Canadian fans to start something with Sharpie for a chance to win a trip to see any band anywhere in the world!  This year our favorite Northern neighbors have from April 22nd to September 15th to submit their Sharpie creations  through partnerships with MUCH MUSIC in English-speaking Canada and MUSIQUE PLUS for French-speaking Canada


The Remix project is so huge that it will be split up into THREE phases with THREE different themes! Kicking it off will (of course) be “Music” and we can’t wait to see what our fans create inspired by all the different music that people love!  The Sharpie Canada team will be announcing the other two themes throughout the summer so keep your eyes peeled!

AND just to keep it interesting, each phase will have a randomly chosen cash prize of $2,500 for anyone that submits a Remix (WHAT?! Can you say CASH money, money?!?!). Oh, we don’t stop there, in addition each creation submitted will be entered for a chance to take home the whole enchilada, the kit-and-caboodle, the GRAND PRIZE EXTRAVAGANZA: A chance to see ANY band, ANYWHERE,  which will be announced after the contest wraps in September.



Just in case you weren’t hanging on my every word last year, let me offer a little background on the Sharpie Remix: Sharpie Canada and Much Music launched the Remix Project last year on April 15th and for six short weeks had  hundreds of Canadians show off their talents and creativity with a Sharpie products. They remixed everything from toilet bowls (yep. even the ‘ole porcelain throne wasn’t safe) to filing cabinets and reallllly stretched their Sharpie muscles. When it came time to pick a winner, the team had a tough job selecting the ULTIMATE Sharpie Remix but eventually no one could deny Amanda Gobin from Toronto who remixed her. entire. room. The room remix included it all; the bedding, walls, clothes, shoes, no space was left blank. As we understand it, she was not grounded. Major props to Mom and Dad Gobin, wouldn’t ya say?



NOW, Amanda had the hardest decision yet- she could choose ANY show, ANYwhere. ANYWHERE! Can you IMAGINE ( well, if you’re this year’s winner… YOU will!) Amanda ultimately decided on jetting down to see our favorite Aussie country singer Keith Urban in his old stomping grounds of Australia. UNFORTUNATELY this time the show couldn’t go on and due to unforeseen circumstances had to be cancelled BUT we take care of our winners! That lucky girl got the chance to stay and frolick outback style in Australia and then when she got back home was given tickets to a whole slew of shows that were taking place in her very own hometown, Toronto.

Where will our new 2013 Remix winner choose to go? It’s up to YOU! Check out the Remix project pages to view, vote or create yourself! Annnnnd remember, this one is only open to our Canadian fans… those guys get have all the fun(for now…) :D.


French: .

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Sharpie Squad Helps Sports Star Score

Sharpie Squad creates custom prosthetic leg for teen football star

We recently had the AMAZING opportunity to help a local Atlanta teen, Erik, create a custom designed prosthetic leg using our products.  When the INCREDIBLE team at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta approached us with the idea, we were both thrilled and humbled at the prospect of helping Erik uncap his creativity and his love for sports through his prosthesis.  In fact, we even invited our own Sharpie Squad (a group of some of Sharpie’s most passionate and creative fans) to get in on the action.

Erik (middle) and the AMAZING CHoA team

After a few exciting brainstorm sessions, the Squad got to work.  Eventually Erik decided on a combination of two designs from Squad members and artists Drew Michael and Lauren Seal.

The final work for Erik!

For more on this incredible project and Erik, head over to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta blog!  Score one for Erik!

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It’s Official…

Winter white is out and pastel palettes are in like Flynn. The world’s decor and pasty legs DEMAND it.

Yah, we are looking at you, Winter...

Winter is gone. Dead. Finito. OVER. At least that’s what the calendar says right? The official start of Spring has come and gone and although the weatherman may not agree, we don’t care! It is time for pastels and bold spring colors, bunnies, ducks, egg-shaped chocolates and wardrobe makeovers! Sun, we neeeeed you!

Unfortunately UNTIL Mother Nature agrees and decides to warm up our snowy little piece of the universe, at which point we will whip out the flip-flops, we will make-do by sprucing up our living spaces!

Check out some of the ideas below and for more, hop on over to our Hop into Spring Pinterest board.

So, grab a Sharpie; fine, paint, Brush, Stained, we don’t care! Just get to work!

Winter, we hate to say it, but We. Are. Over. It’s official: Spring and Sharpie are officially going steady.

And because I just couldn’t resist the THOUGHT of some flippy-floppys…

Have your own Sharpie spring ideas? SHOW US!! Pin them to Pinterest and tag us #Sharpie– we will re-pin our favorites to our Hop into Spring board!


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Monster Mash

Monsters! MONSTERS, EVERYWHERE!!  Wait! Before you run and hide under your bed,  you might want to stop and  get to know these classically feared beasts. What if,  just like our irrational fear of robot world domination, these frightening lookin’ fellas wanted nothing more than to make your day?   

Today’s Sharpie artist, Allie Kelley, is breaking the monster mold and proving there is more behind these fiendish looks than gnashing teeth. Prepare yourself for one frighteningly great interview, we are so glad you’re here…      

Featured Sharpie Artist: Allie Kelley

Tell me about yourself!  Is this the part where I try to sound brilliant and interesting?  Well, I’m not great at that. The truth is I am a 20-something, self-taught artist who loves to laugh and wants to create quirky things that make other people smile and think. I am currently a Massage Therapist, which I love, but I dream of one day having a career where I get paid to create.   

Ms. Allie Kelly, Monster momma

How did you get started as an artist? I think I’ve been creative since I could hold a crayon. When I was little my mother and I moved into a house where my bedroom had been painted yellow and my Mom hated it. She gave me some crayons and told me to draw all over the walls, when they were full- she was painting the room another color.    

How would you describe your personal style?  Uh… clothing wise? I like vintage, I like scarves, and I like t-shirts. 

Artistically? I’m still trying to figure that out, to be honest.   I try to make interesting, whimsical pieces that I’m going to want to look at 5 years from now… it’s like if Dr. Seuss and Tim Burton somehow had a child and that child was obsessed with vivid colors.   


Where do you draw inspiration from? A handy method is to stay up crazy late, chug a Red bull or two and sketch till I can’t keep my eyes open. I will take inspiration anyway I can get it. Spring trees in bloom, Discovery channel, city museums, and my trusted friends saying: “DRAW THIS!” are all ways that I’ve found a subject or a theme for my work. (Specific to this interview: my friend Amanda said: “you should draw monsters” and so I did.)   

How do you use Sharpie markers in your work? I use Sharpie markers at many levels. If I’m working on a painting, I use Sharpie markers for the pre-draw or I use Sharpie to doodle and try to gain inspiration. Other times (and more often lately) I just like to sit down with some great paper and a 24 pack of the Ultra Fine Point Sharpie markers and create from there. I love how the color combinations really mesh on the page and how the small tip allows for a lot of tiny wonderful details.   

Favorite Sharpie?  Why? I love using the Ultra Fine Point in pastel and light colors.  People don’t expect those tiny details in pink lemonade.  I think the one I gravitate to the most is the Blue Ice in the Ultra Fine Point.  I love the way it pops off my paper.   



What is it about monsters that you love so much? I love that monsters surprise you. People usually place anything very unfamiliar in their “monster” category.  Unfortunately it’s a natural response to feel that if it’s different, it’s scary. Once you get past your discomfort you can often be surprised that your “monster” is interesting, or funny, or kind.   My monsters look the part, but they say nice things to you. They remind you that you are loved and that you make others happy.   They tell you things your friends and neighbors should say to you every day.   

If you came face to face with one of your monster doodles in real life what would you say to him/her? Well, I would hope the Doodle monster would be my size and not teeny-tiny. I would also hope they would be down for going to have tea and a chat!!! Oh, I would have so many questions!! What do you eat? Do you have pets?  How old are you?! Do doodle monsters have jobs to work at? I guess I should be exploring all this with my art- and I will probably touch on some of it- but I would LOVE to just ask them!   

What is the strangest monster you’ve ever created? Prettiest? Ugliest? Funniest? This is the hardest question for me. I don’t think of my monsters in those terms.  So, I listed a few and told you what I think they would be like if one was behind you in a coffee shop:  

"To me, this is the supportive mom of the Doodle monster family"

"This guy might be the class clown"

"And this guy, He’s my favorite. If I look at him with the paper one way I see a proud water Buffalo thing, and if I flip the paper the other way I see a tiny terrier puppy with tentacles."

"I think of this one as my compassionate little sister of the monster doodle family"


Monster names?  How do I come up with them?  I only have one doodle named: BLOAT MONSTER.  I think it’s a name so easy to relate to and sympathize. He is the exception. 

Bloat Monster!

I think the neatest thing about my monsters is that different people see them as different things.  I think if I named them, it would influence what people saw- so I try to stay away from giving them names.   

Current work?  I am always trying to create and explore.  I doodle, sketch and collage a lot- but mostly I consider myself a painter.  Recently I have been obsessed with painting Dinos and Doodle Monsters and 2-headed creatures.   I’ve also started carrying around the largest sketch pad I can, trying to fill it with Sharpie drawings, paint, and hodgepodge, occasionally all 3 on one page! 

Advice for other young artists?  The best “arty” advice I ever received was:

 “Create every day.” 

 My attempt to follow that advice has made all the difference in my work and my artistic style.

What am I going to do with my monster doodles?  I’m going to start with creating more.  To me, each is unique and has a different feeling to them. Later this year, I have a few shows in Virginia coming up to feature them in.  Eventually though, I would like to create a children’s book with and for them. To teach kids about judging at first glance and why that’s not the best way to go through the world.  Maybe what seems like a weird blobby monster is a friend you’ve been looking for.

Thank you so much to Allie for uncapping her Monster gang with us! For more on Allie and her posse check her out on her blog, Facebook page, or, if you want a Monster friend all your own, on Etsy!

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Creativity Worth Millions

If ever there were an article that spoke to every Sharpie user, the following might take the cake.  

Posted on the Forbes Blog, “Is Your Creativity Worth Millions?” points out that everyone has the ability to be creative, it’s just a matter of utilizing what you have. Read on and be inspired to unleash your creativity. You never know, the next million dollar work of art just might start with a Sharpie? Maybe it’s your Sharpie…

When will you uncap what's inside?


Is Your Creativity Worth Millions?

Ever wondered what a painting worth $106 million looks like? I’ve seen one. It’s pretty good. In fact, it’s the most expensive painting ever sold at auction. Someone really took a shine to it to pay all that money. (It was a Picasso portrait of one of his mistresses.)

What it tells you is that creativity can be worth millions. And in terms not just of dollars but of fans and followers. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s a new movement on the rise, and it’s purely devoted to the freshest sometimes fantastical things we can produce. I’m talking about creativity.

Creativity takes countless forms—music, art, sculpture, photography, illustration, and so on—whatever your mind can produce with the help of a few materials. Just Google and you’ll find loads of websites, forums, top tens and favorites devoted to all things creative.

Some of the things out there are downright wacky. But then that’s often the point. They you noticed. Creativity can spark such passion that people will even gather in large groups and go buck naked in public just to be part of a living artwork, crouching or lying nude for hours with complete strangers just to say they were there and they were part of something unique and great.

The truth is that we all have that creative spark inside of us. Why else would so many of us doodle while at work? But technology has really unleashed it. There are countless drawing and illustration apps for the iPad and games consoles, and people proudly show off their work online, inspiring others to follow suit and see what they can achieve with a few finger strokes.

Every day I tell this to the young talented creatives who ribbit in StrawberryFrog: In today’s world, when you have so little time of your own after your battles with work and the day’s stresses and strains, it’s easy to give up on enjoying your creative side. After all, you’ve got far more important things to do that sit sketching with a pencil.

But just think. Where would we be if the world’s most famous artists had felt that way? They had a passion, a seed of talent, and with nurturing and careful attention they became the masters of their craft.

As for the world’s most expensive painting, you can see it here. The fact that it’s a Picasso . . . well, that may just have added a few bucks to the price tag. Now, where did I put my pencil and sketch pad?

[article via Forbes Blog] [photo via Flickr]

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Sharpie Drawbot

Finally, a solution to those days when you really want to draw but lack the energy to actually hold a marker in your hand…

Presenting, THE DRAWBOT!

Thank you very much oh Mr. Drawbot-O

Rasterweb provides instructions and the tools you need to build your very own Drawbot.

Look out for the Drawbot in Transformers 4

It's not a Drawbot without Sharpie markers!

You spin me right round baby, right round...

You're running circles in my head.

What color will you choose?

I can only assume that if you build 5 or more of these, the Drawbot could very well take the place of going out on Friday nights (“Sorry honey, I’m playing with my Drawbot”). 

Get your hands on a pack of Sharpie markers, a 9 Volt battery and whatever an Arduino board is and build a Drawbot for endless hours of entertainment!

See more pics and get full directions to building your own Drawbot by clicking HERE

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Fickle & Fabulous

Britt Schaefer is a self-proclaimed wanna-be designer, artist, and Martha Stewart.  She’s all about making things pretty, creatively – up cycling, repurposing, etc.  The founder of A Penny Saved, Britt blogs about all sorts of frugal, yet fabulous design ideas and projects.  We recently discovered this Sharpie artist when she posted a Sharpie-made wall design created in her very own home! The outcome of the project is nothing short of amazing.  After seeing what Britt can do with a Sharpie, you can’t help but to be inspired to Uncap What’s Inside! 

How would you describe your personal style?

Fickle!  It seems to change from day to day.   One day I’ll find myself on a Hollywood Regency kick, the next, I’m loving Swedish design, then it’s traditional, mid-century mod, French provincial, etc. 

Where/When did you come up with the idea to use Sharpie to create such tremendous wall art? Why not just wallpaper or paint?

I fell in love with some designer wallpaper, but with my fickle tendencies, I just couldn’t see spending hundreds of dollars on something that I might not love once installed.  Then I saw a similar project where someone had drawn a bold pattern on their walls with Sharpies, and I thought, why not create my own version of the designer paper that I had fallen for? 

What is your creation & design process like?

I don’t really have a process, per se.  I spend a lot of time scoping out blogs, magazines, and interior designers’ sites for inspiration.  Then I just figure out how to make things come together, using upcycled, reinvented, thrifted and handmade items whenever I can.  Each room & each project is different. 

Who is your favorite interior designer? What do you like about their work?

I’m a big fan of Ruthie Sommers.  Like me, she doesn’t seem to be able to stick to just one style, but she’s a master at blending several styles to create spaces with lots of personality. 

 Favorite Sharpie? Why?

It’s so hard to choose just one!  (See a pattern here?)  I love Sharpie pens for just about anything, but for special occasions or for a little extra sparkle, I love the metallics! 

Tell us about your blog, A Penny Saved. What is it about? How long have you been blogging? What inspired you to start?

It is a random collection of my favorite design ideas, DIY projects, and bargain finds, with a little about my life thrown in. I started blogging about a year and a half ago.  My husband and I had just moved half way across the country, into a brand new house, and I wanted to document the process of turning it into a home.  In the year and a half since, I started adding in posts about whatever was inspiring me at the time.   

We have something huge in common, I too love thrifting and going to yard sales. What do you love most about going to Yard Sales and Thrift Shops? 

I love getting great deals, of course, but I also love not knowing what to expect – you never know what you’ll find and how you’ll end up using it. 

What’s the best thing you’ve ever found? 

A free baby grand piano at an estate sale. 

What are you currently searching for? 

An antique lantern fixture, a chinoiserie dresser, and maybe another tole chandelier. 

Scrolling through your blog, you seem to have collected so many great pieces! Do you have any tips for finding those “diamonds in the rough”?

Don’t look just at the condition or the intended use.  Think about what a piece could become if you painted it, reupholstered it, repurposed it. 

 Are you working on any new projects that you can tell us about?

I’m hoping to freshen up my kitchen a little…..painted cabinets, subway tile backsplash.  Nothing too labor-intensive or expensive, but hopefully it will make a big impact. 

 What’s the best piece of advice someone has ever given you?

Be flexible! 

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Sharpie on Tour

Our Sharpie U.K. friends are back with a unique story to share!  Have you seen Sharpie at any music festivals this year? Which one(s)?!

Earlier this year we were approached by festival-fanatic Katie P, who was sent a challenge by Trident gum of touring 30 of the world’s most exciting festivals over 30 weeks for the Trident’s Perpetual Festival.  And to help her set off on her travels, we stocked her with of plenty of Sharpie markers to collect autographs along the way!

So from Creamfields in Buenos Aires to Ibiza Closing Parties in Spain. Sonisphere in Europe, to Full Moon Parties in Thailand, Sharpie has been there for it all!  Here’s the evidence…

Katie P doing the ‘Sharpie moustache’!

British DJ duo, Chase and Status, signing a guitar with a Sharpie

Brit band The Futureheads signing autographs with Sharpie markers at Wakestock festival

Customising with Sharpie at Sonisphere!

Uncap What’s Inside!

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Sharpie Pen RT’s Got a New Look

With the holidays approaching, you’re not the only one that wants to look their best – Just in time for the season’s festivities we’ve given the Sharpie Pen Retractable a makeover and added a few new colors to the collection.

The shiny new Sharpie Pen RT delivers that same quality writing experience, with a few new bells and whistles:

Blue, Red and Black ink

  • Won’t bleed through paper!
  • Quick drying ink to prevent smearing
  • Just click! The first fine point retractable Sharpie Pen!
  • Fine point tip size for everyday writing
  • Soft grip along barrel for added writing comfort
  • Permanent ink on paper
  • Color indicator on plunger to help distinguish the three different ink colors
  • Water resistant, acid free, and AP certified non-toxic ink formula designed for paper

New Colors!

New! Green, Purple and Orange ink

 Hop on over to to find where to get your set of Fine Point Sharpie Pen Retractables.

Pick up yours today and Uncap What’s Inside