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Business-Minded Youth

Browsing through the Wall Street Journal yesterday, I spotted an article titled Who’s the Boss? When Jobs Are Scarce, the Kids Are. After getting over the mental image of a Tony Danza sitting at a typewriter on the set of one 80′s sitcom, I proceeded to read about the youth of America working to make a dime.

Adults are not the only ones affected by the recession -kids, tweens, and teens and are too. Jobs are scarce and with the summer months approaching, this is the time of the year when most young adults will be looking for work.

Sure we’ve all had summer jobs before – maybe retail sales of food service was your thing, but due to the lack of jobs, today’s youth is looking at summer vacation as more of an entrepreneur opportunity. “If you can’t find a job, you can create your own” says Steve Mariotti, founder of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

The article profiles 5+ young business owners who have taken it upon themselves to make work when they could not find it. One girl in particular, 17yr old Sonika Singh sells hand designed sneakers in her start-up “Rage Shoes.” Like many of you, Singh uses paints and Sharpie markers to create her designs on sneakers but she takes it a step further and makes a profit from them!

You never know, those Sharpie’d sneakers, denim and backpacks you’re sporting may have potential to earn you some extra cash. Take a tip from the kids in this article and the thousands of others out there and do something! The possibilities are endless.

Are you a young entrepreneur? What are you working on?